Supermarket ghost helps us with our shopping!

30 11 2012

Mum studied her list over and over as we made good progress with our shopping  – a lean roll of pork from the cheery butcher straight from the tv advert, a custard tart naughtily and carefully stashed in the trolley – then we came to the conundrum.  Mum and Dad hadn’t tasted this supermarket’s own make delicious pasta with ricotta, spinach and cheese that I’d suggested for tea along with a large, healthy salad. There were large packets on a ‘buy one get one free’ offer but perhaps this was too much for three and I was not sure of dad’s enthusiasm for the stuff …We’d think about it and come back.

Ten minutes later we returned to the pasta section. “These little packets are the ones I usually get for myself, but obviously they’re a single serving….” I said to Mum. Then, in the quietness of our deserted aisle there was a sudden crash at our feet.  Mum’s hand flew to her heart as she sucked in her breath.“What was that?” A medium sized packet of their latest offer of ricotta, spinach and cheese pasta had landed on the lower shelf where we had been rummaging, as if to say ‘try me; I’m the perfect solution!’

Immediately, my face tingled as it does when there is a spiritual being within a few feet and I realised there was a man standing beside us by the name of Bill.  He told me that he had wandered in with some of the 100’s of holidaymakers swarming through the doors this August. Recognising from my aura that I was someone who might be of interest to him, he had been eavesdropping on our conversation and ‘helpfully’  attracted our attention to this new range of pasta by knocking it off a higher shelf! Who can be afraid of ghosts when they are so kind? (Although he was sorry to have startled Mum!) Once back at my parents’ home, I helped him safely on his way to the haven of the other side, but not before asking him a little about himself.

Time to Go Home

Time to Go Home

“I’ve been watching over my daughter-in-law and William and Jenny,” he explained. “She brought the kids on holiday alone, separated as she is from my son. Quite sad really.” He realised he would be better equipped to help his family once he had been safely reunited with his mother (whose name sounded like ‘Cara’) and off he went, very happily, to the accompanying song “Knock knock knocking on Heaven’s Door” ! Every spirit rescue swells my heart with happiness!

As I record this in my diary my face once more buzzes with spirit visitation and a few of his mates (‘missing from home’ – ie. who also became stuck after their deaths) are re-directed to me for a lift Home!  Amazingly, this proves that there is a great admin team working hard on the other side and that they obviously have some way of transporting these lost souls to me from any given part of the country! At the same time I learnt that Bill the pasta lover was in the building trade and died from a stroke 5 years previously.  He is now very happy that he can better influence the care and direction of his daughter-in-law and grandchildren’s welfare from the enlightenment of home – No longer frustrated as a ghost stuck on earth.  His concern for his daughter is what kept him here too long (3 months is about the limit, before the ‘way home’ becomes foggy) Imagine time passing and his family growing up and leaving for the light when it was each of THEIR turns to pass on – They would have been devastated to find him missing from home!

After going for the medium sized packet of pasta recommended by Bill, Mum and I stopped to get the carrots, but not before asking Bill – ‘Should we get the large bag, or the organic…what do you think? ‘  🙂

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