What constitutes Sick Building Syndrome and how does it effect humans (and dogs!)?

11 07 2012
She's swinging that dowser again!

She’s swinging that dowser again!

Most people have heard of the term ‘sick building syndrome’ but to those who don’t quite understand this expression it is generally where stress has developed over sometimes 100’s of years and can be felt by the occupants living in that building today, often causing physical illness or emotional stress.

Last night I had an unusual long distance healing mission with a client who has never liked living in her home, even though it is a perfectly nice house.  I have cleared it of earth bound spirits several times yet months later Jo had some ‘goings on’ where she could not get out of her home as the door had mysteriously locked.  Used by now to the shenanigans of lost souls, she ordered them to stop mucking around and let her out, and the door mysteriously opened again as it should.  She had a hunch that there were more spirits in the house and after she put it on the market they were not pleased, and did not want her to leave!

Jo requested a clearing and healing because, she said, ‘I am all over the place!’ I started what is normally a one hour session on her which turned into two, because not only was she clearing masses of physical and emotional stress from all her chakras, especially on the psychic level, but after I’d moved 61 spirits from her alone I turned to the house and found 3 more there…  However, I boosted the energy to one side of the house (drawing a diagram in my note book), which was clear of any stuck energy, but when I did the same for the back of the house I found masses of physical stress was pouring out of the area in front of the windows.  As my dowser swirled madly round and round removing this (at least a minute) my crown tingled strongly and then I found loads of emotional stress pouring out …underneath which 13 spirits rushed through the portal at the speed of light, as my dowser ‘counted’ them across.  (Even the dog looked up from his nap to stare at his crazy ‘grandma’ as she fought to keep control of the chain, rather like someone swatting flies at hyper-speed as I caught them and then released them in the same swipe, one by one.)  I then put inside the house a reiki symbol for ‘joy’ and this never fails to bring others to the surface as another 5 came out of the house…  However, my legs immediately froze and I knew a lot of souls had ‘hijacked’ my own energies – and 33 were ousted immediately!

Now I turned back to Jo and although she had just been cleared and all her chakras were bouncing with health, she now had a large amount of physical stress emanating from underneath her feet – in what we call the earth star chakra.  This can become blocked due to deep insecurity (and in serious physical illness or past life issues carried over for example).  After I had moved this cloud of negativity another 10 souls passed through, and 9 from her soul star above the crown of the head.  All this had taken an hour!

Significantly, after I had cleared lots more on Jo’s psychic level and grounded her (with difficulty!), yet more physical and emotional stress poured from the house, and another 5 souls.  After this, Jo’s psychic crown and heart cleared and I spent another 20 mts  going up and down her body releasing another 57 spirits!  And so it went on….As Jo’s personal energy field cleared (a total of 79 to add to the original 61), so did the house and vise versa.  I found 7 more UNDER the house and moved 15 from myselfAt this stage I was roasting with handling all this energy but my legs again froze as more stress left Jo’s house and yet another 15 from me.

I explained to Jo that the ‘roots’ or history of the land on which the property stood went deeply into the ground and I believe lost souls were drawn to migrate up to and under it when it became common knowledge that a free lift home was imminent!  (I also believe it is on a Ley Line, one of the earths naturally active and highly energetic ‘arteries’)  Jo being very sensitive was able to feel their energies (and was obviously ‘all over the place’ because of them) and by asking me to assist this was all part of the ‘Big Plan’!  A remarkable allegory was pointed out by Jo when I mentioned ‘roots’ as she is having old roots from a tooth removed, having turned down two suggestions by her dentist in the past to do something about them!  So she AND the house are now able to let go of those redundant ties – and think of all those happy souls reunited with their Loved Ones!

The real Twilight Zone!

30 06 2012

My husband and son are avid admirers of the television series The Twilight Zone (1959-64) in which Rod Serling tells gripping stories of people like us who find themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations.  We never cease to be amazed at how many of them contain modern day examples of what have become (for our family at least) commonplace experiences.    Being a collector of film and tv memorabilia our son has a decorative transparent plastic sign declaring ‘THE TWILIGHT ZONE’ hanging from his bedroom door by a large metal chain.  Rob Serling would no doubt tell the tale a lot more eloquently and with more suspense than myself but one morning I was alone in the house when a loud crash emanated from upstairs…

I crept up expecting to find a pile of dvd’s or similar had fallen to the floor (usually caused by disruptive spirits!) but my heart sank when I saw that that our son’s precious TWILIGHT ZONE sign had been lifted by some supernatural means and dropped heavily onto the wooden floor, its large chain splattered across the floor, the chunky sign askew in its holder – but amazingly not chipped or damaged in any way!  Suddenly my cheekbones tingled as they do when spirit is present in any form – and all became clear…

“Oh I seeee!” I laughed out loud…”Very funny!” –

On a like-attracts-like basis, a whole bunch of deceased fans of supernatural film and television –  who had obviously stayed too long on earth after their natural deaths and become stuck in the twilight zone –  were crowding in on me for assistance, so I asked them to form an orderly queue.  As well as the ability to interfere with electrical frequencies (see my last blog), lost souls can also tamper with solid objects such as this very appropriately named Twilight Zone sign and invariably not cause any damage.  I took my dowser from my pocket and tuned in to and escorted towards the light each lost soul that had been sent my way  – a total of 25.

During the writing of this blog, my mobile rang.  It was our son, a volunteer in the local Oxfam shop.  “Mum, I’ve got a stonker of a headache all of a sudden…Do you think you could tune in for me?”  “Sure,” I replied…”Crikey, there are some very impatient souls waiting to be helped home!” I laughed as my dowser flew violently as it hooked onto each one….(and I didn’t mean any elderly shoppers in the charity shop either :-)).  As I tuned in long distance to the shop the ‘lost ones’ poured through the pearly gates at a huge rate of knots as I began counting them through… ‘32,33,34…76,77,78,79,80…Crumbs; what are you doing at the moment?’ I asked, realising there was some psychic connection going on between us. “Sorting and pricing DVD’s” he answered!!! Over the next hour (his headache abating immediately I started to clear the energies) I periodically checked the shop to find that more and more ‘disruptive ghosties’ were dropping in for help and as I publish this blog we have reached 172 souls, all rescued from their own individual Twilight Zone!

Sexual predator summoned up by Ouija board

15 06 2012

In my job helping souls to find the way home I occasionally come across some cases that need handling with kid gloves.  Not every ghost is willing or able to be helped back into the light of their origin.  I need to judge each case separately and sometimes I will find a cursing, nasty soul at the end of the line, having been hooked away from my client and towards me with the use of my dowser, which acts like a spiritual fishing rod…

A very lovely lady came to see me this week with a strange and terrifying problem.  Ever since childhood she had felt a dark ‘blob’ of energy loitering in her family home, built on open fields over 42 years previously.  She regularly crossed her fingers as she dropped off to sleep at night time and there was always a freezing cold spot at the top of the stairs.  One day her mother confessed to her that she had been dabbling with a Ouija board when her daughter was only a baby….She told her she had summoned up a character calling himself ‘Mad Max’ and was so terrified she had turned to her Bible and thrown the glass through which he communicated into the fire.

My client had also had a negative experience in a later grown-up relationship but eventually met the man of her dreams (2 years ago) and moved into her current home.  At first  the atmosphere was okay and she thought that perhaps it was a case of fear  creating more fear in her old family home.  Then the nightmare began.  One night she felt as though she was being watched, even though she was alone in her bedroom.  My client was obviously finding it difficult to describe the terror she was experiencing, so I told her that I could read between the lines and was going to help her…

“No!” she said…”I need to tell you everything so that you can help me properly.”  She took a deep breath and continued: “My legs were suddenly forced back…” (She started to cry)…”and all I can say is that I tried to sit up but couldn’t move…I was frozen with fear…It was as though some ‘thing’ was…” and she couldn’t continue.  Just as she reached this part of her horrific story an icey blast of negative energy flew from her solar plexus straight towards me, with the intention of taking possession of me instead.  I immediately protected myself by reinforcing the barrier of Light I constantly have in place, and with the help of Archangel Azrael (the Angel of Death, of whom I will talk afterwards) I grabbed this vile energy with the use of my dowser, which flung itself wildly in the air….much to the amazement of my client!

We fought.  The Light won and the thing that called itself ‘Mad Max’ was gone from this lady forever.  Immediately, the first of what turned out to be a whole host (over 250) of lost souls were  rescued from this lady’s personal energy field, mostly from what is called the base or root chakra, which develops during the first few years of childhood. I also tuned in to her old family home and with the power of my imagination checked every nook and cranny and moved 44 more lost souls, at least 2 of whom were evil.  This is a very unusual case to come across as 99% of lost souls are just people like you and me who have wandered into the wilderness of no-man’s land when they should have taken the train home at the first opportunity!

I filled the lady with positive vibrations (reiki, crystal healing and vibrational chakra cleansing music) after which she rose from the couch like a beautiful Madonnas, completely free of fear, negative attachments and the evil result of her mother ‘playing’ with that Ouija board. ‘Thank you, thank you so much’ she texted me the next morning. You don’t need me to emphasise how stupid and dangerous it is, therefore, to play with ‘psychic toys’ such as Oija boards….Why take the risk?

Archangel Azrael has been helping me many times this week: Despite his frightening description as the Angel of Death, he helps to shield me from absorbing my clients’ negative energies, including evil entities such as those described above.  He is there to help the lost souls too, escorting them onwards as only loving Angels can!  I hope this blog has been of interest to my readers and would greatly appreciate any comments you might leave to that effect.  Thankyou and God Bless us All!

West Bridgford 2012

West Bridgford 2012

Buried Alive in a Past Life…

14 06 2012

My oldest ever client came to see me this morning, aged 93! She was as sharp as a button, having driven here in her own car and was full of questions of a spiritual nature.  How can so many spirits get stuck in you?  Where do they go when YOU die?  Why can’t they go with you when you go?  I will answer all those questions in a moment but what was particularly interesting is that this lady is herself quite psychic and up until she met me could hear spirit (her guide) nagging at her to get in touch with me – originally to feed her love of angels. During that initial cup of tea I’d unexpectedly channelled a message from her deceased brother Alan: ‘Nice spread you’ve put on, ***** !’  We both had to laugh, me because she’d put a few little sticks dipped in chocolate and one iced slice cut into 6 dainty pieces on a plate for me and her because that was a typical comment he would make.  ‘You’ve done more for me than any one of those people at the spiritualist church!’ she said, delighted.

This morning, as well as removing masses of emotional and psychic stress, I found over 100 spirit attachments and removed them from her, passing them on to the light, some of whom she recognised:

This lady died from a prick on the finger…” I said out loud as my dowser spun this lost, trapped soul home…

That was my grandmother!” she cried…”I never met her but she apparently stuck the brissle from a hard brush in her finger and  died as a result…”

Angel of Light

During the course of our conversation on ‘fears’ trapping energy in one’s emotional, spiritual and psychic bodies she said that she has always had an ‘irrational fear’ of being buried alive, to such an extent that she has left ‘instructions for the undertaker to double check before he puts the lid on my coffin!  As soon as she told me this I knew that there were lost souls from her time in a past life when she had been in a ‘volcanic eruption’….At the next same moment she and I said in unison: ‘Mount Vesuvias!’

I had been given this name by spirit…but she had already suspected that she had been involved in a volvanic disaster as she had, as a little girl, dreams about running away clutching her mother’s hand when a deep gash in the earth opened in front of her!   I immediately tuned in to AD 79 and did a ‘search and rescue’ of what turned out to be  350 souls who  had died in this terrible disaster (that led to the burying and destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum) and not had time to make the transition to the light.  They had literally been frozen in physical time and space as lost souls. I then checked my client’s chakras and found another 12 lost souls coming through her heart.  I asked her for the level of her fear of being buried alive and it was still 10/10.  I asked her to ‘tap’ sharply on her crown the words ‘even though I have a morbid fear of being buried alive, I completely love and accept myself’ – Immediately, another 8 trapped souls were released from her own energy field.  We worked on all the other ‘tapping points’ connecting her meridian lines and this time masses of emotional stress was released.  Only when this has been cleared did it allow another 4 souls to become untangled from their shared memories of another time.  Her ‘fear’ level has dropped to 7/10 and we have more work to do, but I have no doubt in my mind that we can eventually ask her undertaker to remove that note!

In answer to her questions above: How can so many spirits get stuck in you?  Where do they go when YOU die?  Why can’t they go with you when you go?, even though she had over 100 souls attached to her, these have no physical body and are connected through thoughts, fears and experiences of her own lifetime.  Rather like invisible ‘lifelines’ attached to a particular area.  Through these channels one can experience the same emotions that an attached person did when he or she was alive, whether they be positive or negative.  Therefore, dependant upon many other factors (empathy, psychic tendencies etc), a whole host of visitors can become attached to an individual.  When YOU die and move into the Light these lost souls are unable to piggy-back you and therefore get left behind along with your own physical body, able to wander the earth at will.  As I understand it, when you come back to earth for another lifetime you pick them up again.  This will explain why even new-born babies sometimes need clearing.  A 6 year old girl I once successfully treated for a hole in her heart (there since birth) had 100’s of spirit entities flying through that hole for onward transmission.  Eventually, when I had rescued them all, the hole disappeared, much to the amazement of the specialist at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital! The emotional stress that had accompanied them and caused her lower heart chamber to swell was also removed and she now has a normal heart.  She was, then, born with souls attached to her heart in need of a helping hand – (and heart! :-))

Electricity is the link to the spirit world…

30 05 2012

Even when I am away on my hols the spiritual phone never stops ringing!  Our son and his fiance were looking after the house while we were in Wales and when my husband phoned them on our house phone he just heard ‘a terrible noise’ on the line and every time he tried again it gave a constantly engaged tone, so he phoned our son’s mobile.  ‘I’m so glad you’ve rung Dad!’ said a grateful son, ‘as Tali (his fiance) is out and for the past 1/2 hour the house phone’s been ringing once, then silence, then a few rings, then silence…and it’s now ‘dribbling’ on and off… I’m quite spooked by it!’

I knew immediately that it was a batch of rescuees (stuck spirits who had been guided to our home for help) and tuned in over the 300 odd miles between us.  Our son stayed on his mobile and as I honed in and moved batches he reported that the phone continued to ‘gargle’ as though the energy line was becoming unblocked…when I reached 64 there were three enormous rushes of static interference in my ear (which were so loud I had to hold the phone at arm’s length) but our son didn’t hear anything his end.  By the time I’d reached the 74th soul to be moved through, the rings stopped altogether.  I continued to check the house – as souls often like it and stay! – and the final total was 200!  The grateful message from my spirit guides (plus angels who help with soul rescue) was simply “Parcel Arrived!”  The rush of heart-felt gratitude from the other side is overwhelming.

Once at my parents’ home in Cornwall the lost ones continued to find their way home. Mum rushed from the kitchen to report that all the digital clocks in the kitchen had suddenly started flashing, including the radio and the microwave.  Once again I moved over a batch of lost souls and we re-set the timers and all was quiet again.  This time there had been 40 passing through and the only clue to their origin was ‘from over the hill and far away’ .  The only other ‘visitor’ came when I was totally engrossed in whipping some cream for our trifle, concentrating on holding the noisy old blades of my Mum’s redundant mixer in place, when I saw a stout figure materialise behind her.  My cheeks tingled as I picked up the static electricity of his spirit energy/aura, so I quickly stopped what I was doing to ‘whip’ out my dowser from my pocket and see him safely home.  Dad was sitting there with his paper and when I said ‘sextan or sextant’ and got on with my whipping duties he said a sextan  was a ‘gravedigger’ in earlier times (they live next to a cemetery) but a sextant was an old-fashioned instrument used by sailors (they live beside the sea) so he could have been either – I was too pre-occupied with my trifle-making to check, but now I am told he was ‘lost at sea’, so it was the latter.

For those regular readers of my blog, I have just published Never Lose Heart (available through my website http://www. janehunting.co.uk) which chronicles my own many brushes with death during my lifetime, including 13 months in a dark tunnel of severe depression and life-saving heart surgery when I was a young mother.  It also touches on the supernatural goings-on, including hauntings, a near death experience and encounters with angels, which was all necessary to lead to me the spiritual work I love doing today!

The awesome sight of a murmeration of Starlings!

