The Week’s Farewell column 3 April 2010

1 04 2010

Part of my policy to help earthbound spirits on their way is to check the Farewell columns wherever I see them, whether it be in our church magazine, newspaper columns or, as today, the list of 5 recently deceased people in The Week magazine.  9 times out of 10 all the names listed have already departed for the light.  Once in a while one of the list (usually consisting of 5 or 6) needs a helping hand, but today was very different indeed, making me think that perhaps I was led to tell you this!  As soon as I saw the 5 on today’s list my crown tingled – all 5 were still loitering on the earthplane, so I helped each in turn to leave.

Minutes later, I asked each in turn whether (now safely on the other side) they wished to pass on any message for my blog.  Below I have copied the information from The Week, followed by the comments received:

‘Robert Culp, actor, writer and director, died 24 March, aged 79′ – “Darn it; I forgot to bring my fags!”

‘Maria Fairweather, linguist and biographer, died 8 March, aged 66′ – “There is about to come a spiritual and cultural revolution!”

‘His Honour, Alan-King Hamilton, Old Bailey Judge, died 23 March, aged 105′ (!) –  “His Master’s Voice has spoken!”  (I see a wooden gavel come down hard)

‘Vasily Smyslov, chess grand master, died 27 March, aged 89′ – (My husband and son just happen to be having a quick, rare game of chess as I tune in to him at 8.45 pm!) – “We exist in a parallel world!’ 

‘Elspeth Thompson, Telegraph writer, died 25 March, aged 48′ (tragically young) – “I left behind a great legacy!”

Obviously, I know nothing of the personal circumstances of any of these souls but if anyone reading this does then I would appreciate any feedback! 

Note: None of the above were ‘trapped’ souls as they had only died 8 days, 24 days, 9 days, 5 days and 7 days before I offered them a helping hand. (It is not until approximately 3 months after the death of the physical body that a soul becomes disorientated and unable to find the way home.) All would eventually have left off their own free will, but all wished to contribute to the spiritual understanding of their fellow men and women!

Several voices now concluded: “And so say all of us!”

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