What was ‘King Kong’ doing in The Earl of Chesterfield pub, Shelford?

22 09 2012

On my recent birthday, seven family members enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch at the Earl of Chesterfield pub in Shelford, Nottinghamshire – but who else was watching us?  Only a week earlier, Mike and I had popped in for something to eat and were bowled over by the welcoming personality of the young owner, Jody.  I felt I could confide in her and mentioned the man ghost I could see leaning over the bar.  He wore a large black hat with a turned up rim and a very long black coat or mackintosh.  I observed him side on for some time and noticed he had a long black pony tail and strands of hair stuck to his wet face.  Unable to stand the suspense any longer, I nipped off to the privacy of the Ladies and ‘hooked on’ to his spirit with the aid of my dowser….Within seconds he took the opportunity to shoot off into the Light and my Spirit Guides told me his name was Mortimer and he had been a ‘ferry man’ over a century before.   Another spirit took the opportunity to fly across and with this came the name ‘Moorcroft’.

Unbeknown to me, a long lane leads from alongside the Church in Shelford to the River Trent and in days gone by there was indeed a ferry crossing there.  The Trent is now too deep and fast flowing in this area but there is a plaque naming some of the ferry men from the Victorian era onwards.  Mortimer’s name does not appear here as he lived in the 18th century, before records were made. As I stood in his shoes (so to speak) I was aware of someone behind me about to strike him over the head in anger with a large metal object, causing him to fall into the Trent and drown.  His spirit could not rest and he was obviously drawn to the nearest pub (literally) to drown his sorrows.  Jody was beside herself with excitement when I gave her this information.  She hadn’t known about Mortimer but often saw a more modern spirit man in the bar and was fairly sure he was connected to the Moorcroft family.  As she told us about the ghostly goings-on since she and her partner had taken on the pub several months earlier one ghost after another approached the bar.  I could hardly listen to her as they were crowding in on me, realising I could help them…

Jody mentioned that her brother in law had ‘recently passed’ after a road accident so I quietly asked my Spirit Guides whether they could send her a message of reassurance that he was safe on the other side. The reply I received was a strange ‘Ding Dong!  Her face lit up, hand to her mouth, as Jody exclaimed that he had been a Postman…Spirit sure does have a wonderful way with words!

Once home, I moved on the at least 300 more spirits and cleared the whole site of a lot of physical and emotional stress, held in the foundations, the walls and the earth surrounding the pub, as well as the sufferings of the lost souls – those who had failed to return home after their deaths:  These included fishermen, soldiers from the Military, people who had been hung, someone who died of cyanide poisoning, a safe breaker calling himself  ‘King Kong’ (!)….peasants, someone wearing a ‘fascinater’ and ‘mad folk’ from an assylum.  I also heard the words ‘Met Office issues a severe gale warning’. Perhaps this was someone who predicted the weather or maybe it was a warning of more to come?

Back to my birthday lunch a week later, I whispered to Jody as she greeted us that I’d cleared 300 spirits and hoped it was now quieter? ‘Far from it!’ she laughed…‘If anything it has got worse!‘ : The dining tables had been set the evening before and when Staff arrived that morning ALL THE WHITE SALT AND PEPPER POTS ON ALL THE TABLES HAD MYSTERIOUSLY BEEN LAID ON THEIR SIDES…THERE WAS ALSO A RING OF SOIL ON OUR TABLE! Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday, the spirit world knowing that I had received their message and would shortly act on it!

Happy Birthday to me :-)

Happy Birthday to me 🙂

There were obviously more lost souls to find (the pots had not been knocked over randomly, rather had been lain on their sides gently.) and the circle of earth could indicate protection – or the never ending circle of life…Could this be a ‘thankyou’ from the spirits I had already helped? I needed to look deeper into the well of energy underneath the pub.  Then it clicked:  The circle of earth could represent the top of a well!…I recalled Jody talking of one but was far too busy trying to reassure the spirits queueing behind me to take in what she said.  I tuned in to look for such a well and saw a group of monks or similar standing to the left behind a well with their heads covered in hoods, ringing a bell and crying ‘unclean..unclean!’   Could there have been bodies thrown down the well? Sure enough, six monks were trapped in the ‘black water’ in the well and the angels helped me disperse the ‘stinking’ vibrational energies condusive to evil doings of the past, in order to free them.  I have tuned in to the pub on a daily basis and still spirits are pouring in from the villages around the Trent – turning the Earl of Chesterfield into a clearing house for the lost souls.  Sorry Jody! It won’t last forever – and think of all those happy souls being reunited with their loved ones on the other side!   It is interesting to note that water is a conductor of energy…spirit energy included…            

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