1 04 2012

You may wonder what this blog has to do with spirits, well birds fly just as our own spirits do when we leave our earthly bodies behind so we are not dissimilar!  The name for a flock of starlings is a ‘murmeration’ – such a lovely expression!  Mike and I had booked a couple of nights away in Aberystwith,  West Wales for a break from everyday  routine, but how well timed this seemed to be!  On the first afternoon, just as dusk was falling and we were making our way back to the seafront of this wonderful seaside town, I heard a murmering in the skies above and – looking up – exclaimed in wonder at the huge flock of birds gathering in ever increasing numbers.  We stood for an age, cricking our necks at the amazing sight above.

Is it the sun?  Is it a bird? No it's my finger and 1,000 birds!

Is it the sun? Is it a bird? No it's my finger and 1,000 birds!

Unfortunately I’d left my camera in the car and had no idea how to use the one built into my fancy phone, hence the piccy left ha ha! I eventually got the hang of it and was delighted to find the following pics below had recorded the awesome sight perfectly…They gathered over and around the seafront swooping and diving like swarms of bees for over an hour until dusk descended and they eventually dived underneath the pier for the night.  Locals watching with us said we were lucky to catch this phenomena as ‘any day now’ they would depart for  other parts.  I hope you enjoy the following as much as I did, clicking my cameraphone at arms length against the sky until eventually my fingers were frozen – If you double click on the images you will get more of an idea of the incredible sight…

Is it a smoking chimney?

Is it a smoking chimney?





A sight to behold!

A sight to behold!

Home for the night

Home for the night

Off to bed without a murmur...

Off to bed without a murmur...

Is there room for us all?

Is there room for us all?

Party spookers!

27 03 2012

Fifty family and friends had all turned up at the Bathpool Inn in Taunton, Somerset half an hour earlier than my lovely sister Linda and hidden in a side room, doing our best to keep quiet so as to surprise her for her 50th birthday celebration.  Apparently she had to be practically dragged out of the house for a supposed intimate meal at a family table for 4, so imagine her amazement to have a curtain drawn back to reveal her birthday suprise!  Unfortunately though, as my sister Sandra and I held our cameras ready to record that magic moment, they totally malfunctioned! Hers was drained of batter (even though it had been full) and mine had just frozen.  In the mellay of chattering and hugs that followed we scratched our heads, annoyed that we’d missed that magic moment.  Then it dawned.  I didn’t have my dowser on me, as I was determined to enjoy a night free of ‘work’, so there was no other option than to remove the silver pendant from around my neck and dowse for my earthbound friends….sure enough one after left the building and caught the spiritual bus home….and immediately my camera operated normally again.

Later on in the evening I was snapping family shots and showing them before moving on when I noticed a black smudge of negative energy had zoomed in over the head of Josh, my neice Lucy’s boyfriend.  He has always been quite ‘tuned in’ but was quite surprised when, taking my necklace off again, I tuned in to the energy and helped 5 more lost souls to leave…one impression I picked up was of a ‘galleon ship’, another of a ‘banana boat’ and yet another a ‘stripper’!  Immediately, I took another snapshot of Lucy and Josh and as expected the dark mist had gone:

Now you see it...

Now you see it...

Now you don't!

Now you don't!

Getting these pictures on my blog took over an hour as even the downloading was malfunctioning – that is until I helped the other 14 or so lost souls who had also been present in that Bathpool Inn to leave for home. Phew!  I don’t know if I dare try adding the orb piccies taken at the party as I have plenty of other work to do…Back soon!

Caught on Camera – My Spirit Guide!

7 03 2012
Spot the Orb?

Spot the Orb?

Two white doves were taking a drink from my fountain when they looked startled.  Yes, I was taking their photograph through the kitchen window, but they seemed to notice something unseen to the human eye, to their left (our right).  After the pictures were downloaded to my computer I zoomed in to have a closer look…

A closer look...

A closer look…

Floating inside an ORB – top right – was quite clearly the face of a man.  I dowsed to ask who he was…. He was not a lost soul in need of help to go home… He was not a ‘nature spirit’….He was Fraser, one of my very first Spirit Guides, with me since I started on my writing journey, channelling the thoughts and words of wisdom from those in the spirit world (‘Ghostwriters in the Sky – A Soul is Forever, Not Just a Lifetime’ ) soon to be published.

I will attempt to crop the picture a little more and change the colour saturation so that you can see him a little closer, but Fraser told me (after a decade of working with him!) that his name is spelt PHRASER – Not a word to be found in the dictionary but obviously someone from the spirit world who has helped me with phrasing my words during my writing career!  Sometimes, while in full flow with my writing (Ghostwriters has taken 5 years to prepare!), I would stop and contemplate my next word or ‘PHRASE’ and the words would slot into my mind – often words of which I’d never heard.  (Imagine my joy at looking them up in the dictionary and discovering they were perfect!)

PHRASER is bald, wears glasses – and I am so grateful that he manifested himself inside an ORB so that I could show him off to you!  We all have Spirit Guides watching over us.  They are people we have known in other lifetimes – friends, family, loved ones – who elect to watch over and guide us during this lifetime.  Isn’t that AMAZING? 🙂

 Now do you see him?

An Angel by the Sea

1 03 2012

Just for something completely different from my usual stories of ghosts and spirits I thought I’d share a few Angel stories with you.  Many years ago my Dad, who lives in a wonderful home with my Mum by the sea in Cornwall, asked me who his Guardian Angel was. I was able to tune in to his Higher Self and ask not only for a name with which my Dad could communicate with his special Angel – a guide, protector and messenger who is appointed to every one of us and accompanies us throughout our life’s journey – but a ‘category’ which describes the general personality in one word.  His Angel is named Kevin and his ‘general category’ is an old fashioned ‘lamplighter’.  Much to my surprise, he was delighted to have a name and has spoken to Kevin ever since.  I explained to him that being described as a ‘lamplighter’ is a metaphor for bringing light into other people’s lives.

Imagine his delight when, shortly after receiving this information, he was dropping his car off at the garage when he remembered that he’d left his MOT documents on the back seat.  He leaned over to retrieve them and saw a huge white feather had ‘materialised’ on the back seat! (The Calling Card of our Angels)  A day or so later, he and Mum turned to leave a shop, having been discussing Angels with a like-minded shopkeeper – and there, on the inside threshold of the shop door, was another white feather.  He was totally hooked and thereafter  spoke regularly to Kevin.  On a visit to his Podiatrist he told her all about this and she was keen to know the name of her own Guardian Angel, so he phoned me and I obliged.  He was a tall dark skinned Angel, wearing a long dark cape, just as it depicts in the film City of Angels!  She was mega-excited when he told her this at the next appointment as she had been walking on an otherwise deserted beach that very morning and was mesmerised by such a person, who was walking towards her on the shoreline and smiled at her.  When she looked around he was nowhere to be seen!

On our last visit to Cornwall, Michael and I were walking back from Peranuthnoe, along the coastal path, when I stopped to take a photograph, below.

How many of you would have noticed the little white piece of paper in the foreground?  I was inquisitive enough to move closer and pick up what turned out to be a piece of card.  When I saw what was written on it I grinned from ear to ear:

I turned it over and grinned a little wider! ………..

…then carefully returned it for the next person to have their day made by a ‘retired angel’s thoughtful gift!  My Dad, by the way, has seen Kevin several times, one of which was when a relative had kindly checked his oil for him, before popping into the garage to pay for petrol.  Dad just saw him fleetingly, standing in the garage forecourt in a black cape with the hood up (!), before he disappeared again.  Of course, Dad got out of the car and checked the engine – the oil cap hadn’t been put back and the consequences could have been disastrous for the engine!  Isn’t Life exciting?!

Spaced Out!

24 02 2012

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I use an extraordinary amount of energy in my rescue of lost souls as I have to tune in to any given area, connect mind to mind with the spirit of the person who is struggling in limbo, then guide them, telepathically, into the light of home.  Over a decade ago, my reiki master teacher said that it was obvious I was being protected by my spiritual team (which we all have) ‘otherwise you would be dead!’  I am after all handling high voltages of electricity (energy with which all living things vibrate).  This is why it is important to be fully grounded – which means having your feet on the ground in all respects.  If I was a floaty, light headed ‘airy fairy’ sort of person there is no way I could use my gift.

However, sometimes something can cause a person to become ungrounded (anger, grief or other sorts of stress for instance) and they will be unable to think straight.  Another cause, unknown to most, is wearing crystals which vibrate to a very high frequency.  Quartz is such a crystal and contains the colour vibrations of all of the spectrum and if worn close to the third eye (pineal gland) can make one extremely ‘whoppy’.

A very dear friend of mine, remembering that I had admired her swarowski crystal angel shaped earrings, kindly gave me a pair as a gift and, without thinking, I wore them for the first time last week before going on a walk with my husband and dog Sam.  It was a lovely morning and we saw many sights, including an elderly gentleman up a very high ladder pruning his trees in his front garden.  I suddenly felt alarmed that he might fall, as the metal ladder didn’t look too safely ‘grounded’ on the path.  He smiled as we passed, his wife bending down to retrieve the cut branches, and I called out to him to ‘be careful’!  We were just branching down another road ourselves so my plea to Mike to offer to hold the ladder for him fell on deaf ears.  “His wife’s there –  don’t worry about him!” he said, much to my dismay.  Perhaps I was being over the top, but I was convinced he would fall (altho’ he didn’t as far as we know) and told myself that Mike and I would have to disagree on this occasion – as I know how caring he usually is…

Once home I felt as though I was buzzing – as is usual when I have picked up a lot of energy via spirits latching on to me on a like attracts like basis – so I sat down on the kitchen chair and took out my dowser.  Sure enough, I’d trawled people who had fallen from ladders (that’s how crazy my life is!)  and as Mike put the kettle on to make us a drink I sat there whizzing my dowser, picking souls up and moving them on.  Suddenly I started sobbing (not my usual reaction, altho’ when I first started helping lost souls I had to empathise deeply and often felt their own grief or last feelings at death) I felt as though I wore a spaceman’s outfit!  (Often, I find myself in the shoes of the one I am helping, looking out through his or her eyes).  I was breathing through a tube leading from my helmet to my heart!   Then I was seeing three astronauts climbing down a ladder – onto the surface of another planet….somehow they had died….I felt as though I was ‘in the future’…and my dowser picked up each individual and helped him into the light.

By now, my right arm and leg had gone all ‘floaty’ and I was unable to lift my arm to take the cup Mike handed to me, let alone grasp it.  Most frighteningly, I couldn’t recall what we had just done.  Mike took me through our walk stage by stage.  ‘We went out of the front door and turned right to the Green Line…’  “Where’s the Green Line?” I asked, although we walk this disused railway line every day, having no idea what he was talking about.  I couldn’t remember anything of the last half hour, including seeing the elderly gent up the ladder.  However, within 5 minutes I remembered every little detail, telling Mike in great detail to reassure him.  ‘I’ll be alright’ I said (although my leg and arm still felt as though they weren’t mine.)

Mike and daughter Laura insisted that I check that I hadn’t had a stroke, although throughout I had been talking normally and had no facial twitches or droops associated with one.  The doctor also insisted I go to A & E (the third time since Christmas!) and a brain scan, an overnight stay and a blood test was normal, even though my normally low blood pressure was a little high and I had tachycardia (fast heart beats) all night.  It was eventually concluded that I’d had a rare form of migraine attack (I’ve suffered these since a young girl) and I was discharged with a physio follow-up as I was still having to drag my leg.

However, once home I sat and scanned my energies from head to toe, removing lots of emotional stress (unsurprisingly as I’d had a bit of a shock) but more importantly over 100 earthbound spirits who had died from strokes (!) I’d picked up as a result of being ungrounded (and being overnight on the Stroke Ward, presumably).   As I worked, I could feel energy trickling down my legs, trying to reach my feet.  When I could find no more souls trying to find the light I changed tack, desperate to balance my physical energy, and ‘ordered’ anything that ‘is not of the light’ to leave my energies NOW!  My dowser flung up and twisted violently as I hung on to and expelled 3 ‘dark ones’, who had snuck in to my body – due to me being ungrounded and therefore unprotected for the past 24 hours.

I stood up and ‘Hallelujah!’ I could walk again normally and my spirit was well and truly back inside my body and attached back to the physical earth….All because of those earings.  So be warned, if you are working with high energy – whether it be through the power of speech  or the mind (overdoing third eye work or over-thinking) be wary of wearing high energy crystals too close to the areas of the throat or the ears.  I learnt the hard way!  

Whitney’s spirit went straight home…

12 02 2012

Early this morning my son popped his head round the door and told me that Whitney Houston had, tragically, been found dead.

I picked up my dowser, as I always do, to check that she had passed safely and was pleased to hear that her spirit had left her body soon after her death.  I told my son that I was shown her arriving safely on the other side, dripping wet, being helped out of a bath, beautiful fluffy white towels lovingly enveloping her.  “It would be interesting to see what happened to her,” I added.

Around tea time today, my son again popped his head around the door and said matter of factly that Whitney had indeed been found drowned in her bath.  I asked if there was a message I could pass on and she cried “Hoo-ray!  Thank the Lord!” as she knew I would check on her to see if she had anything to pass down to this mortal world.  The portal of light between us was open so she was able to call several souls ‘missing from home’, including ‘male relatives of both Mariah Carey and Jessie James’ – as well as someone called ‘Rockafeller.’

I just read through the latest news on her death and came across a lovely photo of her, the caption underneath reading ‘Successor: Houston with Mariah Carey, one of the young singers who followed in her wake’……

The only Jessie James I had heard of was a civil war and 1860’s robber (like our Robin Hood) who had a brother Frank but my son tells me that Whitney must be talking of the American country pop singer and songwriter  Jessie James (Jessica Rose James, born 1988).   The ‘Rockefeller’ was American oil industrialist, investor and philanthropist, John Davison Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) Rather ironically, Rockefeller adhered to total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco throughout his life.  I asked what had kept him tied to the earth after his death (he inadvertently stayed more than the 3 months allowed for a spirit to follow the light home) and he said he had a lot of baggage to sort out.  (He also had a brother Frank!)

What Whitney said to me about her death has to be kept to myself I’m afraid, for obvious reasons, bless her.

Did Billy Butlin hold back to play the Last Post for ghostly soldiers?

7 02 2012

Rudely awoken at 3.15 am by a shrieking smoke alarm just outside our bedroom door.  It took a few ear piercing screeches for me to shake myself out of a deep slumber but Mike was oblivious, until I leapt out of bed and started fanning the alarm with a shirt grabbed from the linen basket.  I crawled back to bed and sleepily grabbed my dowser from its place on my sidelocker, ready to go as they say!  Sure enough, a spirit man by the name of Constantine smoking a cigar was standing by my bed ready to introduce the others…Mike sniffed the air as he too smelt the tobacco smoke…and my dowser picked up first one, then two, then three spirits and whirled them over to the other side.  It must have been the coldest night of the year and my bare arm was soon freezing as 5 minutes had passed and a total of 35 passed through.   I knew though that for the smoke alarm to be activated it meant there were a lot more souls queueing up in the ether, so it wasn’t surprising when the next wave flew in….

Mike was being a good sport and fanning the alarm every time another bunch came in…and he even grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and scribbled the visions and words down that I was shouting back to him.  The first things I said were ‘brigade of guards, Crimean war…choggy wollah…fuzzy wuzzies… Charge!‘ (I saw natives as well as soldiers being killed) and then I saw a long table covered in silver, such as in an officers mess. (He explained that a ‘choggy wollah’ describes a native who carried supplies for the army and however wrong it appears to us tody, a ‘fuzzy wuzzy’ was what the Victorians called the natives they were fighting.)

Wow!” he exclaimed…”The chap whose coming to see me in the morning (ie in 6 hours time) is particularly interested in military history…how weird is that?” He was even more amazed when the next regiment I mentioned was the very one that he and his ex-military pal had been in when they met 30 years ago!  The visions and impressions continued to pour in as I clung to my swirling dowser: Expressions like ‘down the pan’….’Omdurman’ (another battle of 1898) ..‘Eggs being cooked out in the field’…’Pea soup’…(being unable to see through the smoke of war)…‘sounds of war and people going over a ‘ridge’‘Saskatchewan‘ I repeated to Mike several times…”Where’s that?”  “Canada” he answered…

The alarm had  gone off three times when at last the rush of souls slowed to a stop.  I heard a bugler playing The Last Post.  I heard someone saying ‘At the going down of the sun… (and Mike finished it for me: “At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them“.  As though watching a film, the camera panned to a war memorial and an epitaph.  The bugler played again to remember these lost souls of various wars in history.  It was 3.50 am.  My guides thanked me for helping 999 spirits to leave and said, amusingly, ‘you deserve a medal – as does your comrade in arms!

