Enid Blyton pops by with some advice for humanity and helps PM Chamberlain in the process!

30 03 2010

After watching the iconic Lark Rise to Candleford on Sunday evening I flicked channels to discover a film about the legendary children’s writer Enid Blyton and sat glued to her life story, fascinated but surprised that it portrayed her as rather a hard hearted character as far as her own family were concerned, yet at the same time  writing prolifically about the ideal adventures of childhood.

As soon as the credits had rolled I felt a presence in the room and realised it was Miss Blyton herself, having passed safely after her death (she suffered from dementia for the latter 10 years of her life and this is not always the case when someone is not in their ‘right’ mind).

I did well did I not?” she asked me in her confident and forthright manner, but the lingering images of her poor emotionally starved children was still at the forefront of my mind, so I paused while she answered with deep honesty what was on my mind…. “I was passionate about my writing.  It gave me a thrill beyond all else!”  … At this juncture my son entered the room, interrupting the flow of our communication, as he asked if I was ‘ready for a trot round the block’ with our dog Sammy.  I needed the exercise and it was very late, so I grabbed my coat whilst continuing to give Enid my attention…

As we walked down the road I repeated her most recent words to myself, so that I could note them down on my return, and asked my son to memorise them for good measure:  “I was a stickler for work.  Nothing would entice me from my routine….I was a stickler for work.  Nothing would entice me from my routine….”  Fifteen minutes later I scribbled down her precious words as she continued: 

“Forbidden fruits!” 

” What were?  What do you mean?…

A man and his children…” (She was obviously referring to her attempts to embrace a family, which resulted in a divorce from her first husband and her seeming cold-heartedness towards her offspring)

“Could this have been the result of your relationship with your father?” I found myself asking, knowing from the film that she adored him as a child but he left his own family for another woman…

I was betrayed!” she cried.  “He was the only one in the world I ever loved and who cared for me passionately.  It all went topsy-turvy didn’t it?  Celebrate life while you can!” she implored the rest of us.  “It was all a bit hit and miss with me…”  At this stage my dowser suddenly flew into action as many earthbound spirits related to her or her way of life suddenly pushed at the door and I tried to catch some names.…’Uncle Arnold, Christopher, Penny, Sid, Prime Minister Chamberlain (who famously returned from Germany in 1938 waving a piece of paper….a signed treaty…which he declared meant Peace in our Time…..and now thanked me for ‘opening the door’ for him), someone by the name of Sullivan, a Hawthorn, a Waitrose, someone from Braintree, Dilys, Copper, Sable, the mention of ‘Wolverhampton’, Jennny….”All the folk I knew who came into my life and have now joined me in celebration of their continuation of life!”  There was much banter on the other side as ‘Roll out the Barrel….’ was sung by my now familiar spirit family of East Enders, but then they showed me a line up of Irish dancers!  (‘I don’t have any Irish connections do I?’ I asked myself and the answer came back ‘way back…you were a pauper’)

“Is there anything you can tell me that I couldn’t have picked up from the documentary?” I asked, always fishing for more ‘proof’, and no-one was more surprised by her answer than me:   

Chastity belt…I wore a chastity belt!” she laughed.  I tried to think quickly, asking her what she meant by that ambiguous statement…”I’m keeping my mouth shut!” she replied, and a whole bunch of women moved across with another swirling of my dowser…”A configuration of wise, knowledgeable, single women!” she guffawed.

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