Can a porcelein figure contain lost souls?

11 03 2013

As promised, I recently accompanied my son to the Toy & Train Collector’s Fair in Donington, which turned out to be a great day of serendipity.  It is always fascinating to wander around reminiscing about my own childhood and as my son chatted animatedly to a stall holder about the history of Lego, I thought about the Cinderella figurine I had been given, along with my very first Timex watch, in the 1960’s.  Would any of the the delicate porcelein figurines have survived fifty years to end up at a fair I wondered?  Then I saw her!  P1050273Standing alone on the top shelf of a dealer’s stall was the beautiful blonde princess in the blue dress of my memories.  I could barely believe it!  Dare I ask the dealer how much?  To my delight, he was thrilled that I remembered the Timex watch with the blue nylon strap that accompanied this little lady as other potential buyers had  apparently looked askansed at the idea when he’d given them the history.  £7 and she was mine! But what has this to do with earthbound spirits you may ask?

Everything contains energy as it is made of atoms – from the settee that you sit on every day to the everyday objects that you use or the homes that you live in and of course our own physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. When you sit in that settee you are imprinting your OWN energies into it, just as everything you touch, sleep in, live in or interact with. I dowsed this young lady and sure enough, somewhere along her history, she had picked up (in her vibrational atoms) a little negativity, which I cleared. Immediately, ELEVEN earthbound spirits left – amazingly people connected to her in some way over the last 50 or so years of her existence – including the grandmother of her owner and some of her friends ‘missing from home’ !  Her energies contained the imprints of  when she was created in the factory to the shop in which she was sold to the home in which she was no doubt loved by that little girld like me in the ’60′s! Then of course there was the distance she had travelled to get to my dowser. A jumble sale perhaps, where the dealer picked her up? In other words, everywhere she had travelled, anyone who had touched her, any place she had stood – all being energy that can be dowsed and released.  Fascinating stuff isn’t it? 🙂

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