Mike jumped back into bed and shuddered.  “Thank goodness that’s over; I’ve got to be up early…”  I pushed my freezing arm back under the covers and he took my hand to warm me up…..Two minutes had barely passed when it started again: SHRIEEEEEK!!! This time it was not funny. On and on the alarm continuously announced the arrival of dozens more souls  who died in various ways including ‘being pushed downstairs, a scalding, children on crutches and people with ‘rickets’ (an old fashioned disease of the bones), electrocution, a caravan fire, run over by a bulldozer, factory workers, drug overdoses’ and so it went on…After another hour I was flagging and Mike had become so fed up he even braved the frost and went down to the garage to fetch a ladder: “I’m going to sort this once and for all!” he said…”It’s ridiculous!”

“Be careful!” I begged, remembering that I’d attracted spirits who died of electrocution.  But by the time he’d returned the alarm had finally stopped, thankfully!  At 5.15 am we eventually got the sleep we yearned for, but at least 2,000 souls had finally got the peace they so deserved.

The next day a friend who lives less than a mile away from us said that her house alarm had gone off at 1.30 am but there were no burglars…Of course I couldn’t resist tuning in and sure enough there were three lost souls stranded there (didn’t quite make it to the meeting point at our house!) and one of them gave his name as ‘Billy Butlin’…”What? THE Billy Butlin of holiday camp fame?” I asked…

“Indeed!” came the answer.  I looked him up to make sure that he had died and found that British entgrepeneur Sir William Heygate Edmund Colborne (“Billy”) Butlin (!) died in 1980, aged 81.  Imagine my amazement though to discover that before he became a famous holiday mogal he had enlisted as a bugler in World War I – In the Canadian Army! (What was it my friend had said: ‘but there were no burglars’…surely she meant to say ‘buglers‘ 🙂 )

We Will Remember Them! (My 100th Blog)

We Will Remember Them! (My 100th Blog)

Why do Angels fly in and set off house alarms?

23 01 2012

I spoke too soon when I said to Mike that I’d had a quiet time of it lately with spirit rescue…Perhaps the Angels were giving me breathing space to get over my crazy Christmas, spent in A & E after cutting my finger on a dog meat tin? – A long story!

Nobody had prepared us for the rude awakening at 4.20 this morning when a loud shrieking alarm pierced our ears and awoke the whole family.  It didn’t sound like our normal house alarm but had a gargled twist to it, as though it was being strangled!  Mike leapt out of bed and dashed downstairs to feed in the code to stop it while I grabbed my dowser and started to move over a batch of lost souls who had been ‘dumped’ on our house – and therefore set off the alarm due to the static electricity that always accompanies them!  1, 2, 3, 4….14, 15, 16…and still counting as our alarm is silenced but a neighbour’s house alarm joins in…”Ok, ok….I’ve got you!” I say out loud as our telephone joins in – with 4 loud and shortened rings….

“Did you hear that?” laughed our son, now used to the antics of the spirit world.

4 is the code from the Angels…” I confirmed.  “They are directing batches of lost souls from around the world and just letting me know I’m in for a long haul!”  Sure enough my dowser flew wildly, transmuting another large batch of souls trapped on this earth and now gathered together by the spiritual heirarchy who guide them here for help.  To explain in more detail how this is so, this is an excerpt from my soon to be published book Ghostwriters in the Sky – A soul is forever, not just a lifetime:

‘I could not achieve the present lengthy channelling sessions – where hundreds or even thousands of spirits return home through the portal of light I hold open with my dowser – without each individual’s escorting guardian angel co-operating and working alongside the protective Archangels who accompany each large batch safely home.  The incredibly powerful beings who direct me in my important work are known as the Thrones – the sixth order of the second level of celestial spheres, astrologically associated to my birth constellation Virgo and working through humble service with Christ and other Ascended Masters.  In particular, Archangels Jophiel and Raziel – as well as the previously mentioned Michael and Haniel – work with this celestial hierarchy, known as the Lords of Flame and Wisdom.’  (So now you know!)

My dowser acts as my guide and now we were concentrating on the neighbour’s alarm, which had also started with a gargled, erratic shriek.  By now my wonderful husband was back in bed next to me and offering to hold up my dowsing arm as the work sped in…227, 228, 229…I described the visuals and names coming in with the lost souls…’Corrinth…a place with lots of buildings’…’Darlington?’…Flooded tunnels’…350, 351, 352…There was a respite for a few seconds when my dowser swung backwards and forwards (from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock), indicating work is going on behind the scenes.  Then it tipped anticlockwise (from  5 to and then 10 to) as it ‘searched’ along the energy ley lines like a compass looking for souls to jump aboard for a lift home.  This time the visuals were hard to vocalise, so gross were they – but involved ‘many bodies of babies piled high – a morbid leftover from the Holocaust perhaps?’.  It was now 4.45 am and the headcount continued to rise….426, 427, 428…I was grateful to Michael for his ‘support’ as my arm was starting to ache.  ‘The Ardennes…Pipe laying…Russia….’  Had it stopped?  There was no sound, but a sense of anticipation back in the air.  Suddenly there was a big white flash, like lightning, as our neighbour’s alarm shrieked back into action (sorry neighbours!) and my dowser once more spun into action….500…600…’More weird visuals (was I seeing aliens?)’ until we’d reached 666 (oo-er).  The alarm had stopped again but I was directed to a client’s house a mile or so distance and another 30 joined the evacuation, totalling a much more comfortable 696 – Even that number seemed magical!  The time was exactly 5 am (the pricise time of my birth, I mused!)

Following the Light Home! - Cornwall 2011

Following the Light Home! - Cornwall 2011

The previous afternoon we’d had friends over for a meal and there was a lot of talk about history and war (the men’s passion) and various other topical stories in the news.  Was it mere coincidence that we’d also watched the 1950’s set drama The Midwife followed by a love/war story (quite depressing) called Birdsong.  When we thought about it, many of those images could have been trawled in on a power of attraction basis.  Suddenly I remembered something…Our friend (a sensibly minded Pathologist!!!) had told us about a renowned scientist who says he has removed slivers of metal from people who ‘claim to have been kidnapped by Aliens!’ – and he believes them, as under analysis there is no metal like it on earth! (She didn’t believe a word of it of course 🙂 )

Postscript:  Apparently the power surge was felt all around this area with people having to re-set their clocks, computers effected etc.  The Power of Love!

Was Pete Doherty really haunted by Army Winehouse’s ghost?

1 12 2011

On Tuesday 15th November 2011 my husband pointed out the following headline:

‘Pete Doherty ‘Haunted By Amy Winehouse’s Ghost’… He’s fled his London home after being spooked by the Rehab star…Pete Doherty has reportedly claimed that the ghost of his late pal Amy Winehouse is haunting his London flat. According to The Sun, the former Libertines frontman has fled his home for Paris, after telling pals that Winehouse’s spirit had visited him three or four times at the apartment, close to where Amy was found dead in Camden back in July. 
Doherty apparently claims he saw ghostlike images of the Back To Black singer in his bedroom, as well as seeing her reflection in his windows at night time.

The 32-year old Babyshambles singer is now said to be “too frightened” to return to his flat, with a friend revealing: “He is utterly convinced that he has seen her ghost.”  They added: “A lot of people will think his visions are probably drug-induced but he claims he is clean.  Doherty, who was a close acquaintance of Amy’s, was apparently left devastated by her death, so much so, that he couldn’t attend the 27-year old’s funeral.’

“This is just the sort of thing you need to get your work noticed!” my husband encouraged, knowing I had automatically checked that Amy’s spirit had returned safely home after her tragic death 4 months earlier – as I do with every death I hear about.  If you are a regular reader of my Blogs you will know that after 3 months hanging around on the earthplane a spirit is unable to pass over unaided as their spiritual ‘umbilical cord’ has dissolved and the connection to the light is not therefore strong enough to carry them home.  I knew, therefore, that Amy was not a ghost, which is someone whose spirit has been unable to leave their physical body after death.

What Pete Doherty was seeing was Amy’s ghostly image, yes, visiting him from the other side to try and bring reassurance to him as he is naturally devastated by the loss of his friend.  It is quite common for a newly arrived spirit on the other side to make a few house calls just after their deaths, whether it be in the form of a wispy white image, a touch, a reflection or something to try and bring comfort to those left behind on earth.  I now tuned in to the spirit of Amy and asked whether she had anything I could give to Peter Doherty as evidence that he did receive a visitation but that she is not a ghost – someone who is still trapped here.  She answered in her laid back droll one word: ‘Racey’

Me:     “Can you confirm that you are resting in peace Amy?”

Amy:  “Yeah, I’m flying high!  Destruction.  My own fault.  Bring it on!… Nob!”

Me:     “Who are you calling a Nob?  Pete?”

Amy:   “Yeah…. Come off the (Vincent?)…It aint worth it! He’s still flying….No seriously mate it’s not worth it!  Believe me I’m on Cloud 9 and it aint where you should be now!!!  (I’m shown a Druggist/back street image) Don’t waste your life like I done!”

Me:      “Is there anything you’d like me to say to your family?

Amy:    “I chucked it!  I did…I really chucked it! (?)

Me:        “What is happening to you now you are on the other side/heaven?

I see an image of her ‘just chillin’’…floating on some sort of buoyancy aid with her fingers dangling over the side.

Amy:      “‘Rehab!” she laughs….RE-HAB!…(I realise she is comparing her connection to her Album) I said ‘yes,yes,yes!’ this time though…  Bring it on!”

Me:          “Is there anything else that will prove to your family that you are okay?”

Amy:        ” Yeah they’re all getting ready to dine tonight (going out?)….then my dowser suddenly started struggling with someone elses spirit, but I couldn’t hold it.  It was fighting me, saying ‘f*** f***f***!  I had to let go as it was so erratic.  I realised that through Amy (like attracts like) I had picked up a local earthbound spirit who had no intention of leaving…..but I tried again to help…

Drug crazed spirit:  “Mind your own f***ing business.”  Perhaps she wasn’t listening but I had to try and help her or she would be trapped forever in her self imposed nightmare death experience.  I explained the repercussions of not taking up my offer….Eventually, she calmed down.  “Ok Duck…I believe you.”  But she couldn’t get off the ground…. “Too weak.”   I continued to encourage her and hold her, my dowser spun wildly round for some time before stopping dead and quivering.  At last she was resting in peace.

I returned to Amy for any more insights of life on the other side:

Amy:     “It’s fantastic up here.  I aint seen nothing like it!  There’s two of the Beetles!!!!” (sarcasm?)   I jumped to feel the lead from my computer slapping me gently on the leg.  Her way of saying thanks!  “I have to leave you all on your lonesome now girl…I’m off!”   Wow.

Why did my father-in-law’s soldier photo fall from the wall on armistice day?

13 11 2011

On Friday 11th November my husband casually mentioned that the photo of his smiling dad, wearing his army uniform in 1945, had somehow fallen from the wall and landed face down on his glass display cabinet.  Amazingly, neither the glass in the frame or the top of the cabinet wase cracked or broken! The string on the back of the photo is thick and strong, adding to the mystery of how it had parted to allow the picture to fall several inches and flip onto its front.

Immediately it became clear to me that his deceased Dad had something important to say from the other side, so I tuned in to his spirit with the aid of my dowser.  Sure enough, he had been waiting to have a word with his precious son!  Immediately his telepathic thoughts were transferred to me I grabbed a poste-it note to jot down the following:

“The plug!” he said…

“Plug?  As in electric plug….”

“As in RIFLE”, he said…”Cartridge…Tell him to BE CAREFUL!”  Then he put the spiritual telephone down, job done.  Eager to snatch every bit of information I could I made one more hook at Kenneth’s connection in time to grab the indistinct word ‘interference’.

When I passed this information to Michael he frowned…”I wonder….”  Incredibly, and unbeknown to me, he is having what is called a ‘plug’ made for an antique RIFLE he owns. He has recently been to see a specialist in antique firearms who agreed to make this plug that will allow a special size catridge to be made for the rifle.  While he was there he had thought of how much his father – himself in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers – would have enjoyed meeting a fellow engineer.  The warning ‘be careful’ and ‘interference’ obviously refer to Michael using this specially made cartridge in this particular rifle!  Even though the engineer would have made a brilliant job of making the plug, if Michael had then made special cartridges to use then it would have ‘backfired on him’!  Needless to say, he has taken heed and when he thought about it further suspects there may be an unseen (to him) hairline crack in the cartridge casing….which would have caused a possible backfire and injury to him.  Thanks Kenneth!

Surely it was no coincidence that this was Armistice day?  Due to the huge outpouring of grief at 11 am but also the significance of the date, 11.11.11 and the ever rising empthathy of the younger generation for the millions of servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives for peace, it came as no surprise when I had a call from my sister later that evening.  Her daughter had been scared out of her wits when a picture fell off her wall, but this one had smashed.  Straight away I tuned in and could hardly have been surprised to find a solitary old soldier had found his way into her flat, looking for help to find his way back home to join his comrades in arms already in the light.  When questioned, Lucy said that she had joined in with the 2 mts silence at 11 am and had felt moved to tears.  This outpouring of love had attracted the one lost soul in her vicinity who had given his life in service to his country  – and become trapped here.  I also discovered an ‘old battle axe’ of a woman who had left an icey feeling in the flat in her wake.

Lucy then told me she had also been walking home that evening along a dark route beside Farnham castle, lit by a solitary lamp on the castle wall.   She felt an uneasy sensation of being followed and as she increased her speed, the rendezvous point at an open space where she had agreed to meet her partner in sight ahead, she jumped out of her skin when the lamp popped loudly and she was left in complete darkness, fumbled for her phone for some light, fell over precariously close to a steep slope and felt absolutely terrifed as you can imagine. She sensed the combined threatening emotions of several beings, obviously made worse by her fear of the dark.

Sure enough there were 17 assorted ghosts in and around it, including the old lady who had followed her home –  being described as ‘a bit of a old battle axe’ now making sense considering ‘she’ (with long, madly flying locks) had followed Lucy from the Castle walls!  I had to keep checking the area for an hour or so afterwards as, quite commonly, word gets around in the spiritual dimension that if the local ghosts gather in a certain spot they will be picked up and transported back home to the light.  Among these, incredibly, were a soldier who had died in Norman times (more visuals of attacking battle axes) as well as the Civil War (blood and bandages).   Despite being scarey for my neice, soldiers spanning many eras were all very grateful for her help in getting them home again on such an appropriate, magical day of great significance!  In my personal experience, 111111 was the number of miles clocked up on our car just as I set out to teach my very first angel workshop many years ago – so I always associate a cluster of ‘1’s with meaning ‘yay! right time right place!’

Finally, I have been seeking lost souls connected to wars all over the world for many years now and helped many thousands who fell in battle and didn’t, for one reason or another, pass at the time.  My new book Ghostwriters in the Sky – A soul is forever, not just a lifetime, is shortly to go to press and contains many such examples, including how I was led to ghosts of the American Civil War on the very day that President Obama was inaugerated – after a wet ‘bullet’ shaped stone materialsed on the path outside my back door!

What sort of ghosts flew out of the film Ghost?

3 11 2011

A friend’s dog sent me the dvd GHOST to say thanks for some healing work I did on her when she was poorly.  Naturally, her mum chose it, wrapped it and posted it, having told me the musical of the same name was popular in London at the moment – and could be a good link for my forthcoming publication of Ghostwriters in the Sky – A soul is forever, not just a lifetime (I’m still tying up the never-ending strings!)  My husband Michael had to be persuaded to sit and watch it with me, convinced it was ‘a girls’ film’, but was soon glued to the screen, a smile on his lips.

The following morning I felt a little under the weather, my mood strangely dragged down for no apparent reason.  After writing up the notes for my diary and despite having just eaten breakfast, I suddenly felt an energy surge sucking me dry and had a great urge to dash for something sweet from the fridge – just as I imagine a diabetic must feel when they experience a sudden drop in blood sugar.  Yet I knew I was healthy.  I fumbled for my dowser and held it aloft, asking the question ‘what is causing me to feel like this?’…  “EXCITEMENT!” came the loud reply – and my dowser flew off at great speed clearing something from my energy field.   Perhaps this was a collective term for the rush of spirits to leave my space again as I held on tightly to the madly rotating crystal as it sped on and on for five long, gruelling minutes.  I thought I caught glimpses of prison bars and handcuffs but was still feeling disorientated and chose not to observe.  The dowser stopped for a second and calmy swung from side to side – an indication that my spirit helper is speaking to me – and it was to say a heartfelt ‘Thank you Jane,” before continuing for another 5 minutes, after which I felt marvellous again, much of my strength returned.

