The alchemy of love

17 02 2014

Regular readers of my spirit rescue blogs will know that I transmute earthbound spirits through unconditional love, but there is a certain ‘magic’ involved in my missions. Last night my cell phone rang its ’emergency help line’ ring tone (see blog of 8/11/2013 re Heavenly Angels Calling!) and simultaneously Sam the (psychic) dog jumped up from his place of slumber on the couch beside me and stood to attention in front of me, ears pricked high in anticipation, dark brown eyes wide with expectation.
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Husband Mike shot me a knowing look and muted the television in respect while I picked up my dowser and moved one, then two then eventually thirty eight lost souls, now transmuted to the Light of heaven. Sam still stood gazing at me. It was now time to dowse HIM for attachments and sure enough another thirty eight earthbound animal souls were released from his aura, one by one. His response was to shake himself, as though he had emerged from a bathtub, and stare intently at the door. Experience had taught him that some more visitors were likely…but our mission had been accomplished.

As I stooped to retrieve the tapestry I had been working on, I noticed a small box tucked out of my previous line of sight behind the couch. ‘What’s this?‘ I asked Mike, who had not seen it before either. Written on the front were the words ‘100 POSTCARDS OF OUR PAST’ from ENGLISH HERITAGE. Our son, a history buff, had obviously left them by mistake on a previous visit. From an archive of more than 12 million documents preserved by English Heritage were images of late nineteenth century to late ’60’s photographs of architecture and social history.
floods 2014 012 Through these evocative images of our past my helper Angels had trawled time to scoop lost souls ~ both human and animal ~ into the net of love, for onward transmission to the light of their origin.

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