did claire rayner ‘come back and haunt’ the PM?

14 11 2010

‘Claire Rayner, iconic British agony aunt, died yesterday aged 79′ , read my diary entry of 13th October 2010 ‘and apparently her last words were for David Cameron, along the lines that if he messes up her beloved NHS she will come back and haunt him!’  Of course, what she meant was she would ‘hang back and haunt him’ as she would have to be a GHOST to do that!  Well David Cameron might breathe a sigh of relief to know that she didn’t hang about, so he need not worry!!

“It can still be arranged,” she laughed from her safe house on the other side, “Tell him I will still be looking over his shoulder!”  Seriously now, she said she was “fixated” with this subject, “depressed by the ruination and decline in hospital services and threats of even more cut backs…” but from an enlightened point of view she now flung her arms up and said “Hurrah for the NHS!”

My dad, who along with me, has had his fair share of Life-saving gold dust from this marvellous British institution, commented that she must have been very depressed as ‘she had spent the last three months in hospital undergoing intestinal surgery’….and before his words had left his lips a path of light was made open for a piebold pony (of one of Claire’s children?) that obviously hadn’t passed!  Dobbin or Bobbin …his brave spirit trotted over to a gleeful reunion with his old friends in spirit…followed by a ‘grandfather in cloggs’ and someone involved with ‘Berlin and the War’ and another named ‘Fergie’ – with it a torrent of  joy that never fails to make my eyes well up.  I understand that these spirits had all died of cancer or complications of the bowel and could well have ‘flown in’ because of Claire’s connection with ‘intestinal’ problems.

“I am now receiving a taste of my own medicine!” laughed this cheery ex-nurse, as “others are dishing out healing comfort to me, just a I did for others on earth!  It’s marvellous…WONDERFUL over here!” she exuded, “…just like that ‘spot on’ dry cleaner!”  Tee hee…she’d obviously been keeping up to date with my recent Blogs!

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