To those who have not read any of my previous blogs, what I was experiencing was a transfer of a large batch of earthbound spirits into my energy field for onward transmission to the light – something I have been doing for 12 years or so, but just occasionally the load of electro-magnetic energy suddenly sweeping in to mingle with my own causes a physical swaying, giddiness or as in this case a huge depletion in my physical strength.  This was only the beginning.  I asked what category those rescuees were classed in and the surprising answer was “MORONS!”   Immediately I made the mental connection.  In the film GHOST I had been impressed with how well this 1990’s film  had depicted the supernatural process of a ghost’s journey but laughed out loud when two of the ‘baddies’ died and were pounced upon by dark squirming, mumbling shapes who made suitably demonic noises and supposedly dragged them off to the underworld as their punishment.  This didn’t sit right with me as I know from my spirit work that everyone goes to the other side and gets the chance to explain their actions and make amends when possible….Only rarely has every spark of the Godlight disappeared from even a bad person and there is always hope and even forgiveness on the other side.

This was why I had been attracted to help ‘morons’ – and now I was in for a long channelling mission….“Thank you Jane for helping the lost ones who were sucked down into their own quagmire after death, the electro-magnetic energy of their thoughts and actions!” my guides reiterated.  For the next 45 minutes – a very long time clinging to my madly swirling dowser, changing hands and careful to hold the crystal aloft and away from any obstacles such as my lap top (!) – I transmuted these ‘morons’ over to barred ‘cells’ and ‘handcuffs’ as they were being herded into protective custody until lightworkers on the other side could classif them as ‘lunatics’, ‘off-the-wall nutcases’ and ‘megalomaniacs‘ (Accompanied by songs such as ‘I’m a firefighter/twisted firefighter’ and ‘up up and away in my beautiful balloon’…depending on their natures and also the category of ‘luvvies’ (actors)

When at last the dowsing subsided there was the usual message of completion and confirmation from the other side – rather like a psychic invoice!  Not only had I moved across 800 plus lost souls under the heading of ‘morons’ but my spiritual ‘accountant’ for the day told me ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave!’ before the curtain closed again.  Intrigued, as I had heard this quote before, I wondered if this could be Shakespearean.  Imagine my joy, and surprise, to discover that it was SIR WALTER SCOTT who said this in his 1808 epic poem Marmion, about the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513.  Sir Walter Scott is my benefactor on the other side who was responsible for dictating a poem to me about his own death experience – and led me on to speak with and help many famous spirits and record their own thoughts and observations on the journeying of each and every one of our souls – soon to be published in my new book!  How exciting is THAT?!

The handsome Sir Walte Scott!

The handsome Sir Walter Scott!

Little boy ghost at Antique Roadshows

25 10 2011

On 9th October 2011 I was busy with my work when my ears pricked up at something someone said on the Antiques Roadshow.

The lady with the wonderful Minnie and Mickey mouse toys, valued at a staggering £3-£4,000, told the expert that her mother’s brother had been given to them whilst in hospital.  He was only 11 years old and although I hadn’t heard the rest of the story, as soon as she said ‘he had them in hospital with him until he died’ my face tingled, as it does when the veil between the physical and the spiritual joins.  It feels rather like a gossamer web gently being laid over my cheekbones!

“They were wrapped in a pillow case after he died,” said the lady who had brought them in for valuation….”until 6 hours ago” she added.   Was it the spirit of the little boy (her uncle) who led her to unwrap that pillowcase and take it to the Roadshow?  What were the chances of me seeing and hearing that act of serendipity?

Immediately, I picked up my dowser to connect with her uncle’s 11 year old spirit, just to check that he had passed all those years ago.  He had not.  His grief kept him tied to the comfort of those Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys for too long.  How had the adults in his family reacted to his death?  Obviously they would have been devastated and he didn’t want to leave them.  As I have discovered many times over more than a decade helping such lost souls to return to the light, if a spirit leaves within three months of the death of his or her physical body, he can still pass safely without the aid of a lightworker such as myself.

Without a word, his buoyed spirit now jumped back into the pool of light with which he had been reconnected and he was safely home within 60 seconds.  There to meet him were the family members who had passed safely at the end of their own lifetimes.  They had apparently guided his neice towards the toys and encouraged her to take them to the Roadshow and were now exhuberant in their love and gratitude as I saw them hug the little boy in the long shorts.  His own father (the lady’s grandfather) plucked the peaked cap from his head and ruffled his hair as the boy looked proudly down at a shiny badge pinned to his blazer over his chest.   Had this all been planned in order to help others to understand that physical objects are just things and can’t be taken with you when you leave…..If they mean that much to you they can be replicated with just a thought once you are back into the light of heaven/nirvana/paradise – whatever you personally think of the light of our origin – Anything can be created with the power of thought, including our own futures and the future health of our own beloved planet.  Just remember to ask the Angels for help as they are not allowed to intervene with our ‘free will’ until we ASK them to!

‘Every nice girl loves a (ghostly) sailor!’

17 10 2011

Just need to take a moment to share some more incredible spirit stories with you! My neice – a very nice girl – face-booked me last week to ask whether I could check her and her mum (who is prone to picking up lost souls, especially ‘bag ladies’ ha ha!) as follows:

Enya: ‘Hello – me and mum have been seeing stuff and things and wanted to know if u would do your cyristal on us plz xx we r seeing a sailor with a blue and white striped top xx love u loads xx’

I tuned in to find there were several stuck souls in their home, including among others another ‘bag lady’ attached to my sister, Enya’s Mum.  I also found quite a troop of sailors and was told they were from ‘HMS Pinafore’.….(My spirit helpers count how many are going through the Gate and give me a category)  Had there been a lot of emotion in the household recently, which would only be normal with a couple of young teenagers in the house, perhaps attracting the inquisitive 14 lost souls?  Spirit was certainly fond of 12 year old Enya, referring to her as ‘gorgeous’ as they were lifted into the light, which boosted her self esteem no end!

Linda: ‘Just out of interest, our neighbour died last Tuesday, we didnt get on at all + had a lot of dirty looks from visiting family! Thats when she started seeing the sailor, wonder if he used 2 be in the  navy?!  He (the ghost) was outside our house looking in, freaked her out!! She is ok now,  thanks 2 u again!  I replied:

Me‘Ooh, that explains it then Linda…’teens’ and hormones and emotions are like a fly to fly paper if you know what I mean?  So glad she’s better now and you’re welcome!  Was just going to facebook that HMS Pinafore was not a real ship (I googled it late last night) but a comic opera  (in two acts) from Gilbert and Sullivan from 1878…!!!’  (Like attracts like don’t forget!)

But as soon as I opened the googled window for ‘HMS Pinafore’ I literally opened the spiritual window for all lost souls connected with that opera and was practically thrown off my chair, my heart missing a physical beat.  In that second I felt I’d been hit by a cloud of light (the angels directing lost souls this way!) I literally clung to my wildly spinning dowser for ten long minutes up until 11.30 pm.  Every actor and actress who was ever involved in this opera (which ran for 571 performances) and had not left the stage at the end of their lifetimes hitched a lift on the light waves.

Me:  ‘Try getting your teeth cleaned, clothes off etc with one hand LOL!’ I messaged to my sister, having to carry my whirling dowser upstairs while I got ready for bed, careful not to catch it on the walls, the bathroom tiles or the wardrobe mirror!  ‘In the opera there was a large chorus of sailors so even though it was fantasy it still meant I was being led to help 300 more souls through ‘Enya the gorgeous’ seeing that ghostly sailor messenger!  Looks like you’ll be in for more adventures on the ocean of spirit sis! ‘

Amusingly, and quite unconsciously, Enya had left a simple facebook message before all this saying ‘I’m board’ – perhaps reflecting those sailors and hundreds of lost souls jumping ‘aboard’ for a lift home?

Which Saint was there to greet spirits resurrected via a smoke alarm at the garden centre?!

24 09 2011

Over the eleven years I have been helping lost spirits to go home I’ve experienced many ways in which they bring attention to their plights, but most common of all is through all forms of electricity.  I regularly get asked to look at people’s houses because their televisions turn themselves on ‘by themselves’ for example, or the lights flicker or the microwave or radio ‘turns itself on’.  Other ways are through house alarms, smoke alarms, car alarms and even the use of four way flashers.  Of course spirit is energy and energy is a form of electricity.

What happened yesterday was attention-seeking on a big scale though!

Whilst enjoying a cuppa in the outdoor cafe area of our local garden centre, my nurse friend questioned me about the ECT I had experienced many moons ago (electro-convulsive therapy) for post-natal depression.  I told her how successful it had been in my case, returning me to my sanity after hundreds of earthbound spirits had tagged on to my low physical state (I had heart disease at the time, unbeknown to anyone and had just given birth) which turned my experience of post-natal depression into a living nightmare.  Not only did ‘they’ mock me when I was at my lowest (I could hear them) but I even felt the bony finger of an old man poke me in the back one night and as you can imagine I was terrified.  It was only when I was better that I realised he was only trying  to get help for himself, stuck in his own pergatory between life and death. 

As we discussed the fact that I was convinced that the ECT is what cured me of this ‘possession’ – as I believe the electric shocks allowed the spirits to drift away from me and up into the light – the loud fire alarm of the garden centre started shrieking and we we were all ushered out into the car park!  At the time, however, I didn’t ‘make the connection’.  Strangely enough, while we waited with all the other customers and bemused staff in the windy carpark (it hadn’t been a fire practice but was due to some ‘electrical fault’)   I noticed a red sports car leave the car park with a large ‘urn’ of white flowers on the back and remarked to my friend, almost without thinking, ‘that looks like part of a courtege!’ (a funeral)  A few minutes later my friend pointed out that the grey haired gentleman standing behind us, clutching the cards he hadn’t had a chance to pay for as yet, was the senior Coroner of Nottingham.  Another connection with death!

As we  walked back through the main entrance into the garden centre, however, I walked straight into what I can only describe as a ‘soup’ of lost souls.  A huge swirling mass of them congregated and waiting for help!  We hurried to the Ladies and while my friend answered her call of nature I took out my dowser and moved them on, one by one.  The queue was inpatient (the spirits that is, not the usual queue for the Ladies – at least not just yet!) and my friend could hardly believe the speed and crazy directions my dowser was flying as I passed each one through to the Other Side, counting out loud as I did so, getting to 75, 76, 77 before someone came in and I dived inside the spare cubicle for privicy.  I am always aware, however, that that person may be desperate, so have become adept at ‘pretending’ to go about my business (well I am, but not in the conventional way!  I have to be very careful not to hit the side of the cubicle with my flying missile!) and flushing the loo before coming back out, just to add authenticity ha ha!  The queue of spirits was still pushing at the door to heaven and I was beginning to feel quite drained (just as a light bulb might flicker when the electrical current is being interfered with) and I had reached a total of 350

My friend, concerned by my sudden change in demeanor, suggested we go and find a seat in the furniture department but I pointed out that there were security cameras everywhere and I couldn’t sit whirling my crystal in public!!!  I was getting more and more giddy as the urgency of the rest of the spirits was working through me and I was desperate to let them through….She pulled me out into the plant section and we scanned for a suitable place….The rose garden!  Perfect.  That morning I had sniffed in the heady scent of some beautiful old English roses in out front garden when I’d filled up the bird feeders and suddenly realised that they were my mother-in-laws favourite flower – and TODAY was her birthday. She would have been 93.

Sheila's roses

Sheila's roses

The circular Rose Garden contained several benches and we found one out of sight of any cameras and I sat down, eager to continue with my mission.  All around the pergola with the roof on were more beautiful roses and it felt just like a garden in heaven as the second batch moved over, some in huge batches, others one at a time.  There was a double pink rose hanging just above my head and I pulled it down to take a whiff of its intoxicating scent, as I still clung to my dowser.

“I wonder what it is called?” I asked my friend, who dived down behind the bench on which we sat and studied the small ticket on the ground.  She rejoined me with a huge grin on her face:

“You’ll never believe this…” she said.  “It’s called Spirit of Freedom!!!

A total of 740 spirits had been gathered from ‘East to West’, including from other garden centres around the country, from poor souls who had suffered electrocution (!), victims of fires, animals (my friend had also asked if animals had spirits as she felt, for the first time in her life, that a rescue dog of her sisters had one!  Uncannily, his name was ‘FLY’) and bizarrely, I had seen a ‘St Bartholomew’ welcoming a group of ‘oriental’ souls home.   Neither my friend nor myself knew anything about this Saint but I have just discovered he is also known as Nathanael and is one of the disciples to whom Jesus appeared at the Sea of Galilee ‘after the Resurrection’.

The case of the facebook ghosts saved by angels!

17 09 2011

This morning I had the honour of helping lost souls from London to Nottingham to Surrey and for a change have copied and pasted the drama exactly as it unfolded. Having ordered some wholesale crystals and checked my emails I was about to log off when there was a ‘bubble-ub’ noise as a message popped up via facebook. Hope you enjoy the excitement of our live facebook conversation!

Sister Sandra (to me, in Nottingham) ‘hello’ ? (from Surrey)

Report · 09:56:            hi sarna! still in my dressing gown LOL! how are you?

Report · 09:59:           ok thanks have Arthur here

Report · 10:00:           Awwww…..give him a squeeze from MOI! x

Report · 10:00:           can you check my hallway cause every time he goes up stairs he waves good bye to someone. the cats are going mental

Report · 10:03:           will do in a sec sandra as am typing with one finger while clinging to dowser clearing ***** on facebook who just messaged me to say hes been up all night suffering from v painful gumboil and just asked his angel for help and at that very moment it POPPED!…..DOWSER STILL FLYING.. WILL GET TO YOU IN A MT HOPEFULLY !!!!…

Report 10.04:              wow!

Report · 10:07:           right, he’s done (HUGE emotional release…he lost his wife, my friend, to brain tumour a few years ago and a rainbow was her sign and he saw one just as the gumboil popped!…angels busy this morning eh???)….now to your hall…
Report · 10:07:           aaww you are amazing sis x

Report · 10:08:           phew, am now shaking all over….

Report · 10:08:           …having moved over 10, one after the other….v.v. fast…Did you feel or see anything?

Report · 10:09:           the back door sealed itself shut and im all goosy…

Report · 10:10:            more coming….it feels like just before you’re going to vomit if you know what i mean….still coming in one long strong burst…

Report 10.10:              wow its been cold in here and Arthur has been talking to people…ive been feeling a bit sick and so has TJ…i feel like something is trying to drag me off my chair! …

Report · 10:12:            they’re still coming…..yeurgh, still awful nausea…probably people who were sick before they died….hold on in there sis…my legs are freezing….still clinging to madly swirling dowser

Report · 10:12:            my legs are all tight!

Report 10.13:               heart thumping wildly…PAUSE…angels waiting….gathering more…

Report · 10:13:            arthur is holding his head and sat in the corner… now he is running around and runs back to me for assurance…i said are the people going and he smiled and waved bye!

Report · 10:14:            here they come ….’sick sick sick’ i’m getting….don’t worry  sis…..still coming in and going out…

Report · 10:15:            wow!

Report 10:18:              stopped now. checked you…checked arthur…checked tj…filled house with angelic light….750 souls moved  over with things such as croup,  whooping cough, meningitis….mostly little ones.  arthur’s doing a good job LOL!

Report · 10:20:          colins been having coughing attacks and a tight chest while round here and I have been very emotional lately  and Destiny when she was round kept bursting into tears at the slightest  thing.

Report · 10:25:           not surprised! t’was divine intervention that we all met up on facebook at the same time!! Give Arthur a squeezy thankyou  from me…good team work eh?? Always knew he was special (remember the old blog when he guided spirits my way for help???)  Might put this facebook conversation on a blog… wot do you think sis?  Must dash now and get some clothes on ha ha!!!

Report · 10:26:           YEAH definitely thanks sis love you millions xx

Report · 10:27:            YOU TOO!!!!!! ^i^ ^i^^i^ xxxxxxxx

Report · 10:28:           Eek….now guided back to friend with gumboil …now clearing tons of spirits…..HOPEFULLY MISSION QUICKLY ACCOMPLISHED –

Report · 10:31:            yes, 172 lost souls via *****, successfully left the earthplane, all having suffered from gumboils (probably in the days before modern medicine and they got infections etc)….some from centuries back

Report · 11.10:              Wow hi again…TJ just reminded me that he went to a london heart hospital on tuesday and was picked up in an old ambulance (his dad went with him) so poss he could have attracted lots of spirits from there!!! (i think he just wants to be in your blog!!! lol only joking!!!!)

