Electricity is the link to the spirit world…

30 05 2012

Even when I am away on my hols the spiritual phone never stops ringing!  Our son and his fiance were looking after the house while we were in Wales and when my husband phoned them on our house phone he just heard ‘a terrible noise’ on the line and every time he tried again it gave a constantly engaged tone, so he phoned our son’s mobile.  ‘I’m so glad you’ve rung Dad!’ said a grateful son, ‘as Tali (his fiance) is out and for the past 1/2 hour the house phone’s been ringing once, then silence, then a few rings, then silence…and it’s now ‘dribbling’ on and off… I’m quite spooked by it!’

I knew immediately that it was a batch of rescuees (stuck spirits who had been guided to our home for help) and tuned in over the 300 odd miles between us.  Our son stayed on his mobile and as I honed in and moved batches he reported that the phone continued to ‘gargle’ as though the energy line was becoming unblocked…when I reached 64 there were three enormous rushes of static interference in my ear (which were so loud I had to hold the phone at arm’s length) but our son didn’t hear anything his end.  By the time I’d reached the 74th soul to be moved through, the rings stopped altogether.  I continued to check the house – as souls often like it and stay! – and the final total was 200!  The grateful message from my spirit guides (plus angels who help with soul rescue) was simply “Parcel Arrived!”  The rush of heart-felt gratitude from the other side is overwhelming.

Once at my parents’ home in Cornwall the lost ones continued to find their way home. Mum rushed from the kitchen to report that all the digital clocks in the kitchen had suddenly started flashing, including the radio and the microwave.  Once again I moved over a batch of lost souls and we re-set the timers and all was quiet again.  This time there had been 40 passing through and the only clue to their origin was ‘from over the hill and far away’ .  The only other ‘visitor’ came when I was totally engrossed in whipping some cream for our trifle, concentrating on holding the noisy old blades of my Mum’s redundant mixer in place, when I saw a stout figure materialise behind her.  My cheeks tingled as I picked up the static electricity of his spirit energy/aura, so I quickly stopped what I was doing to ‘whip’ out my dowser from my pocket and see him safely home.  Dad was sitting there with his paper and when I said ‘sextan or sextant’ and got on with my whipping duties he said a sextan  was a ‘gravedigger’ in earlier times (they live next to a cemetery) but a sextant was an old-fashioned instrument used by sailors (they live beside the sea) so he could have been either – I was too pre-occupied with my trifle-making to check, but now I am told he was ‘lost at sea’, so it was the latter.

For those regular readers of my blog, I have just published Never Lose Heart (available through my website http://www. janehunting.co.uk) which chronicles my own many brushes with death during my lifetime, including 13 months in a dark tunnel of severe depression and life-saving heart surgery when I was a young mother.  It also touches on the supernatural goings-on, including hauntings, a near death experience and encounters with angels, which was all necessary to lead to me the spiritual work I love doing today!

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