Waldo E Nutter shoots back with a message…

28 05 2010

“What a brilliant name!” I said to my husband, who is an exponent of  Manhattan Firearms (1958), written by professional engineer and gun collector….Waldo E Nutter!”

“Is he Resting In Peace?” was the inevitable question.  Yes, I ascertained that his spirit had reached the other side safely after his death (not known when) and enquired politely if it was possible to speak to him…

OK…fire away…” came the heavenly response (Good choice of words LOL!)

“Can you tell me how you died?” I asked Nutter.

“An infringement of my rights!”  he answered, but then I lost contact with him again.  Perhaps he had not got permission to talk to me or perhaps hadn’t booked a time with the heavenly co-ordinators?  After all,  I had only decided to call on him on the spur of the moment…  I tried again…

“Is Waldo there?  Can I talk to him?”

“Settlement.  They didn’t get the settlement right….” Waldo said, the connection back once more – and then shot off again (ha ha).   I waited a few seconds and then dipped back into the spiritual flow:

“What settlement?” I asked.   (Could he mean the act of bringing his spirit down to the physicality of myself in order to speak?)

Hitherto unknown….I put my heart and soul into it!” (and he shot off again)  It became apparent that this ‘shooting off again’ was a great source of amusement for those on the other side, as several of his ‘associates’ joined him in a ‘barrel’ of laughs.  Michael and I joined in with the banter but I was still curious about the ‘settlement’.

“Are you talking about the settlement when you died?” (As in a legal agreement)

“I was ravaged…I was ravaged!”  he cried. (No soul – as opposed to no-body – ever gives me a straight answer when I’m trying earnestly to be sensible.  There invariably has to be a double entendre or inuendo attached!)   At this point I was given an impression of the 1960’s and a vision of a man suffering terribly from gout…a poisoned toe….alcohol...and the song ‘blow the wind southerly’ was sung as a couple of earthbound associates of his were suddenly swept into the spiritual vortex, obviously needing a ‘leg up’!  I obligingly lifted them to the dizzy heights needed to cross the veil and returned to Nutter, who pointed out that his friends had ‘fallen by the wayside’.

“Is there anything sensible you wish me to pass on in my ‘what if spirits could blog’ then?”  I asked him – and to my relief he became earnest again. (‘Have I been Earnest before? LOL!”)

“There is a great need for restitution; salvation from tittletattle, uniformity in work life….Open Sesame!  Pandora’s Box!  Lift the lid.  Look inside.  There is so much to be discovered!  A veritable tinder box to be lit!  Bang bang bang…Take them by the arms  and show them how to fire straight.  Bang on target every time!  Pull the trigger slowly; take aim…(a pffffff sound).  The powder is lit.  Tell your story Madam.  Tell it with 5 bores!”

And he shot off again.

(Michael says that virtually all of the revolvers produced by the Manhattan Firearms Company had 5 chambers in the cylinder, thus providing 5 shots!)

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