1,000 spirits in the sky!

8 09 2010

Sunday is traditionally a day to rest one’s spirit after all, but the powers that be made sure it was a day of rest for 1,000 souls who weren’t!  At 6 am my neice sent me an email reference her little 7 year old daughter:

“… she has had a medical check and they can find no reason for her headaches/tummyaches and endless sleepless nights…its been weeks now and she is really struggling (as am i) i’m mostly concerened about her disturbed sleep…she just quietly sobs to herself or is wandering as if sleep walking but she is awake! i really hope you can help us as the doctors couldnt and its rather desperate now!!!”

…So I sat in my dressing gown and got stuck straight in, sending healing and dowsing my great neice from head to toe, at the end of which an incredible total of 500+ spirits, stuck within her energy field, and obviously causing severe emotional and physical stress, were hooked out one by one as well as in large batches of 20 to 30 at a time.  If children are particularly sensitive they can see and feel ghosts and often communicate with them.  My neice’s daughter had been an attractive hostess for them over many years and when too many accumulate the child – as in her case – can either become withdrawn or exhibit bizarre behaviour patterns, go off their food and experience sleeplessness. eventually leading to physical manifestations such as tummy or headaches. Quite often children are unable to relate their strange experiences and/or fears to an adult, often thinking they are a normal part of life!  Over the past ten years I have helped hundreds of such little ones to return to their equilibrium by scanning and removing those lost souls to the light and filling the inevitable void  with energy to boost them again…..(“she’s doing much better thankyou, last night she slept all night as usual so i’m happy now 🙂 i can’t thank you enough!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx “  came my lovely neice’s reply as I typed this blog.)

Before I had time to shower and dress, my daughter was on the phone for a general chat but I found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying as the drawer on the DVD player underneath the tv suddenly opened and closed again – puzzling me as the controller was out of reach on the other side of the room, so there was no chance I could have accidentally touched it.  Then the drawer opened halfway, closed quickly and opened fully, then closed, opened and closed several times in a manically fast way….I knew immediately it was spirit attracting my attention …and called Michael to come and witness this amusing phenomena!  Whilst holding my madly spinning dowser in my left hand and the phone up to my right ear while I continued to listen to my chatty daughter, I nodded towards the DVD player and just as he walked towards the remote  the drawer snapped closed and the words ‘goodbye‘ came up on the front of the machine!  LOL!  My guides informed me that 300 odd had been diverted to me via these amusing high jinks (they love playing with electrical appliances!) and the only clue I had to their origin was ‘bengal tiger’ !  (I’m still trying to figure that one out!)

Even when preparing the Sunday roast a few hours later my dowser was constantly on the go:  for some reason my deceased Auntie Mary seemed to be in charge of organising this particular influx of souls to the light.  I felt constant tickles to my crown while mixing the gravy powder, swirling energy playing with my own while putting the spuds on to roast, click-click-clicking of the gas rings when my back was turned and tingling cheekbones urging me to help.  What was it about today? Handling large amounts of energy such as this as well as working in a hot kitchen and wanting to strip off made me laugh out loud as I suddenly got the heavenly joke….Auntie Mary and I always used to exchange little drawings on our Christmas cards when she was alive – accompanied with a typical piece of advice ‘don’t forget your thermals!’ (We both felt the cold)  These souls had perished in cold winters or of chills related to exposure! (another 100 or so)

Later in that Day of Rest we’d been invited to visit some friends out in the country for tea and while standing in their large farmhouse kitchen with their well-to-do neighbours (who would probably not understand if they had an inkling of what was to follow)  one of the under cupboard lights flashed on then off again.  Nobody seemed to notice, but by my ravishingly tingling cheekbones I knew what was afoot.  Determined to draw attention to their shennanigans, they persevered in causing the light to flash off and on and off and on….at last noticed by our hostess, who lowered her head to check underneath the cupboard.  A few seconds later it happened again and our host did the same, spending longer investigating the ‘fault’.  I was dying to tell them.  “There’s nothing wrong with the lights…” he said, flummoxed.  ‘Does this happen often?‘ I asked all innocently.  ‘It’s never happened before…It’s a mystery!‘ our hostess laughed, confirming what I already knew.  So I subtly took myself off to the loo and moved on the following:

“…A squirrel/rat catcher, a mormon, ‘someone’s auntie’ (was that Mary’s doing?), a merry-go-round operator, a basketball player, a groundsmen, a drains worker, a little girl clutching a balloon ” and several others amounting to another 22 ….

So there you have it.  Almost 1,000 lost souls who just had to get home for their Sunday roast!

ps   The beautiful serene swans were pictured on our local canal, reflecting in the water ‘as above so below’).                      

The Angel in the Sky was taken over our back garden in 2005.  You may be able to see her face and body as well as many other spirit faces, both animal and human.  When I was only 15 (many moons ago!) my most favourite song was Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum (‘that’s where I’m gonna go when I die!/ when I die and they lay me to rest I’m gonna go to the place that’s the best!’ )  

I’m sure there’s no need to ask those 1,000 spirits , now ‘in the sky’, what they think?

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