Calcite crystals absorb earthbound spirits!

27 03 2010

If you were amazed to read that earthbound spirits could be directed into phials of water (recently in the News and discussed in my last blog) you will be interested to hear about three lumps of calcite crystal who have become my regular friends!  Over the past few years I have had many disturbed nights when lost souls have either been redirected to me (via my spiritual helpers) or have found their way to our house…Naturally, I have been feeling the effects of broken nights, even though I have managed on roughly two out of seven days restful sleep. 

In the meantime, I have been sleeping with yellow calcite, orange/red calcite and blue calcite crystals underneath my pillow to help my ‘crumbling’ bones (I bounced rather too enthusiastically on a neighbour’s trampolene last summer and my T9 collapsed in my spine, resulting in a diagnosis of osteoporosis).  As a Crystal Healing Practitioner I am aware that calcite is for ‘support’ in all areas – It is a mineral which releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure, as well as an energy amplifier.  Most importantly for my condition, it is a balancing agent for the assimilation of calcium within the whole body – so you can see why I chose three different coloured specimens as my sleeping companions! (My husband is very understanding)

As the crystals amplify the various colours of the human energy field (yellow would therefore work on the solar plexus, orange/red on the sacrum and physical base and blue on the throat or higher communication level) it makes sense that between my ‘Cheeky Boys’ they not only support and boost my energies with their individual electrical impulses but also absorb the spiritual energy fields of earthbound night-time visitors (who merge with my own energies) and hold them in a state of suspended animation (just as in the phials of Holy water) until I can release them (thoroughly refreshed) come morning.

(‘The Cheeky Boys’ was the hilarious name given by the crystals to me, once I realised they had become my little helpers, as it is possible to hear all spirit communication, whether it is human, animal, plant or mineral.  Most nature spirits have a wonderful sense of humour but they don’t take their responsibilities ‘lightly’!) 

In the ten consecutive days of uninterrupted sleep I have just experienced, between 5 and 30 a night totalling approximately 180 lost souls from various locations around the world have been helped to find their way home – and as I thanked The Cheeky Boys this morning their reply was that they were ‘selling life assurance’ to the departed…  What are they like?!

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