Earthbound spirits phone mobile for help!

8 06 2010

Mikey shot off to the Co-op to get some milk , then I suddenly remembered we’d run out of bananas and tinned pineapples to top our tea-time curry, so rang his mobile from our home phone .  There was so much crackle on the line I couldn’t make myself heard and could only shout ‘bananas…we need bananas! And tinned pineapples…tinned pineapples!‘ down the phone, still not sure if he’d got the message.  But when he came home clutching the milk, pineapples and a bunch of the lovely yellow things we were both puzzled.

“I didn’t think you could hear me….”

“Oh you came over crystal clear – I couldn’t understand why you kept repeating yourself and shouting?  Oddly, when you rang I didn’t think it was you as this strange number came up on my mobile.  When I rang it back out of curiosity there was just a blank at the end of the line….” 

He tried the ten digit number again from our home phone and there was literally nothing at the other end: just an eerie silence.  I picked up my dowser and it flung itself into a twisting, writhing motion in the air (as I hook onto an earthbound spirit who is expecting me ,it is like hitting a whirlwind!)  All I could make out was someone calling “Hassan…Hassan…Hassan!” as I clung tenatiously to the chain of my crystal for at least 10 seconds.  Then suddenly it stopped dead, quivered slightly, then spun off again for 5 seconds.  ‘Hassan’ (a handsome middle aged man) was sucked into the spiritual vortex of the light but, unusually, paused to encourage yet another ‘Hassan’ to follow behind.  It also appeared that ‘Hassan senior’ was calling ‘Hassan junior’ from the other side.  Are you still with me?

My guides explained that as I had bananas and pineapples on my mind I had drawn some likeness in the split second I dialled Mikey’s number – and that the (original) deceased Hassan had worked for a local grocers!!!  Asking what the poor man had died from was a waste of time as the morbidly earthly subject of ghosts is always lifted to a new height!  (‘He slipped on a banana skin, of course…’)

The next day I decided to check out the strange number again and, after the silence had lasted a few seconds and I had said ‘hello…hello’, a pre-recorded female voice made me jump.  “Sorry.  There is a fault.   Sorry.  There is a fault.” Maybe I was asking for it, or maybe it was all part of the cunning plan by my spirit helpers, but immediately a freezing swirling mass of energy headed for my solar plexus….out came the trusty dowser again…and as I passed on 50 + more earthbound souls I could see a dockside with crates piled high with (you guessed) bananas and pineapples…”20 or so lost souls were lifted from the Congo, a huge batch from Brazil (now I could see banana plantations, men up banana trees, happy souls with machetes, swinging at the ground, harvesting the fruits) and finally my dowser stopped, swung from side to side, and a voice ‘from Mesopatamia’ said, ‘thank you Jane!’ 

(Mesopatamia is an area of ancient Iraq and quite appropriately in Greek means ‘land between the rivers’…and the name  Hassan (pronounced hah-SAHN) is of Arabic origin.  Imagine how I laughed when I discovered its meaning: ‘good looking and handsome’ – (see above!)  Presumably Hassan also sold curry sauce in his shop?

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