THANKS TJ – Always knew we made a good team!  Thanks to you and your mum and baby Arthur waving to his ‘not so
imaginary friends’ and also to my dear friend with the gumboil sharing his wonderful angelic experience at exactly the right time, almost a  THOUSAND lost souls are now back home with their loved ones on the other side …^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^  Great Stuff!

Auntie Jane embarrassing her wonderful nephew TJ recently!

Auntie Jane embarrassing her wonderful nephew TJ recently!

Sister Sandra with her lovely grandson Arthur

Sister Sandra with her lovely grandson Arthur

Lost souls in a b & b, a smallholding and out at sea!

5 09 2011

Having been down to my lovely neice’s wedding in Somerset, we hugged everyone goodbye, including our daughter and her boyfriend Leigh who were heading back to Nottingham via Weymouth to see one of his relatives, while we headed for a local B & B where, apart from the hard mattress and stone slabs for pillows, there was little sleep to be had!

3 am:  Awoken by the security light going on outside our cabin, my heart beat heavily as I received a huge influx of  375 lost souls from ‘Cheddar Fitzpaine to Bridgwater’ – a previously unexplored area for me, obviously!  At the height of my dowsing, and very amusingly, a blue light started flashing from the television laptop box, rathere like a siren on an ambulance. lighting up the whole room.  When it was all over, the light stopped flashing and I put my dowser back on the side locker next to me in the hope of getting some sleep, but 2 minutes later I heard the chain being moved on the glass top!  Annoying (as I was so tired!), another 3 ‘latecomers’ were in the room and the only way they could alert me was to fiddle with my dowser.   Fair enough!  Thankfully, the rest of the night was peaceful and when the nice couple running the b&b cooked us  a wonderful ‘full English’ breakfast and asked how we had slept I smiled and said ‘wonderfully, thankyou!’ (Only a little white lie!)

We then headed to the Brecon Beacons to see our friends, who own a smallholding and several livestock.  After a wonderful welcome I was invited to escort Erica (with borrowed wellies as it was very wet) to the field to put the chickens and ducks in, bring the goats to the barn and feed the turkeys (a male turkey is called a Stag; did you know?!)  All the while she was chattering about her lmuch loved animals and birds.

2.22 am: Despite sinking into the wonderfully comfortable bed and sleeping like a log, I awoke with my heart thumping once more.  This time, the 350 lost souls seeking the light were from the animal kingdom, including foxes, goats, sheep, cattle, turkeys and a bull!  All, no doubt attracted on a like-attracts basis due to the empathy Erica feels for her flock!

4 am: Yet another rude awakening, this time shaking myself from a ‘nightmare’ in which our daughter was running towards a beach.  I asked several people to step aside to let her through, saying ‘my daughter has to swim out to that boat’!  As she ran she suddenly tripped onto her face and many observers ran to her aid, including me….This was when I awoke in fear for her welfare and found that 375 lost souls from ‘scuba divers to fishermen from The Lizard to Weymouth’ needed help to go Home !  Our daughter had been acting as a conduit by trawling the lost ones and passing them telepathically to me in a ‘dream’, just as she has from the other side of the world, in Australia, in the past!  Amazingly, I had no idea that she had been out on a fishing boat that very afternoon.  ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you’ my husband said when I told him of my ‘dream’….‘Laura texted me this afternoon and said that she and Leigh went out with his uncle on a fishing trawler today….’

A Day in the Life of a psychic dog and a Spirit Medic

4 08 2011
Thank the Lord.  Now I can get a bit of peace!

Thank the Lord. Now I can get a bit of peace!

Although I’ve had little spare time to write any blogs recently, hardly a day goes by without some sort of spiritual incident in our lives.  Our dog Sam (the subject of previous blogs) is very sensitive to spirit, whether it be earthbound people who have crammed themselves into our living room or earthbound animals who make his hair stand on end – especially if they are bigger than him!

Spooky eyed Sam saying 'oo-er....see those orbs behind me????"
Spooky eyed Sam saying ‘oo-er….see those orbs behind me????”

He has very long, elegant white legs and carries with him an air of royalty (when we first got him the nature spirits in our garden named him ‘the royal diadem’, when our previous mischievous dog Murphy was known to them as ‘paddy paws’!) Normally Sam can be seen spread out on the rug like an expensive silk gown or lolling on the settee with an elegant paw dangling while the other covers his eyes as though shielding them from the light or saying ‘I don’t want to look!’ when all his spooky visitors arrive. (One or two orbs can be seen behind his terrified self in this photo!) So you can imagine my amazement when I came in from shopping one day to see him SITTING on top of my husband (He is a big dog), who was trying to read his book in the corner of the settee. As soon as I entered he rushed to my side, sat down, looked me straight in the eye and whimpered – and sure enough the house was full of spirits needing a lift home.  Another time, I sat at my laptop at the table, lost in my own world, when his long snout appeared between my legs, wormed its way on to my lap, followed by his head and both long paws!  He seriously thought he could climb on to my lap!  Again, a few minutes of checking the house and all deceased but earthbound spirits were safely moved on their way.  Several times he followed me into the garden and elegantly lifted his long legs up on to my shoulders to do a little dance – anything to attract attention to the ‘lost ones’!  This happened for a whole week and by the end of it he was frazzled, as you can imagine.  I have been used to this sort of spirit activity for over a decade but Sam has only been with us for 2 years.

Today I accompanied my husband on a work trip and despite planning to leave by 11 am we were delayed by phone calls that had to be taken and as we got into the car to leave I suddendly realised I’d left my reading glasses inside.  Michael kindly offered to go back inside to fetch them but after several minutes returned saying they were not where I’d said they were and despite a search he could not find them.   Eventually, however, we set off – over an hour later than planned – and headed to Warwickshire from our home in West Bridgford, Notts.

After some miles we were cruising east along the M69 when we noticed a bright yellow helicopter had landed in a field alongside the motorway on the opposite carriageway, some way into the distance.  As we approached it was obvious there had been a terrible accident as debris from one or more cars was scattered over the carriageway, there were medics hurrying around and policemen had stopped the three lanes of traffic.   A small pickup truck was veered against the crash barriers facing towards us and as we passed I noticed medics reaching down inside the front, which seemed completely crumpled.  Although a terrible thing to witness, I felt calm as I said a prayer for the victims of the crash and made a mental note to check that nobody had been fatally wounded.

However, it was as though a massive water bomb of abject despair was suddenly dropped on me from above as I was engulfed with feelings that weren’t my own.  “Oh God! Don’t make me go!….Don’t make me go!… ” came the telepathic thoughts of someone in complete shock.  Was it the man from the crushed truck?  Had he died before they could get him to the helicopter? I sobbed his sobs as I clung to my wildly spinning dowser, fighting to keep calm for his sake as my empathy engulfed his spirit.

“I don’t know what to do!” I said to Michael as he tried to keep his eyes on the road while we passed mile upon mile of three lanes of motorway traffic and I continued to hold on to this man’s spirit, keeping it up as though in a bowl of love.  Supposing they are trying to resucscitate him and I am keeping his spirit from returning?  Who am I to play God?  Maybe it’s not his time?”

I couldn’t and wouldn’t make him go to the light but neither could I let him go (ie stop my dowser spinning)!  But his angels were adamant that I should keep this poor man’s spirit in this loving bowl until they could come to his rescue – and eventually (after a long 3 mts of our time) my dowser stopped dead, registering his arrival on the other side.

“Is he now resting in peace?” is always my first question.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!  He is eternally grateful to you!” came the response.

“Did I do the right thing?  Maybe I shouldn’t have hooked on to him.  Perhaps I should have left him and checked that he hadn’t become stuck further down the line?”

“Yes! Yes! No!” came his angels’ responses.  They explained that as we passed the scene of the accident his spirit was hovering above the road in a complete state of shock and my own spirit had reached out and embraced him (albeit unconsciously) and just like those physical medics doing their best to save his life on the road I had taken over to  administer spiritual care via his angels, who were able to access his soul via my crown.

“Thank you Jane.  You saved him from a living hell.    They would have been at liberty to resuscitate him but he was a mess.  He would have ended up on life support but would eventually have died anyway. “

“Was this end written into his life chart?” (We all come to earth with a rough map of where we are going for our lifetime’s experiences and this includes several ‘let out’ clauses where we can choose to return to our real home on the other side).

“He did not plan this accident – Even though it was a total fluke we (his personal team of angels and spirit guides, who we all have watching out for us) were able to intervene on his behalf.  Why do you think your journey was delayed this morning?  Rightiousness has been served, to the Glory of God!”

“What is he doing now?”

“He is deployed on other tasks to take his mind off what he had to leave behind. He will be cradled and nursed through his shock for several weeks of your earth time.”

“Is there anything else I can pass on?”

“Make sure you get up early for breakfast!” came this unexpected reminder, I assume to get me to pack up this quick note to you and get a reasonable night after such an emotional day.

Is Gregory Peck resting in peace?

18 07 2011

This morning I awoke with Gregory Peck‘s name on my mind and after I had shaken myself awake found myself speaking directly to him – or rather him to me!  Below is a picture of the film actor, taken from Gentleman’s Agreement (1947): He was one of 20th Century Fox’s most popular film stars from the 1940s to the 1960’s

Gregory Peck  “Can’t somebody open a window…It’s so darn HOT in here!…”  (I knew he didn’t refer to my bedroom as we sleep with the window open and it was a cool morning)  He seemed to be in a sort of coma; unable to communicate in the normal way but able to speak to me on the etheric wavelength.  Then his spirit retracted again….and my husband called me for breakfast and the morning’s events took over.  I mentioned this phenomena to my friend Julie that lunchtime, thinking that Gregory Peck must be on the verge of leaving this world but she said she thought he had already passed on.  A real mystery!

At 10.30 pm this evening I found a quiet moment to dowse for his spirit and once again he was complaining that he was stifled; he couldn’t breathe.

Gregory Peck“Open my tomb; I’m suffocating!” 

As my dowser picked up speed in communion with his rising spirit, I literally saw an angel “opening my tomb so that I can breathe again!!”  His spirit flew homewards at 10.42 pm on Monday 18 July 2011.  A minute or so later (time is different on the other side) I knew that if I wanted to catch an explanation from him now was the time, before he was taken off for ‘counselling’ and ‘wrapped in the blankets of love’.  Sure enough he spoke before I could ask any questions…

Gregory Peck:    “It’s magic!” he exclaimed; “You came with your sleigh and took me home.  Thankyou!”

Me:                          “Who was there to meet you?”

Gregory Peck:     (Sounded like) “The Ashes, Audrey Hepburn…Agnes, Greta and Felicity Brown (I saw many smiling faces, including English actor Cary Grant and an LBJ)

Me:                          “Were you in a coma?  Was yours a slow death?  Is this why you couldn’t rest in peace?

Gregory Peck:    “Pneumonia…bronchitis…Sad old man alone in my tomb” (Perhaps explaining how I had tuned in to his last moments, when he gasped for air, re-lived over and over, as is common with trapped spirits.  His time to speak with me was up and my dowser spun very fast as he returned to the heavenly realms for good this time)

I googled his name and found that he had died in 2003 aged 87 in his sleep – from ‘bronchopneumonia‘ and interestingly that he was ‘entombed in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Mauseleum in Los Angeles, California’ – also making sense of his feelings of suffocation and being stifled.  (“Open my tomb!”)  For some reason, his spirit was not able to leave his physical body and roam, as is the norm for most souls who remain earthbound after their deaths.

More research threw up the line (from Wikipedia) ‘Like Cary Grant before him, Peck spent the last few years of his life touring the world doing speaking engagements and signing autographs…‘ (Cary Grant (1904-1986) passed safely and was in the queue to welcome Peck back home).

Peck’s Irish-born paternal grandmother, Catherine Ashe, was related to Thomas Ashe, who took part in the Easter Rising when Peck was less than 3 weeks old and died while on hunger strike in 1917.  It is good to know that they were there with all the other Ashe’s (I heard correctly!) to welcome their grandson home to the Fold.  I also discovered that in life he was very close to actress Audrey Hepburn.   The LBJ was Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908 – 1973), the 36th President of the USA who, it transpired, awarded Gregory Peck a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honour.  No doubt he is pinning yet another to his chest as we speak!

Lost soul whose memories lay in a horse chestnut tree

6 07 2011

Taking a break from my blogs and my constant work with spirit rescue, I took Sam the dog for a life sustaining walk in nature, admiring the diverse trees lining the streets, such as the beautiful red copper beech whose canopy contrasted stunningly with the azure blue sky as we passed.  I exercised my memory by addressing each variety of tree, such as the happy yellow forsythia, the slightly aloof lime with the heart shaped leaves and, down a quiet leafy lane in West Bridgford, an enormous old and spreading chestnut tree who, it has to be said, is always rather grumpy and not particularly interested in responding to my compliments about its beautiful self.   I always felt the urge to loiter under this wonderful tree, perhaps drawn by the aura of sadness about him.

Today, however, I heard an explanation from Spirit by way of  ‘health and safety’ and immediately cottoned on to the immense loss he felt that today’s children no longer scrambled and played in his branches. As I gazed into the centre of his vast trunk I was shown a bygone era where happy, knee-scraped, excited children, lost in a world of play and imagination scrambled in his supporting arms.

A little girl named Miriam, her wild blonde hair having escaped from its tight plaits, clambered confidently with bare feet and grubby arms and legs in this beautiful spreading Chestnut tree.  Her snotty nose and old 1930’s cardigan spoke volumes of her carefree ‘unsupervised-by-adults’ childhood.  Then there was a flash-flash-flash through time as I was shown how Miriam ended her days in a nursing home, lonely but reminiscing about those good old carefree days when she and her chums lost themselves in a world of freedom and nature.  She had straight white hair, thinly combed to her gaunt face.  I knew immediately that she had passed away but still remained lost in her childhood dreams and had not yet passed into the light.  I had no clue to how long she had loitered on the earth plane and took out my trusty dowser – it’s chain invariably dangling from my jeans for times such as this – and stood there in the privacy of that quiet lane, with only Nature to witness the release of that old lady’s dreams of freeedom and happiness, to the only place she could repeat those childhood experiences to her heart’s content!

As for that beautiful Horse Chestnut Tree – synonimous with childhood – his Spirit was glad to have ‘sustained’ that young girl’s spirit, holding her in his arms until such time as she could be returned to her true home.  He still, however, mourns for the old days, when life was free from the restrictions of health and safety and human children revelled in his playground.  “And so say all of us!” sang a chorus of well-wishers from the other side, including a young again Miriam.

How past lives can catch up with you….

27 05 2011

Whilst dowsing a lovely young lady who had been to Reiki Masters Training this weekend I had a bitter taste in my mouth.

By removing 1,000+ spirits from her energies over the past year – seeing bodies in ‘the killing fields’ for example without knowing that she had just returned from Cambodia – she had regained her natural rhythm of life but felt she was still being held back by episodes of hot and freezing flushes that wouldn’t leave her as well as strange smells occasionally wafting around her for no obvious reason .

It was while I was tuning in to this that I had a bitter taste in my mouth and used the mental and emotional release symbol in her earth star chakra – where deep insecurities and even past life energies can loiter.  To my surprise, wave upon wave of negative energy flew out via my frantically whirling dowser…and an earthbound soul cried “PEACE!  ALL I ASK IS PEACE!”  At the same time, I saw the HEAD OF JOHN THE BAPTIST ON A PLATE!  This was not the soul of John the Baptist (who continued on his journey into the light after death) but the woman who had caused his death….but when asking for the name of this woman all I could pick up was ‘odious‘ (ie ‘arousing or deserving hatred or loathing; disgusting; offensive’)  Could this explain the bad taste in my mouth and my client’s constant odious and ‘bad smell’ around her?

During the Training weekend whilst she was talking of meeting her soulmate in this lifetime, I had seen a young man standing behind her, with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a white sheet draped from one shoulder to the other.  As she is a dark haired, dark eyed beauty she laughed aloud and joked ‘that means a red headed child?!!!  I was told by spirit that he was a ‘revenant’ ie someone who visits from the other side (from her past lifetime as a Roman perhaps?)

Traditionally, it is Salome who danced the legendary Dance of the Seven Veils for Herod, who was so enamoured by her that he offered her anything her heart desired.  As most people know, she asked for the head of John the Baptist (as he was outspoken about her mother’s alliance with Herod).  Apparently, she went on to have two marriages and children, but upon her death (AD 14-62/71) her conscience about causing the death of a Saint had kept herself earthbound.  “PEACE; ALL I ASK IS PEACE!”

