Can animals assist in soul rescue?

16 05 2013

Just as we humans are all different, some more sensitive than others for instance, so are animals.  Just after the slaughter or culling of farm animals several years ago due to foot and mouth disease I came across a black cow, standing forlornly with some of the more fortunate animals saved from this disaster.  As our eyes met I knew what was in her heart. Her huge dark eyes filled with tears that spilled over and down her bovine face. I dowsed and hooked on to the spirits of dozens of animals whose spirits had become tangled in the agony of their seemingly pointless deaths, witnessing untold horrors and preventing them from passing safely

Sam the Wonderdog 2013

Sam the Wonderdog 2013

Sam has already starred in my blogs as a hyper sensitive creature, sent to us by spiritual guardians specialising in the rescue of all sentient beings on the earthplane.  He spends much of his time hiding under his owners’ desk with his stuffed duck for company, destined as he was to come and live in a sorting office for lost souls!  He acts as another tuning fork through which lost souls of animals vibrate and has only to give me a certain glance or a little whine or an alarmed look towards an empty doorway for me to stop what I’m doing and ‘clear’ him or the house.  Just last night, he suddenly jumped out of a peaceful slumber on the settee, his face all squashed and lopsided with sleepiness, his lovely brown eyes pleading with me.  Animals have the same chakra energy centres as us humans and by dowsing his third eye chakra (between the eyes) I found 25 animal spirits, including greyhounds and animals who had suffered ‘sub-normal’ conditions.  Within the hour the total had crept to 100, as batch after batch ‘landed’ on him.  He came up to me and put an elegant paw on my lap as if to say ‘it’s your turn now mum!’   Sure enough, 56 of these animal spirits had also attached themselves to me and were quickly released to the light. 

But what of cats?  Surely they are known as psychic animals?  Years ago, a phantom black cat  came into my life by appearing in my sister’s shower, on my nephew’s bed in the middle of the night, in a friend’s friend’s house and jumping out of a client’s kitchen cupboards!  All to attract attention to lost souls in their homes, who were consequently helped to leave for Home.  Just one more example of animals in service to God’s work, my sister Sandra had a lovely black kitten named Diesel who later disappeared without trace. Several years later, an adult black cat wandered into her kitchen looking for food and she was convinced it was her beloved Diesel, returned.  She asked me to dowse to try and find out where he had been in the interim and I was told (by spirit) that he had been living wild and had gathered round him many lost souls, which I cleared in large batches.  These included foxes, rabbits, deer, dogs and cats.  My sister had Diesel checked out at the vets and vaccinated, but sadly he disappeared again ~ only to return weeks later for a much needed feed – and many more lost animal souls attached to him.   Then he was off again on the hunt….

When a client left an answerphone message for me cancelling her appointmennt because her beloved cat had died, I heard her deceased cat ‘miaow’ in the background (she only had one cat) and recorded this on tape. She could not bear to leave her human behind and it was my role to persuade her to leave so that one fine day in the distant future they will be reunited again.  Every living creature, whether human or animal, has a spirit which passes back to the light of its origin after the death of its physical body ~ and that’s a fact! 🙂   

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