Margaret Thatcher arrives safely on the other side….but what of Dennis?

8 04 2013

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I wrote a post on 24th February of this year entitled ‘The Iron Lady’s deceased husband waits loyally for her.’  I concluded that as he didn’t have any intention of moving on after his own death in  2001 there was little point in persuading him and that I would check in with him when Margaret’s own time came. 

Well the first I heard of Baroness Thatcher’s death today was when my daughter-in-law phoned to ask me whether I’d heard the news.  I was sitting in a coffee shop with my parents in down-town Penzance and had already gathered a few lost souls, apparent when an alarm intermittently went off as I entered and browsed in a local shop. (See my blog Electricity is the link to the spiritual world of 30th May 2012.)  She knew of my intentions to help Dennis when the time came and as soon as I was able I asked my spirit helpers the following:

Is Margaret Thatcher resting in peace?”

“Yes…” (She passed safely as most of us do, despite my hundreds of stories here!)

“Did Dennis go with her when she passed from this plane?” (although I already knew the answer)

“He is still earthbound…”

I telepathically connected to Dennis’s confused spirit, ready to give him the help he so needed.  (“Where did she go? Why won’t she answer me? She won’t wake up!”) As I hooked on to him to lift him to a level where he could reconnect with the light of his origin, my dowser spun furiously as I held him within reach of the Iron Lady herself, who – amusingly – dangled a walking stick for him to take a hold of!  I heard the expression ‘whistle and flute’, which is London slang for ‘suit’ (was he wearing his best?)  Immediately, seven other lost souls took advantage of the open portal of light and joined the victorious couple. (These were described as ‘staunch Thatcherites/Lords and Peers’)  

I requested an interview with the Thatchers at some later date and was told “Arrange it with the clerk…Come back later and I’ll try to give you an interview…” (We retain our personalities upon returning home.  If I am granted such an interview I will let you know :-))

“Basically,” I summarised to my spirit helpers, “when Dennis died he refused to leave Margaret’s side but when  she herself died he couldn’t travel on the ‘same bus’ (so to speak)…”   And the witty reply?

“No…He had to wait for the No. 10 to come back for him…! (Downing Street)

Just to make it clearer, if someone is earthbound (ie after approx 3 months the passage home becomes indistinct) they can only be redirected and lifted back on track by a lightworker such as myself.  Each individual has their own passageway to cross and can’t ‘cadge a lift’ with another.  The moral of this story, perfectly demonstrated by our first woman Prime Minister and her beloved husband Dennis, is don’t stay behind in the first place!  Dennis Thatcher is eternally grateful to have been discovered, but not everyone is as lucky!

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