An Angel by the Sea

1 03 2012

Just for something completely different from my usual stories of ghosts and spirits I thought I’d share a few Angel stories with you.  Many years ago my Dad, who lives in a wonderful home with my Mum by the sea in Cornwall, asked me who his Guardian Angel was. I was able to tune in to his Higher Self and ask not only for a name with which my Dad could communicate with his special Angel – a guide, protector and messenger who is appointed to every one of us and accompanies us throughout our life’s journey – but a ‘category’ which describes the general personality in one word.  His Angel is named Kevin and his ‘general category’ is an old fashioned ‘lamplighter’.  Much to my surprise, he was delighted to have a name and has spoken to Kevin ever since.  I explained to him that being described as a ‘lamplighter’ is a metaphor for bringing light into other people’s lives.

Imagine his delight when, shortly after receiving this information, he was dropping his car off at the garage when he remembered that he’d left his MOT documents on the back seat.  He leaned over to retrieve them and saw a huge white feather had ‘materialised’ on the back seat! (The Calling Card of our Angels)  A day or so later, he and Mum turned to leave a shop, having been discussing Angels with a like-minded shopkeeper – and there, on the inside threshold of the shop door, was another white feather.  He was totally hooked and thereafter  spoke regularly to Kevin.  On a visit to his Podiatrist he told her all about this and she was keen to know the name of her own Guardian Angel, so he phoned me and I obliged.  He was a tall dark skinned Angel, wearing a long dark cape, just as it depicts in the film City of Angels!  She was mega-excited when he told her this at the next appointment as she had been walking on an otherwise deserted beach that very morning and was mesmerised by such a person, who was walking towards her on the shoreline and smiled at her.  When she looked around he was nowhere to be seen!

On our last visit to Cornwall, Michael and I were walking back from Peranuthnoe, along the coastal path, when I stopped to take a photograph, below.

How many of you would have noticed the little white piece of paper in the foreground?  I was inquisitive enough to move closer and pick up what turned out to be a piece of card.  When I saw what was written on it I grinned from ear to ear:

I turned it over and grinned a little wider! ………..

…then carefully returned it for the next person to have their day made by a ‘retired angel’s thoughtful gift!  My Dad, by the way, has seen Kevin several times, one of which was when a relative had kindly checked his oil for him, before popping into the garage to pay for petrol.  Dad just saw him fleetingly, standing in the garage forecourt in a black cape with the hood up (!), before he disappeared again.  Of course, Dad got out of the car and checked the engine – the oil cap hadn’t been put back and the consequences could have been disastrous for the engine!  Isn’t Life exciting?!

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