It may sound like fantasy to those who don’t work regularly with vibrational energy healing, but Becky came into this lifetime with souls attached – those who had become stuck during other eras of their shared lifetimes – as part of her service towards clearing the energies of the world during this time of great spiritual cleansing, development and transformation of every one of our souls!

Researching Salome I was intrigued to find that this was not her real nameThat it is thought she was named after her mother but to avoid confusion she was referred to as ‘Salome.’  When I read the name of her mother all became clear.  She was HERODIAS (odious!!!!)  And there was something else: In Hebrew, Salome derives from the root word for PEACE: “ALL I ASK IS PEACE!”

Angel orbs round white dove on Buddha in my garden 2011!

Angel orbs round white dove on Buddha in my garden 2011!

A Taste of milk and honey from Sir Walter Scott and Others in the Spirit World!

16 05 2011

Checking out the latest people to have passed from this physical world, I had to laugh when Spanish golfer STEVE BALLESTEROS (1957-2011) – who recently died at a tragically young age of 54 from a brain tumour – retained his sense of humour when I asked whether he had passed safely:

“Yes, another hole in one!” he said happily.  (ie After his first shot at the final hole of life’s crazy golf course he clinched the title of ‘Champion’ and claimed his trophy of “RenewalI’ll be back for another round!” he said…

CLAUDE CHOULES(1901-2011)  – The last surviving veteran of the First World War – also arrived safely on the other side and said merely that he was ‘healing his war wounds’… and being fully enlightened of my own role in checking that souls had arrived home safely, wished me great success with my soon to be published book, channelled from 100’s of souls such as these…. ~Ghost Writers in the Sky !

Ghost Writers in the Sky is with artist Kathryn Saunby who is designing a cover and illustrations…As soon as it is ready for final publication I will fling it out there to the universe with love…. Below is a little taster from Sir Walter Scott in his opening chapter to me on how it was for him when he moved over in 1832 – before returning in spirit to choreograph messages from the likes of Gary Cooper  and Mae West (both in need of rescue!) and wise words of wisdom for us still acting out on earth’s stage, Marlon Brando and Mao tse Tung  and for those ‘scientists’ with no spiritual bent,  Sir Isaac Newton and my own Spirit Guide Galileo! –  WATCH THIS SPACE ! 

Part of the Poem (which he termed an “Epithalameum” ie a poem about marriage) is replicated below:

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), writer and poet and one of the greatest historical novelists of all time! :

“I croaked with joy -/ A simple ploy;/  A wizard’s dearth/  I did employ/ A land of milk and honey lay/ And beckoned forth that sunny day!/ Compos mentis was I full/ As I returned unto my soul:/  Tell others of my joy; it be/ To secure my place in Infinity!…/ Sunshine filled my countenance /And basked me in delivery…”

Ghost Writers in the Sky! Cornwall 2011

Channelled to me on 12th December 2006 and included in my new book Ghost Writers in the Sky – soon to be published…How exciting is that????!

What does deceased Alexander McQueen think of the Princess’s dress’?

29 04 2011

Listening to the news on Prince William and Katherine Middleton’s fairytale wedding today (wasn’t it wonderful?!!) I heard mention that the designer of the bride’s stunning white lace and satin Alexander McQueen dress was Sarah Burton…and that Alexander had, tragically, taken his own life in February of last year….

As is now a habit of mine, I grabbed my dowser to check that his spirit had safely flown home to the other side…AND IT HAD NOT!  I picked up a stressed, angry, pitiful soul who couldn’t wait to jump aboard for a lift home:

Alexander McQueen: “Such a diabolical act!” he yelled, a reference perhaps to his suicide….but within seconds another spirit with him was also sucked up into the light.  It was his mother!  “Gross misconduct on my part…” he cried,“Such a wonderful result!”  He hugged her for all his worth, safely together again with other family members (including a friend who had also committed suicide, style guru Isabella Blow), before being taken tenderly to a place of healing.  What a relief, too, for his mother!

Neither he or his mother, as ghosts, had witnessed the Wedding today, stuck as they were in the nightmare of his death’s tumultuous mind-set and her efforts to help him but once on the other side were able to ‘see all’.

Me:                         ” So what do you think of ‘that dress’ then?”

Alexander McQueen:    “Fantastic, gorgeous , honey!”

Of course, I had to research this British four-times Designer of the Year, who had hung himself aged only 40, after taking cocaine and slashing his wrists  the day before his mother’s funeral.   She had died only 10 days earlier.  Now it all made sense!  Most people move naturally into the light of the other side after death but some understandably stay for their funeral.  McQueen’s mother had therefore not had the chance to complete the process of moving over and must have been so dismayed to witness her heartbroken, depressed and unbalanced son take his life, unaware of her efforts to stop him.

It is also just three years since his close friend, Isabella Blow – who plucked him from obscurity and helped him become a star – killed herself, but as it is not always the case that a suicide victime becomes earthbound, she had in fact passed safely and was there to greet him and his mother.

One can quite understand why McQueen described his act of suicide as diabolical…having realised when he met his mother in spirit that he had done a stupid thing as he had prevented her spirit from moving over as, understandably, she wouldn’t leave him…The two of them now have the opportunity to continue with their souls’ journeys…

An added bonus to a wonderfully happy day!

Riding into the Sunset

Riding into the Sunset

Buoyancy aid for souls of Japan and Libya (+ Edward C Randall 1860-1935!)

21 03 2011

I have been so busy with both spirit rescues and working on the final layers of my book on famous spirits that I have had no time to keep up to date with my blogs, but I have nevertheless had many of you reading back through my past 83 – Thank you for your interest!

After the news broke about the terrible earthquake and tsunami that took Japan by storm, I dowsed for the poor souls of those killed and who were still in limbo from shock…their spirits not able to make the transition home because of the immense grief and sheer terror of the moment in which their lives were swept from under them.  I have also been checking those who have lost their lives in Libya and recent uprisings in the world news and helped 100’s in this fashion.

One thing I have not touched on much during my reports on spirit rescue over the past year or so is the fact that souls need time to come to terms with what has happened to them and often need me to step back (very difficult) for some time in the hope that they will get over the initial shock and find their own spiritual compass back into the light unaided.

It is in their best interests to arrive on the other side calm and reassured so that they can speedily be helped and redirected to an appropriate place of healing.  I therefore ask my guides only to connect me to the lost ones who are ready to leave but need a spiritual buoyancy aid, so to speak.  

We have up to 3 months after we die to stay in the ‘waiting room’ – after which it is not a good idea to loiter any longer as with every passing day the ‘spiritual umbilical cord’ through which our spirit passes back to the light of our origin becomes faint and it would seem like trying to find your way in dense fog with no sense of direction.

Initially only half a dozen Japanese souls needed help in this way (last Friday) but a day or so later there was a large cluster or of them (95) who were ready to be guided home.  Every day since (10 days) there have been more who are ready to go and yesterday there were 61, not counting those from the town of Minami Sanriku, which was effectively wiped off the map, reduced to matchwood and more than half of its 17,000 inhabitants swept away.  1,000 bodies were found on local beaches and I am given to understand (from my spiritual guides and helpers) that ‘of 3,500 dead, 19 needed a lifeline’ – in other words 3,481 of those that lost their lives went straight home afterwards… 

Yes it is a very sad and horrific time in yet another tragedy of epic proportions and at such a time who wants to linger on the subject of dying?  The only point I am making is that prayer is a very powerful energy and if we all pray for the souls of those who have recently died then the chances are that thought made matter will boost those spirits upwards, so that they do not become yet another statistic of ghosts stuck in the agonising limbo of their death experiences.

On a lighter note, an author called Edward C Randall (1860 -1935) was directed my way for help in this fashion just recently.  Imagine my surprise to discover that he wrote a book (as long ago as 1917) called The Dead Have Never Died!  His spirit has been trapped for 76 years and yet this is the very subject of which he wrote! (“Don’t YOU make that mistake will you?” my dear husband reminds me!  I gave him my solemn promise as I want to be up there when my family’s time eventually comes so we don’t miss one another LOL!)

I introduced my services to Edward C Randall…

Me:             “Hello, my name is JH (etc)….

Randall:  “I’m off!…Thank you my dear….”  (And with an enormous swirling of my dowser he was lifted from the dense earth plane and deposited safely on the other side.) Only two minutes (of earth time) later he spoke to me telepathically as follows:

Me:             “What made you stay behind?”

 Randall:  “I had to finish my investigations….”.

 Me:             What caused your death?…”

 Randall:  “Chickenpox!  It was dangerous in our day.”  

 Me:             “Can you describe your own death experience?”

 Randall:  “There was a blinding light.  I couldn’t see.  I shielded my eyes, determined to understand this process of death and stayed behind with not a notion of the consequences!!!  I was trapped with no body in a chamber between the physical and the afterworld!”

(He mentioned an Aunt Hilda or Maud, Muriel and other ‘wretches blinded by the light’….and my dowser spun another cluster of lost souls up to follow him.)  

Me:              “Do you have anything else you would like me to pass on for our information?”

Randall:   “It is quite bizarre.  I am still getting used to it!”


Angels in the Sky!  Our back garden March 2011

Angels in the Sky! Our back garden March 2011

If you google Edward C Randall’s book ‘The Dead Have Never Died’ you will see how similar his thoughts and works were to my own – with a few exceptions – almost a hundred years ago!

Photo of ghostly galleon

25 02 2011

A client of mine sent me an email today asking for clearing of attachments she felt she had picked up, at the same time attaching a very interesting photograph, as below. 

Trisha's Photo

Trisha's Photo

Trisha:    “Thought you would like this……I took this picture last week along the great ocean road….just past  point where there had been many ships wrecks…..there are low lying rocks going quite along way out into sea which aren’t visible at night….and many ships have been lost…..
If you check out the position of the ‘object’ it is not even on the sea but actually quite a way above the horizon……so essentially floating in the sky……what do you see???
Interesting eh!!!! Open-mouth smile
Love Trishxxx

As soon as I saw it I recognised it to be a gostly galleon, obviously sent by the powers that be on the other side to draw attention to the lost souls who had perished in shipwrecks along this Australian coast. 

Enlarged versionEnlar

Enlarged version

Me:    Didn’t get your emails until late last night but was intrigued by the floating galleon in the sky!  I tuned in and heard ‘Mary Rose’ (but this is the name of the first British ship of Henry VIII’s and wouldn’t have been anywhere near Australia)  Mind you, if ghosts can be anywhere they please then why not make one appear just where it is needed – where ships were wrecked? I’ve tuned in to battle fields where battalions of men are seen and found only one or two needed rescuing, so this might be the same principle.   After being given the name ‘Mary Rose’ 2 spirits left (earthbound), then what sounded like Shepparton’ or ‘Sherington’ and ‘bully boys’, ‘trading centre’ and ‘Abolone’ and another 4 were instantly lifted…then ‘another 6 from along the shoreline, including a scuba diver!   So all in all 6 spirits rescued as a result of you sending that snap Trisha – but it IS brilliant isn’t it?
Reference you needing another session, I couldn’t help myself last night but decided just to dowse and clear your chakras for you and see if that is sufficient, rather than book an hour’s session.  Of course, there could be more to be released but I don’t think so as 67 spirits were trapped from your heart upwards only (mostly third eye) and released whereas you are well grounded and your sacral and solar plexus were fine.  If you still don’t feel right (you’ve obviously been trawling them as usual!!!) then I will only be too happy to book you in….Smile
Reference the terrible earthquakes experienced lately, I have been tuning in regularly and helping over souls by the dozen and think that those unfortunate enough to have died are all RIP bless them….

Trisha:    Hello lovely Jane…..wow wow wow…..amazing, yes of course you can publish this piccy and yes add my name I’m sooo happy for you to do that….and thank you sooo sooo much for checking me over, it’s 8.45am here and I’m just coming round, I knew something had shifted for me in the night…..as I had some really vivid dreams…….and I do feel lighter today…..

I can’t thank you enough for being my angel across the oceans who keeps me up right…….
And it’s fantastic to know that those people connected to the ‘floating galleon’ are all safely back home : ) how amazing is that picture….and when I took the shot there was definitely nothing there……I only saw it as I uploaded my pictures onto the computer.
The picture was taken near a notorious ‘black spot’ where many ships and people have perished…….
Who knows what might happen next or what I might see or experience……amazing……
I will let you know if I feel like i need a ‘full session’ but so far so good…..I feel ‘more like me’ this morning so thank you again….
Lots of love from Australia TrishxxxxxRed lips

The haunted field of sausages and snakes!

23 02 2011

Last week I was called to a bungalow in the countryside, having spoken to the 83 year old widow who lives there who was advised by one of my friends to get in touch.  I cleared it long distance of about 42 spirits (she is very psychic and was seeing people all the time) but she also complained of being very hot at night and unable to get any sleep,  so I offered to do a home visit and give her the once over.

As soon as  I walked in to this immaculate home I sensed something very ‘dark’ down the corridor to my right, so turned left to chat with her in the main living room before tackling that.  As we talked and I explained to her what I do, my face crackled with spirit visitors, who seemed to be coming in through the bungalow window facing the big open field and also from the ground underneath. It was difficult to interrupt this very smart and amazingly young-minded 83 year old as she chatted about all her illnesses and operations but I had to, feeling many more pushing at the spiritual door to get out…

Dolores….I need to clear this room if that is okay with you?”

“Of course it is my dear…You just do what you have to do!” she said politely.

As my dowser hooks on to a lost soul it flips up into the air, flies to the left and…depending on how ready the soul is to leave….rotates in ever faster circles in a clockwise direction which indicates the vortex is opening.  It spins for various lengths of time (depending on how ‘stuck’ the spirit is) and then stops, sometimes abruptly, followed by either a few seconds of quivering while the soul ‘lands safely’ on the other side…or an exhuberant backwards and forwards to show that ‘yes, yes, yes! – I have arrived home safe and well’ (for example)

Dolores watched attentively as I spun the first spirit home.

“He had something to do with ‘sausages’,” I said…perhaps a butcher?”

“Oh goodness me!” said Dolores, “I keep saying ‘I must find a good sausage!'” (So the same old Law of Attraction again.  Either she kept saying this because she had a deceased butcher in her front room (she is very psychic) or by saying this she had attracted the deceased and earthbound butcher to her!)

Several more spirits followed, associated with horses and stables (“There’s a riding stables over in that direction…” said Dolores)   Another who had died in a fire, another who had been strangled ‘over there’ I said, pointing in the direction.  She gasped and said ‘someone WAS strangled there once!’…and so it went on.

When I had cleared this room and the kitchen I got to the ‘evil’ end and it took me ages to move one spirit after another and some of the visuals were weird, including an enormous, pale coloured slithery snake
“Oh, I FELT it!” she said….”It slithered down my side one night in bed!”  I don’t know how she had stayed in that bungalow on her own, do you?!  In her bedroom alone there were 20 spirits, mainly around the bed, some of which were gruesome in the extreme.  It was as though they had found an entrance hole under her bedroom and the energy was extremely dark and sticky, like treacle. Lots of diabolical things had been perpetrated in this land and as you can imagine, I was there for a long time sorting it all out! 
I saw a man in dark clothing from medieval time rush past her window on the other side of the house – he seemed to be fleeing from somebody….and hooked him safely into the loving vortex.
“I SAW him!” Dolores exclaimed…”When my husband was alive (she has lived there 40 years!) we were sitting here having a meal and I said to him ‘who was that?!  Blooming cheek…someone just ran past that window from the field!!”
At one stage I saw a knight on a horse galloping towards us through her window from that same field, his javelin pointing straight down the hall as he passed us, and felt that he was a spirit guide who had come to tackle the lower entities with me!  I picked up a lot of depressed people (“Oh, Olive is very depressed – my (living) friend who comes round to talk to me, poor thing…oh and so-and-so has recently lost his wife, next door….and so the sadness continued.)
After countless more souls had been discovered and helped across it was time to give Dolores some reiki and dowse her energy centres for trapped spirits.  For 20 mts I got her to breathe in and out of her chakra flowers (red, orange, yellow, pink and green, blue, indigo and white, in order from her lower spine to her head) – opening them with her imagination on the in breath and closing them tightly on the out breath to cleanse and expel unwanted energy which I then cleared with my dowser – In this way, I discovered and released many more spirits.  This probably explains why she felt so hot at night as, coupled with the many 100’s trapped in and under her home, that was a lot of heat being generated!  Quite a few of the spirits had undergone similar operations to her or suffered the same ailments.
She had been a very psychic child and having had several serious brushes with death over her lifetime lots of the trapped ones had been with her for 80 years up to the present time!  She recognised many visuals and the odd nameI repeated out loud as I released each spirit in turn, such as an old fashioned grocery shop with biscuits behind glass doors at eye level to children and old fashioned polished wood counters with strings and canisters to put the money into, which was then sent ‘upstairs’ to the cashier, who put the change inside and sent it back along the string…and friends of her mothers who hadn’t passed for example …Lots of reminiscing going on!
After I’d finished (101 spirits moved from her alone!) the atmosphere felt benign once more but she booked another session for herself in a couple of weeks.  As I was leaving she told me about her microwave pinging all the time and how her son didn’t believe her and said he’d take it off her hands (it was new)….only to report that it did the same thing over and over again, as though someone had set it for ‘pork and beef sausages’ before it pinged!  She didn’t cotton on that the first spirit was connected with sausages until I reminded her…What spirits will do to attract attention eh, poor souls?!

