#Do spirits have a smell?

19 06 2014

Do spirits have a smell? I hadn’t seen my friends in months and as I ‘just happened’ to be passing their house I rang their doorbell. Sarah invited me in with a smile and ushered me into their kitchen, where her husband Dave sat forlornly with his newspaper.

“What’s happened?” I asked, noticing his bandaged foot and the crutch leaning against the wall.
“I had an accident at work and badly twisted my foot…” he laughed, attempting joviality.

Sarah offered me a cup of tea but I declined saying I couldn’t stay but just had an urge to pop by and say hello. Dave continued to tell me what a terrible week he had had. Not only had he damaged his foot but his car had suddenly developed problems and his father had died.

“Oh no…I’m so sorry….” I sympathised.
“A neighbour found him in his back garden…” he started to explain, but I was distracted by someone standing directly behind me, unseen or felt by my friends. “Nobody knows how long he had lain there…” Dave continued, bowing his head. “The neighbour called the police who had to break in.”

Neither of my friends know what I do for a day job and would never understand so I didn’t explain that I felt the presence of Dave’s father, whose spirit still hovered around his family, unable to come to terms with what had happened. Understandably, Dave felt guilty for not checking on his father more frequently, as he had only lived locally. I gave them both hugs and there was nothing more I could say to make them feel better, only that I was sure things could only improve.

I intended to tune in to their house when I arrived home and offer Dave’s father’s ghost some assistance to leave but was not prepared for what happened next. I drove round the corner to our home and let myself in at the front door, just as my husband ran down the stairs to greet me. Before I had time to remove my coat and put down my keys he screwed up his nose and cupped his mouth in horror:

“Oh my goodness Jane…What on earth is that disgusting smell?”

In an instance I realised what had happened. Rather than wait for me to help, Dave’s father’s spirit had followed me the five minutes home (although there was no smell in the car) and the revolting and unmistakable stench that now permeated the hall was that of his physical corpse, which had lain in the outdoors through three days and nights and started to decompose.

“Don’t worry…I know who it is…” I reassured him. He was quite used to me bringing home waifs and strays, but they did not usually come with a smell attached. As you can imagine he was quite shocked! This gentleman was in no mood for a chat and jumped aboard the love train without hesitation. My dowser leapt into the air the second I connected with his spirit and spun in such heavy pulling rotations that I could barely hold on…Eventually he broke from the physically binding mentality of his awful death circumstance and was carried to his final resting place in the Light. My dowser stopped dead, quivered and then swung back and forth in confirmation of his safe arrival. Immediately, the nauseating smell that had accompanied his physical corpse completely disappeared, so that not the merest hint of it remained.

Angel of Light

Angel of Light

As I do, I checked minutes later to discover that Mr Smith was already undergoing counselling on the other side (time as we know it does not exist in the spirit world) due to his ‘abominable’ death experience. A satisfying few minute’s work left me with a smile in my heart as I acknowledged this man’s gratitude that his soul now lived on! 😀 I also thanked my spirit helper angels for gently guiding me to stop off at my friends’ house that day.

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