Happy Orby-ghost in ‘Christ Church’, Surrey!

23 05 2010

Two days after the rescue of Henry Ford’s spirit – when he had exclaimed ‘Christ Church!’ (an expression which a deceased Great Aunt of mine used when she was exasperated!!) – my husband had impromptu business in the County of Surrey (England) and we decided to stay overnight at a 16th century house – which, to my surprise, had no resident ghosts… We visited fantastic oldy-wordly pubs (several spirit rescues) and walked miles amidst beautiful, breathtaking scenery and woodlands dancing with blubells.  For two days we soaked up the sunshine and wallowed in good old English countryside, finishing with lunch at a lovely little pub in Coldharbour – and as we drove into the village we came across their beautiful church – which happened to be called ‘Christ Church!

We entered the coolness of the stunning building and the feeling of having been drawn there strengthened as I approached the front of the church and knelt facing the alter.  The peace was tangible; I felt at one with all of nature and happy with my lot.  I knew that my Maker continued to guide me in my work and that He had another task for me, as a circular sensation tickled the top of my crown.  Time stood still and everything felt Perfect.  After saying some prayers for my family and friends, I telepathically heard the hymn ‘Be Still for the Spirit of the Lord is with you…‘ so I stood still and closed my eyes.  I ‘felt’ a cloak being laid gently about my shoulders; a hood cover my head.  I ‘stepped outside of myself’ and looked at my earthly body: my face was translucent, my eyes shining.  Then the cloak and hood collapsed slowly to the stone floor of the Church, my body no longer inside!  Wow!  The tiny circle continued to prickle on my crown as I acknowledged an influx of lost souls, seemingly gathered from the surrounding area – so I took my dowser and helped them home.

It is highly unusual to find lost souls in a peaceful Church, but upon entering the door my face had tingled as a ‘lost soldier’ knocked on the spiritual door.  My husband had stood at the brass eagle lectern, reminiscing about the steadfast duties of his father’s weekly brass-polishing devotion to a similar lectern at his own little church in Edwalton (Notts.), and while he read aloud from the Bible (he is quite a character!) I had removed my dowser to investigate this one presence who had followed us inside:

His name was Hunt  and he had ‘died in battle’, and a second (unknown) lost soul alongside him took advantage of the open portal.  Michael pointed out that an officer of this very name was recorded along with several others from the village of Coldharbour and had been a member of the Coldstream Guards during the first world war.  He had been so devoted to his home town that (uderstandably) his spirit had returned after his death on the battlefield but lingered too long (over 3 months) and become stuck.  His family had since passed safely and now he was exhuberant to be reunited both with war colleages, villagers and loved ones.  He promptly sent for half a dozen colleagues and friends ‘missing from home’. 

‘Did Henry Ford cause the Huntings to drive past Christ Church on the Hunt for Officer Hunt?’ I giggled.  

“Long Live the Queen!” came the heavenly response…..

When I later uploaded the photos of our short break, I found the above picture taken in Christ Church, which clearly shows the ORB of Officer Hunt high above Michael as he reads from the Lectern!!! (See picture above)

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