Could you be host to a ghost?

10 02 2011

This morning I received an email from a client who has been fighting his ‘inner demons’ for most of his adult life.    Over several sessions and several months I dowsed  him and removed over  500 lost souls who had become attached to him on a like attracts like basis – He had suffered severe emotional stress as a child, caused by his father’s mental (and possibly sexual) abuse.  During this gradual process of removing spirits from him (as well as the resulting negative thought forms) he had experienced a roller-coaster of emotions ranging from euphoria to dark moments of doubt.  All part of the healing process.  But having now shed the energies, thought patterns and baggage of souls who had ‘hitched a lift’ with him since early childhood he feels at peace with himself for the first time in his life.  I am sure he won’t mind me sharing this snippet of his mail with you:

“…met up with lots of spiritual people 4 a discussion
I mentioned disembodied spirits attaching 2 peoples auras and chakras
Some guy with a bit of a large ego said “of course thats not possible”
Without hesitation I said “yes it is” and left it at that!”

Because of the very nature of human beings, such as the chap with the ‘swollen ego’ above, most are unwilling or unable to believe such revelations.  I have a bulging file  which contains evidence of this – built up over a decade  I have been dowsing and releasing attached spirits from 100’s of satisfied clients.  One day it will be common knowledge that we can all become ‘hosts to ghosts’!

As before, for those of you who do not follow my blogs regularly or who need a little more insight into the world of ghosts and spirits, please let me explain:

a.  We are all made of energy, just as is every piece of matter in the universe.  Approximately 3/4 of our body is made up of water.

b.  It has been proven scientifally that water  is effected by energy, ie if negative thoughts and words are deliberately aimed at a body of water the crystalline structure of its molecules will shrivel and become twisted and ‘sick’. (For a wonderful book on this subject see Masaru Emoto’s brilliant  Messages from Water and The Hidden Messages of Water .  And he is not paying me to say this!)  These contain beautiful photos that show you the physical proof that crystals formed in frozen water are affected by their physical reality!

It then  follows that our physical bodies absorb both positive and negative emotions and that thoughts, words and even deeds ingested during a lifetime are energies and can turn our own water crystals into healthy or diseased ones!

The Beutiful Lakes 2010

In my line of work I use the Japanese healing art of reiki to bring love (universal energy) to the body’s ‘waters’, which include the physical, emotional and spiritual waters too…and this has the effect of loosening anything stuck within your ‘waters’ and bringing them to the surface to be released.  Hence the very relaxing, stress releasing art of reiki – which I love to teach!

Taking this a step further, I use a pendulum dowser to test those waters not only for negative thought forms (that eventually accumulate to bring physical disease) but to dowse for any earthbound spirits (also known as disincarnate beings or ghosts).  Once found, I can telepathically speak to them and also see episodes of their lifetimes.  In the early days (a decade ago!) of my adventures with spirits I spent quite some time ‘counselling’ them individually and for 2 years kept a record of every single spirit rescue.  Now though, I have been given the ability to pass them over in large batches.   

c.  After a person’s physical body dies, the spirit vacates it and returns to the light of its origin, taking with it the mental and emotional patterns of its lifetime, including memories both good and bad.  If a person’s spiritual body fails to return to the light of its origin he or she becomes what we term a ghost, still retaining the mental and emotional patterns of its lifetime.

d . A ghost cannot generally be seen, heard or felt by most living humans but still has the capacity to take an interest in the living.  The law of attraction kicks in here when a ghost seeks places or other human beings who have experienced similar emotions or circumstances to them, either before or during the death process.  For example, if there was abuse in the ghosts life then they will attach to others in the same situation, often in an attempt to help but sometimes just out of curiosity or an urge to relive the pain and suffering.

e.  It therefore follows that a living person who has been ‘host to a ghost’ at any time in his or her life, even from being a small child, will be overlapped with the mental and emotional patterns of the ghost and sometimes there can be tens or hundreds of personalities blending with the living person’s energies.  This can (and does) cause sleeplessness, headaches, stress, recurrent nightmares, feelings of depression and worse.

Snow is water in a different form

On a ‘lighter’ note, help is always available to ‘shake off ‘ this excess water and carry on your own happy way!

American crooner Dean Martin cadges a lift on the light waves!

21 01 2011

Whilst checking my final draft for Ghostwriters in the Sky I arrived at a paragraph mentioning Andy Williams and thought ‘oh, did I check that Andy Williams is okay?’  Yes, he is still with us….’ but someone from the same era was connecting on a ‘law of attraction’ basis, waiting in the wings for a lift home.  Someone sang a lullaby in Italian, which I couldn’t understand, but vaguely remembered from my childhood, when my parents played endless and wonderful LP’s on their ‘coffin on legs’ record player.  Whoever was connected to this song shot off at great speed, eager to have been able to cadge a lift on the airwaves! 

I phoned my dad, certain he would know who this tune and words were associated with – and I was not disappointed.  I sang (lucky dad!) the following into his ears: “so lo tu, so lo tu, so lo tu…mia …something!” and he said immediately “Dean Martin, American singer, comedien, entertainer etc…Give me a minute and I’ll tell you the name of the song.”  True to his word, he rang back within a minute and said ‘Return to Me’! 

Age 41 in 1958

Age 41 in 1958

I thanked him and looked up the song words to this particular Dean Martin hit and sure enough the chorus went ‘retorna me (return to me) cara mia tu amo …solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, mio cuore…!  Dean Martin was Italian! 

In the meantime, I tested the spiritual airwaves to see if Dean Martin had been the lost soul who needed a  leg up to the other side and was delighted to find that he had arrived safely and I could have a quick word with him!  

“Do you have anything you would like to say to the general public ?” I asked.  

“I’m not particular,” he said lazily…

“Surely you have something?...”

“There’s no business like show business!” came a rendition from a large crowd of fellow showmen, there to welcome him home and calling their regards to someone named Jerry Lewis…”We were muckers!” Martin called back, lifting his glass in celebration.

“Why did you keep yourself earthbound for this long….?”

“Decrepitation” he said, “my AN-tenni (antenae) weren’t working….had a silver spoon in my mouth…” and that was it; the end of our conversationI think he meant that he was decrepit, meaning ‘weakened by old age; feeble; infirm; a decrepit man who can hardly walk’ and not decrepitation which means ‘to roast or calcine (salt, minerals, etc) so as to cause crackling or until crackling ceases’ – but you never know!!!

He lived from 1917-95 (so was aged 78) and searching through his biography I found that he did indeed have a ‘mucker’ by the name of Jerry Lewis! –  ‘Slapstick and funny-face specialist Jerry Lewis was one of the top movie comedians of the 1950s and 1960s. Lewis and Dean Martin were a hugely successful comedy team of stage, screen and radio. They made a string of popular movies from 1949 to 1956, with Martin as the straight man and Lewis as the zany cut-up’ .  (Answers.com)
Lewis is still going strong as far as I know but how nice it would be if he were to read this sometime?

 I awoke the next morning with “Return to Me! playing round and round in my mind – a typical utterance of someone calling Dean Martin to ‘hurry home, hurry back…‘ part of the song words ….And now it all made sense.  Knowing I was about to check this chapter in my book, my guides and Deano’s guides had collaborated, along with his friends and family on the other side who knew he was floundering in the seas of no-man’s land between heaven and earth, to draw him in so that he could be fished out and landed safely in his right place. 

I do love the work to which I am entrusted! 

'Old Muckers!'

'Old Muckers'


The phantom lurcher who led me to rescue a Russian Vice Admiral!

15 01 2011

A local tv report about two lurcher-type dogs being found hung either side of a bridge left us stunned and speechless and praying that the cruel perpetrators would be caught.  Naturally, I checked the spirits of those poor dogs and was grateful that their souls had left immediately upon death. Around about this time I was downloading some happy Christmas pictures onto my computer when I noticed on two of them a bright golden light reflecting on the living room door  in the shape of a boney and starved ‘lurcher’ dog….! 

A phantom lurcher, Christmas Day 2010!

Immediately I dowsed and hooked on to the earthbound spirits of seven such dogs, sent for help via the law of attraction.   Some might say (as did two family members) that it was merely the sun reflecting on the door panel but immediately my husband was shown the photograph he exclaimed ‘oh my gosh….that looks like a starving animal!’  We also noticed that the picture following shows the creature in a slightly different pose, as though it had moved.  Regardless, at least seven suffering animals had been saved!

That night I was in a deep sleep when I was jolted awake by what I first took to be a bear, landing on top of my belly with a ‘splat!’  The resultant shriek awoke my husband, and I could only apologise and fumble for my dowser.  It had in fact been a dark coloured dog that had been ‘chucked’ somewhere to die.  Nice.  Along came the trapped souls of yet more poor dogs – rottweilers who’d been put to sleep and whose spirits did not rest, dachshunds, doberman pinschers, westies – the list amounted to 350 souls rescued (approximately 20 mts).

Later that day we were walking our collie cross Sam along the disused railway line, where he loves to run like a racehorse and catch us up before sniffing around in the undergrowth, then doing the same until we eventually arrive at the end.  However, having caught us up the second time he stopped dead in his tracks (ha ha, railway line) and stared ahead.  There was not a soul in sight, but he refused to budge, looking knowingly up at me.  I pulled my dowser from my pocket and tagged on to a spirit who disappeared almost as soon as I had hooked on to her.  Unusually she was called ‘Frederika’ – an unusual name that certainly didn’t sound English!  No sooner was she scooped up into the light again then Sam continued his frolicks!

A few minutes later a mother and young daughter appeared walking towards us with their black labrador and Sam looked nervous.  ‘It’s okay’ I reassured him; she’s a nice black labrador!’ A young dog, she he had stopped and stared because of Sam’s hesitation but after I’d explained to the owners that Sam had once been attacked by two black labs after sniffing around the third ‘female’ lab in their group, she reassured me that Gracie was a cutie and before long both she and Sam were waving their tails in companionship and, after a sniff and a chat, (dogs and humans in that order!) we moved on.

However, I soon spotted another family walking their two black labs (why did it have to be black labs?!), one of whom was muzzled and the other another young and frisky dog being kept on a very tight reign.  Once more I reassured Sam and also kept him close to me as they all passed – but not before the younger one lunged at him!  Not such a friendly bunch as the last lady and her daughter, I just caught the woman rebuking him as she pulled him away…”Tocka!!!” she snapped…

Immediately I heard ‘Tocka’ I heard ‘Tokarev’ and asked my husband if this word meant anything, as I felt sure that spirit had put it there.  “Oh, that’s a type of pistol,”  he said…”I think it’s named after a General…and then there’s also a ‘makarov’ pistol named after someone….”  Of course, when he said he thought they were named after people, and seeing as though dogs seemed to ‘leading’ me at this time, I tuned in to check that the souls of both these men were at peace.  I concentrated on the name  Tokarev – in case this was another case of synchronicity –  but was reassured this soul rested in peace.  I’ll just check…who was it?…’Makarov’? I asked Michael…but before I could verbalise his name I had the  spirit of a ‘landed gentry’  hooked onto my dowing tool and held on tightly as it FLUNG itself skywards then pulled to the left and right, before spinning in ever faster clockwise circles  for six or seven revolutions before suddenly halting.  It vibrated slightly (the arrival point) before swinging exhuberantly back and forth to indicate this Russian’s spirit was safely back at the home station!  He certainly came across as a very powerful man!

Once we’d started walking again, I was curious to see if Makarov had anything he would like to say and it was along the lines to thank me and also ‘ Tommy Boy’ (my husband!) for helping him…he also said of his last moments that he could not come to terms with what had happened to him.  “It was too much stress.  It was too soon!”   Michael  wondered whether this Russian (Vice Admiral as it turned out!) had called him a ‘tommy boy’ because the British troops were known as ‘tommy’s’ during the war.  Michael is also an ex-serviceman and very knowledgeable about rifles etc.- but how did he know this?)

Naturally, as soon as we’d peeled off our coats I was at the computer googling his name and found that indeed Makarev‘s full name was STEPAN OSIPOVISH MAKAROV(1849-1904) and he was a famous Russian Vice Admiral – ‘a highly accomplished and decorated commander of the Imperial Russian Navy and a distinguished oceanographer – and author of several books’ to boot!

He died at the very young age of 55, along with the crew of his flagship PETROPAVLOVSK,  when it struck a mine during  a sortie after a surprise Japanese attack in January 1904 when he assumed command of the Russian Squadron at Port Arthur (answers.com)  – No wonder the poor man was stressed:  A talented and intelligent soul who felt he still had so much life to live. 

Reseraching some more into ‘tommy boy’,  the paybooks issued to all British soldiers during WW1 used the name ‘Tommy Atkins’ to illustrate how they should be filled in and a derivation of this became the generic name for a British soldier during WW2.   Although Vice Admiral Makarov had died before 1914 (the first world war) he would, of course, have been a ghostly observer of all that passed in the last 107 years! 

Stepan Osipovich Makarov (1849-1904)

“And by the way,” he now said, “Frederika was my ‘lady in waiting’……A Spirit Guide sent to assist in his rescue!  It was she who filled him in on the details about my husband’s knowledge of Tokorev’s and Makarov’s – all part of the worldwide web of spiritual knowledge!  Quite appropriately, when I felt drawn to look up the meaning of Frederika I discovered that it means Peaceful Ruler !  And guess what ….Makarov tells me that although he is very fond of black dogs, he won’t mind if I liken his portrait to another type of collie!  (Now would I be that rude????)

 “You’re a fine young woman Jane – keep it up!” he encouraged.

Who does Pete Postlethwaite meet up with on the Other Side?!

6 01 2011

Anyone reading my blogs for the first time could be quite befuddled by what I now have to reveal!

I warmly welcone you to my world of spirit rescue and will just explain that, over the past eleven or so years I have regularly been checking in on those people who have died, just to make sure that they have passed safely.  It is all a little more intricate than face value as there are times when we need to hang about on the earth plane after the death of our physical body, for various reasons but mostly to come to terms with the fact that we have finished this particular round of ‘earthly experience’….

Sometimes, therefore, when I ‘hook’ on to someone’s spirit using my dowser (something I have practised for all these years and perfected in time) I often find that they are ready to jump aboard the vortex of light and love that carries them homewards – grateful for the ‘boost’ .  In my recent book (yet to be published) this happened when the late Princess Diana was reported to have been killled in that tragic road accident….her step-grandmother, the well-known author of love stories, Barbara Cartland, thanked me for helping her granddaughter to follow the light when in fact her natural instinct was to stay close to her boys.



 Well!  My dowser leapt up into the air, did a double back flip somersault and started rotating at the speed of light (well almost!) in a clockwise spin while my son and I ducked!  After approximately 6 seconds it stopped dead and quivered for a millisecond before swinging ‘yes,yes, yes!‘ in ecstacy as all his pain was gone.  (While Pete’s spirit was travelling homewards all I could hear him say was ‘moan, moan, moan’…..It turned out that he had been bravely fighting long term cancer and must have been in a lot of pain in his last days.  Interestingly, another lost soul under the category of ‘trivia’ followed him homewards, perhaps someone who had been floating endlessly around that same hospital in which Pete had spent his last physical moments.  Checking the wider hospital, another two were discovered and also helped.)

I was concerned, however, that I had ‘intervened’ with this famous actor’s intentions too soon and that he had needed more time to come to terms with his death.  After all, from my own personal research, we have at least 3 months to leave – but the longer we do leave it the harder it will be to be sure of catching that train!  I was not disappointed as when I re-turned to Pete’s spirit his message came back loud and clear!

