why did lost spirits sing ‘buttercup baby’ into my ear?

27 09 2010

The other morning I found myself swinging to the words ‘We need you…more than anyone darling!‘ quite randomly as I left the house and my son said ‘you WHAT?‘….

Oh, I think it’s a song… just a minute….” and I sang it through again until I got to the rest… “Build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down….That’s how it goes” and went off humming this snippet of a song, apparently by The Foundations in the 1960’s, as I drove round to my daughters to take her 10 month old  Westie for a trot.

“Mummy can’t get home for lunchiepoo’s,” I told him in puppy talk so he’d understand “so grandma’s taking you for a walk round the canal today!”  He responded as he usually does when he hears a soppy voice and flung himself on to his  back, all four scruffy paws in the air, long strong, rat-like tail wagging so furiously that if he’d been on the slippery kitchen floor he would have been propelled along like a beaver or round in circles with a little help from granny.  “Scratch my tummy ; scratch my tummy!”  After lots of tickling and praising I scooped him up like the little bundle of love and fun he is and held him like a baby while he licked my chin with glee.  Oh the joys of being a (sad) grand(dog)mother!

So it was that we skipped merrily along the canal towpath, soaking up the beautiful late September morning, Alfie  stopping at the sound of my encouraging praise every two minutes and wiggling his big (little) bottom backwards to swish his tail round and between my legs…..when walking towards us came a newcomer to his patch.  Immediately he crouched down on all fours, making himself as flat and unobtrusive as he could (might have worked in the long grass but in the middle of the tarmac?) so granny had to play the game, act nonchalantly and admire the birds flying in the sky. 

In the meantime, a portly white doggie with a big brown spot on her  back swished along on short little legs, long ears skimming the path, and as soon as she’d waddled to within pouncing range Alfie was off  like a spring hare, bounding and boxing in the air and crying ‘play with meeee’…..”What’s her name?” I asked the nice lady owner as her dog skilfully avoided mine by sidestepping at precisely the right moment, whilst Alfie did an equally skilled somersault and about turn in mid air and flew in for the pounce again. “Buttercup” she answered, to my disbelief.  I could just imagine Buttercup’s mouth animated and singing ‘Build me up!” as she waddled her fat little belly on past us, and to add to the surrealism her owner added, by way of an explanation, “when we got her as a puppy we thought she looked like a cow,” and Buttercup’s ears drooped even further onto the path as she sang another line of the song…“just to let me down…”

Alfie, losing interest in a friend that didn’t run, pulled ahead as I waved goodbye and turned his interest instead to the other doggie bouncing merrily in our direction.  This was an Andrex teenager of the highest order and gave Alfie a run for his money while the owner pulled out his white earphones and we made polite chit-chat about our charges.  “I’m looking after her for my daughter” he smiled….

“Oh, how funny…so am I! What’s her name (the puppy)?”…

“Lilly,” he said, “As in the song ‘Pictures of Lilly’ by The Who….‘ and then grinned bashfully, saying “I’m showing my age now!”  I counterbalanced this by waffling on about “Build me up Buttercup” and how I’d had the song in my head 30 mts before meeting the real life Doggie Buttercup, who’d obviously been built up a little too much!….He reacted by laughing and pointing to a flower on the edge of the canal path.  “Oh no, that’s a dandelion!” he laughed again, embarrassed, and we both carried on our way. 

So there you have it.  What fun when our minds can go ahead of themselves and predict such happy doings such as these!  Just to check, I looked up The Foundations as well as The Who…and as a result picked up and cleared over 150  lost souls connected to them.  But the main reason I had this song in my head was revealed when I hopped into bed, hands clasped cosily under my chin, shut my eyes….and saw two ‘bikers’ coming towards me on foot in an underground carpark.  They took off their helmits and moving close to my face sang in unisonwe need you…more than anyone darling!...and of course I had to scrabble for my dowser and help these two earthbound spirits, who had apparently been following me since I’d left the house that morning!  They were quite annoyed (unbelievably!) and like a choreographed tv advert sang “We”ll be over at ten”, (they told us time and again) – “but you’re late, we wait around and then….We went to the door; We can’t take any more…It’s not fair…you let us down again!”  This was surreal.  They appeared to be singing the words of the Buttercup song, adjusted to fit the dilemma they felt in being earthbound and being ‘told’ by fellow spirits (perhaps?) that I would help……So at last Desperate Dan and Handy Andy (as they called themselves!) were, with a little help from me, able to get on their bikes and drive out from their underground car park and into the Light …“So build us up Buttercup, don’t break our hearts!”…and as my dowser whirled on and on their voices faded out into the distance….”We  need you, more than anyone, baby…You know that we have from the start….”  

And as  I type  this I look up at our grandmother clock and it ‘just happens’ to be ten (‘it is over at ten’ and now time for bed again!) and I contemplate why it is that children hold a buttercup up to someone’s chin and ask if they like butter….And if there is a yellow reflection on the recipient’s throat they joyfully announce ‘YES  You like butter!’ or sadly, ‘NO, you don’t’   Could it be that this ancient children’s game mimics the power of the yellow and sunny solar plexus (who we are) connecting with the throat/communication area of the Higher Self?    Perhaps The Who and The Foundations have a bigger significance after all!

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