Ghost rappers ‘turn on the white noise man!’

6 07 2010

Whilst on a snatched visit to my parents in Cornwall this long weekend past (a round 660 plus miles) I hoped to have a rest from spirit rescue, but as usual it was not to be!  Within hours of arrival at their seaview home overlooking St Michael’s Mount Dad pointed out the lights flashing on his car (‘they know you’ve arrived!’ he laughed) and I quickly cleared a large batch of  souls gathered together for onward transmission to the light.  Day Two found a repeat of this performance as another load arrived – trawled (ha ha) from the graves of sea-related earthbound souls from around the wider coastline (This is the 5th or 6th time my guides have used my parents four way flashers to catch my attention…)

Preparing tea on the Saturday, I snapped off large delicious smelling tomatoes from their vine stalk and sniffed in the wonderful aroma.  Seconds later, as I continued to busy myself chopping spring onions and the like, a misty veil descended like a cone-shaped hat being placed gently over my crown.  It tingled gently, like a delicate lacy cobweb, gradually being spun over the next minute or so, downwards to reach my heart.  I smiled; it was the association with the tomatoes that had opened up the mind-connect portal via the sense of smell associated with the psychic nose chakra – an unseen energy centre located inches from the end of the neb!  This psychic connection with my Higher Self allowed souls in the category of ‘tomato pickers’ to push gently on my heart centre… I fished for my dowser, which spun furiously while I continued with my spare hand to prepare my salad, my mind in loving neutral!  Later, my guides informed me that over 350 souls had passed through this ‘lettuce spinner’ of love! (My parents always joke that I could eat lettuce until it comes out of my ears!)

Many other sessions of spirit release ensued over that long weekend, from helping my father by clearing his physical pain, to remote clearing of a young nephew with a sickness virus in Somerset….But in between I did manage to visit Trebah Gardens (taken by the satnav down miles of narrow lanes only just wide enough to allow the car through, with many ‘whoops’ incidents of reversing backwards and squeezing into hedgerow to allow oncoming vehicles to manoevre through!), paddle in the sea, walk 4 miles over to Peranuthnoe with my son and dog, have Sunday lunch out at a pub and do some shopping……so I can’t complain! 

Back home, a sleepless night of yet more dowsing (on my own son, who had somehow contracted his own sickness virus/tummy upset, despite living miles from my nephew and never having contact with him!) brought me to this morning, zombie-eyed and eating porridge in front of  daytime television.  There was an interesting programme about a small but feisty woman who had managed to ‘turn her London estate around’ from a fear-provoking run-down area for the residents into a smart, happy place with proper lighting at night time and many facilities such as playing areas for little ones, youth clubs and safe grassy relaxation areas for adults.  By working hard with local counsellors charitable trusts and the like, she had managed to generate over a million pounds to transform and regenerate the area and make it a better place in which to live!  What a woman! She  was shown encouraging people on a fear-infested run-down estate in Bristol to form a Residents Association to get things changed for the better.  They were shown around her own improved facilities, including a ‘recording studio’ for youths, which has succeeded in keeping them off the streets.  A youngster from Bristol watched in awe as a black rapper wearing earphones sang his own song…..

After I’d switched off the television and fetched some clean drinking and bathing water for my pet canaries, I turned towards the door and got the fright of my life!  …Suddenly a loud rollercoaster of whooshing white noise burst forth from the (previously redundant!) radio alongside the birds’ cage!  We had only ever used the machine for playing music cd’s but now the red light had been switched on by an unseen entity and the volume turned up FULL!  The static shrieked out at me  – providing a gangplank for ‘rappers and the like’ – those from run-down council estates – hoodies – those involved in drugs and poverty – bringing with them visions of slums and darkness and fear – to cross into my living room!

I reached deeply into the pocket of my dressing gown for my ever-present dowser and 65 souls hustled together for instant teleportation to a much better life on the other side –  after which someone said they’d landed in the Carnegie Estate’  as they arrived home.  I was immediately intrigued, and wonder if this could be a metaphor for entrepeneur Andrew Carnegie, Scottish-American philanthropist who gave 90 percent of his massive wealth to charitable causes?  (1835-1919) He features in my latest book (to be published in 2011) as I found his wanting, lost soul, via a Biography found in a National Trust second-hand bookshop several years ago! 

Intrigued, I typed ‘Carnegie Estate’ into Google – and came out with the fact that in 1916 he bought an Estate named Shadowbrook, in Massachusetts.……An aptly named if very different kind of estate, perhaps, but no doubt one which he had been re-created for the after-life enjoyment of those deceased residents of those run down council estates!  What a man!

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