“You’re a life saver my dear.  You popped the dummy back into my mouth; allowed me to return to the bosom of my family ; a baby in tights once more!”   (!!!) (Robin Hood:Men in Tights of 1993 – did he know I was based in Sherwood Forest country?  He obviously has a Sharp sense of humour!)

I needed to be quick with any questions as I am only granted a minute or so ‘post-rescue’ interview in most cases.

“Could you tell me what happened when you arrived? (back into the perfection of our origin)

“Stupendous reception!” he beamed.   “The mayor of London was even here! (?), Marmaduke the rocking horse (?) and Ben Glover the footballer, Silly Willy and the Wee Hen, Doctor Finlay’s mate….”  and he had to leave again, leaving me flummoxed to say the least!

It was 4 pm on 3/1/11 that his spirit passed; thanks to my son – who had ‘opened the curtains’ for him.

Later, I was allowed another ‘interview’ and quickly asked who the ‘Lord Mayor of London’ was.  The answer came back as George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) – an Irish playwright and co-founder of the LONDON School of Econonics (“ex-mayor of London being tongue in cheek, of course)

“Did you know him then?” (certainly not in THIS LIFETIME as he was only 3 or so when the latter himself died.) 

“We are great pals!” he confirmed, illustrating the fact that we all have ‘spirit mates’ (sometimes known as ‘spirit families’) with whom we travel and know well…but not necessarily at the exact same ‘earth time’ as we know it.

For those who are Christians and who may have read this far, I too am a Christian and have had many encounters with Jesus himself as well as the angels who administer to us constantly.  I was born with my faith and it has seen me through many life-threatening and life-changing encounters and placed me gently on the path that I now travel – full of light and love and having been healed to the extent that I feel nothing but pure joy in my (mended) heart.  It is through this unconditional love for all beings (including doggies, who will feature in my next blog) that I am able to help others on their physical and spiritual journeys and make sure that they return to the school room above, between lessons!

Following a bit of detective work, I ascertained that the actor who played in the TV series Dr Finlay (1993-1996) was David Rintoul (born 1948 as David Wilson) but what were the chances of finding that his ‘close ‘friend’ was in fact Ian Charleson (born 1949) – stage and film actor who is best known internationally for his starring role as Olympic athlete and missionary Eric Liddel in the Oscar winning film Chariots of Fire (1981) – and who died at the very young age of 40  in 1990. As a brilliant fellow actor who – like the modest Postlethwaite – was also described as one of the best actors of his kind, he had obviously been waiting at that stage door to welcome him and  to say hello to his friend ‘Dr Finlay’How exciting is that?

To return to the reason for this post, I have been given the task by those above to enlighten fellow travellers (all those who are presently reading this!) on the workings of our spirits and, having written over 70 blogs, I hope that I am succeeding in my efforts.  To begin at the beginning, my son had been watching his favourite actors in a DVD of  Sharp and within only minutes heard the news that one of the actors he so admired in this had died.  He came downstairs to seek me out (still working on polishing my book, while I had the time) and said ‘mum, can you check Pete Postlethwaite please…I’ve just heard that he has died….’

What did comic Dickie Henderson and American film director Blake Edwards do to help earthbound colleagues?

1 01 2011

My work with spirit rescue could be described as ‘fishing for lost souls’ and one such excursion netted some important personalities  who floundered on the periphery between heaven and earth.  An incredible series of events culminated in the rescue of three very talented and creative souls who have left their mark in history….

Firstly, on the night of 12th December 2010 I received a courtesy call from someone who had passed safely to the other side on 22nd September 1985.  His name was London born comedian and entertainer Dickie Henderson (1922-1985) and he wore a nice smile, a dinner jacket and a ‘dickie’ bow and said that he used to appear at the London Palladium.  After throwing me this bait he disappeared again, leaving me to fish for answers!

As Michael and I were due to drive to Cornwall the next day, I did not have time to ponder on the meaning of his visit across the veil and intended to do some more earthly research on him once we had returned the following week, as my parents home does not have internet access.  In the meantime, over breakfast at their house I noticed the headline on my father’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, which read  ‘Blake Edwards dies, aged 88’.  Apparently he was the screenwriter, director and producer of the Pink Panther films and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and had died from pneumonia.  (He also happened to have been married to Julie Andrews for 41 years – the heroine of my favourite film The Sound of Music!)  Naturally, I picked up my dowser, just to check that his spirit had risen safely – as happens naturally in 99 percent of cases – and it had. 

‘Do you have anything you’d like to say to the public?‘ I asked him discretely (through telepathy) and his short, playful reply came back:

“Dog-gun, Deputy Dawg!” and somewhere in my memory box the latter two words reminded me of a cartoon character from my childhood, but again I would need to do some more research on this strange message!  Once home I found that Dictionery.com gives the origin of dawg-gon or doggone as ‘1850-55 Americanism; perhaps from dog on it! – a euphemistic alteration of God damned’! For instance ‘well I’ll be doggoned’ as in being confounded…’a doggone fool’…

I googled Deputy Dawg only to find that the prolific Hollywood voice actor for this character of the film of the same name, Dayton Allen (1919-2004) was just waiting for me to hook him in…. “I loved my work too much!” he revealed (and therefore stayed around too long on the earth plane and got himself stuck!) –“Doggone fool!’  Interestingly, some of his films included titles Men of Yesterday (1936) – (now reunited with them!) – Things are Looking Up (1935) – (that’s the way to go!) – and Golden Dawn (1930) – (where he now found himself reawakened!)…

Just to remind myself of those favourite childhood episodes, I read that Deputy Dawg would pal around with other characters Muskie and Vince just as often as he would lock them up in the Jailhouse, and (appropriately!) the trio would often engage in their favourite pastime, ‘fishin’ for catfish’!   The central location for many of the yarns is the Jailhouse – again another metaphor for being stuck on the earthplane, unable to have your freedom to fly home to the light!  

Researching Blake Edwards’ Pink Panther film, I found the role was originated by, and is most closely associated with, Peter Sellers (already resting in peace).  The notable theme music to the Pink Panther was famously composed by the noted composer and arranger, Henry Mancini (1924-1994)- and guess what…he was a big fish just waiting to be hooked too!  Here was another soul who had been reluctant to leave his life behind and therefore become stuck here.  “I just could not finish my score!” he saidI found the following information: ‘Mancini collaborated extensively with Blake Edwards- firstly on TV’s Peter Gunn (1958), then on  Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), which won him two Oscars’…  His daughters were educated at Millfield School, Somerset’…(This is amazing as my own father was once offered a job at this school!)  ‘The compositions for which he is best known include ‘Moon River’ (a very emotive song that follows me everywhere!) – and he is often accredited with composing the music for the Peanuts movies…(Again, my children have had a great fondness for Snoopy since their early childhood.) Appropriately, one of his earliest scores was for Mr Lucky (1959) – and he certainly has been, thanks to his friend Blake Edwards, as he would have remained earthbound forever and a day!)

Back to the courtesy call from Dickie Henderson, I discovered that he not only performed at the London Palladium but was actually a guest compere of this British West End variety show Sunday Night at the London Palladium (1955 to 1967, with a brief revival in 1973 and 1974.)

“I really enjoyed my work there!” he said as I typed this – and joked…”Ask Brucie when he’s going to take his hairpiece off…(and he’ll say) ‘Bloomin’ cheek!'” (Bruce Forsythe was a regular compere of this same show, from 1958–1960 and 1961, so perhaps this comment has some personal relevance?)   But the reason for Dickie’s visit was to open the curtains for his father Dick Henderson Senior (1891-1958) to leave a rather portly gentleman who politely removed  his bowler hat and bowed as he was lifted from the stage of life to join his son in the wings!

“It was all worthwile,” he called back, “hang on in there!” (referring to my mission to publish these revelations worldwide, a burden of love that I pray will be shed sometime in 2011!)

ps As I have shown in many of my Blogs, Spirit has a great sense of humour!  To celebrate our daughter’s birthday we went to the Lake District on the 28th December and after a slap up meal eleven of us slipped en-masse into the pub next door (which was, naturally, haunted and later that night I cleared fishermen and gigalos, amongst 100’s of other ‘locals’ seeking the light!)  It wasn’t until the following day that we walked past this pub and (‘Dog-gun, Deputy Dawg!) look what I saw on this pub sign on the wall!

the lady phantom in the garden of the big house

22 12 2010

A good friend of mine asked me to check out the babysitter’s house in which her beloved dog Poppy was staying for a couple of nights.  This may sound a little unnecessary, but Poppy is a very sensitive dog who tends to pick up other animals with ease – those that have, like their human counterparts, died and have not moved on for some reason.  My friend suspected that the kitchen in which Poppy’s bed had been placed, although under a warm radiater, felt a little ‘cold’.  She also mentioned that there was ‘an old house nearby’ just in case that needed a bit of clearing – and that the son of her babysitters had recently died from cancer – and that it had been ‘a blessed release’ for him.

The house in which Poppy was lodging had been made into several separate apartments and the nice couple with whom she had entrusted her ‘baby’ owned a complete level to the side of the building.  I set too with my spiritual ‘scouts’ and found that her instinct had been correct as a ‘Norman’, a ‘Woodruff’, a ‘Sarah connected with a letting’ ,  a ‘Phill who choked’, a ‘Dianne reluctant to leave, who suffered from housewives knee’ (a painful condition caused by continuous kneeling to scrub floors etc), and finally someone with a ‘Berlin’ connection, made 6 in all detected around the kitchen area.   These lost souls are attracted to lightworkers (and their animals) and my friend had been doing her own ‘cleansing’ before I was called upon to ‘tidy up’ a bit!  I checked the rest of the building, which was clear of any more ghosts, but needed cleansing of negative thought forms that had stuck to the fabric of it due to the pain and suffering of its inhabitants over the years.
Setting my long distance dowsing to work on the old house nearby that she had mentioned, I found an association with ‘Firs’ – perhaps the name of the house or the trees in the garden?  – and immediately picked up the phantom of an old white haired lady who clutched her bun in anguish as she tripped around the garden in a long white gown.  She refused to speak with me, calling me ‘an outsider’ and  was extremely stressed and lost.  I could see the snow in which she was barefoot and was anxious to calm her and get her to listen to my offer of help.  It seemed that my words fell on deaf ears but all was put right when a relative on the other side by the name of Desmond –  who was quickly joined by another called  Ruby – appeared at the entrance to the enticing tunnel of love and encouraged her to leave.  It is always an amusing sight when such a character with bare feet and wearing a long white gown suddenly lifts weightlessly from the earthly plane and floats effortlessly through the tunnel!  3 more lost souls emerged from around the old house, connected in some way to  a messy area of rubbish/garbage -could these have been tramps I wondered as, due to the speed with which they were transported home I did not have time to get a good look at them?!

Not the Big House, but our own, from where I cleared the spirits

I put special clearing symbols over the house to go deeper, which resulted in something sinister emerging: The lady I had just rescued was apparently named Myrtle – and a long way back in history (Victorian times) – seemed to have been buried in the garden of this old house!  I heard ‘consequence’ or it could have been ‘consecrate’ and the confirmation that she had been  ‘buried there in the garden’ …  I was also given the knowledge that she was 72, and that it was ‘consecrated ground’ that she was telling me.  I don’t know if it was normal or legal to bury people in your back garden in those times? (research needed when I have time!)
I returned to the rest of the building in which Poppy was staying and filled it with angelic light from top to bottom, resulting in three more who were ‘hiding’ but were quite happily ‘evicted’ back into the light. 

“That makes a bakers’ dozen!” called back a spirit with a sense of humour,  reassuring me that all 13 had ‘risen safely’ ha ha! 
Finally I just thought I would check the babysitters’ son who had died of cancer – and found myself giving him a helping hand – as he was still hovering, gratefuly saying ‘give ma and pa my love’ , before leaving.  He had been planning to stay for his own funeral and would not necessarily have remained long enough to become stuck on the earthplane (3 months is the limit, from eleven years experience in helping souls to leave).  He had politely taken up the offer of a lift but I was concerned that perhaps I had been a little too eager – as  people need time to come to terms with their death.  As I hoped I had done the right thing by him his answer echoed back along that tunnel of love….. ‘It’s alright; you did the right thing out of a loving heart…‘  Thank goodness!

A few days later my friend gave me feedback about the apparently large old house in which Edward the VII once stayed with one of his mistresses! It is occasionally open to the public but only partially restored and ‘eats money’, is a ‘mish-mash of stuff, and when the roof leaked onto the brand new upholstered chairs, they left it because it was ‘authentic’!  She had visited it with a Women’s Club one last winter evening and said:

“It looks like something out of the Munsters!  I am not joking…so I am not surprised that there was someone buried in the garden!!!” Finally, she said ‘My concern was that when I went to drop Poppy off, they had a skip outside and were obviously doing something to the building.‘ – (‘3 more lost souls emerged from around the old house, connected in some way to  a messy area of rubbish/garbage…’) …More proof that like attracts like and if she hadn’t clocked her eyes on that skip those 3 souls would probably still be buried under the rubbish of  their own twilight, nightmare world…!

And if she hadn’t been concerned about her sensitive canine, that  white-haired old lady would still be running about in this snow, Bless her. Happy Christmas one and all!



how I met the spirit of Lone Wolf, Chief of the Kiowa

8 12 2010

A couple of nights ago I arranged to meet my daughter and her dog at a local rendezvous with the plan to return here for chicken soup and a catch up.  As Sam the dog and I picked our way precariously along the ice-laden pavements I was careful to concentrate on where I put my feet, slipping 3 or 4 times but only on short sharp ‘whoops, thank goodness I didn’t fall’ skids!  Twenty minutes later we were on the home run and the non-snow covered tarmac road outside the house was a welcome sight – until in full conversational flight there was a sickening thud as my boot shot skywards and all 12 stone of me hit the tarmac with a painful crash.  Ouch, ouch, ouch!

After the dogs had finishing licking my face with glee and Laura had stopped the traffic while her mum floundered like a beached whale moaning in agony, I managed to turn over and face the demon black ice tarmac before crawling pathetically to the roadside and attempting to straighten up.  To cut a long story short, 5 days later my coccyx is still releasing the trauma, a freezing band of energy being cleared twice daily of physical negativity (pain!) plus – unbelievingly to some – people who are lost in the ether having suffered a ‘similar’ catastrophe but unfortunate enough to have died of their injuries!  Amongst those were a very attractive lady in high heels who I witnessed slipping painfully on her back down some steep steps in Paris, ski-ers who were engulfed in avalanches and others who drowned in frozen waters and tragedies in snow-covered countries around the world.  I won’t go on as it is a little depressing but all in all over 100 souls were saved as a result of my little accident, so it was worth the (continuing) pain!

A good example of how removing  any souls who become tangled within one’s energy centres can often relieve physical suffering can be found on the Guest Book of my website www.janehunting.co.uk – where a recent client who declared he was a ‘sceptic’ in these matters, but nevertheless gave my theory a go, has kindly given his opinion.  One day I am hoping that everyone will understand the like-attracts-like energy scenario which in turn will help them understand the spiritual journey a little better.  It makes sense, therefore, that if you are mardy, fearful, jealous, angry or bitter you will attract the same energy to you like a sponge and conversely if you are calm, happy, light-hearted and kind the same will happen!  (Incidentally, this does not mean that spirits seeking the light will necessarily become entangled in every person’s energy field as there are many other factors to take into account, which I won’t go into on this particular blog!)

Being a soul-seeker or spirit rescuer is not as glamorous as it may sound as it entails being ‘on duty’ 24 hours a day.  This morning, for instance, the smoke alarm outside our bedroom door shrieked its head off for no other reason than it detected ‘spiritual smoke‘ from – wait for it – an Indian named Lone Wolf!  Making the most of resting my back I had snuggled up to my husband in front of a real fire, blanket over my knees, and watched an early episode of the famous Western Lonesome Dove yesterday afternoon that ecompassed the stretching of human endeavours to the limit, with marches through wild desert plains, attacks by savage Indians who killed in the most revolting ways, including scalpings, capture by Mexican forces who whipped one of the characters to within an inch of his life, then made him march painfully with the surving stragglers as prisoners, then shot half of them for being ‘spies’ in a bizarre lottery to save face with his Army.

“Well that was pretty miserable…” I said to Michael, who agreed.  Obviously the main characters survived to continue the story but only 6 hours later, at 4 am a tirade of real life sufferers started the alarm shrieking on what was to be at least 30 times before 7 am! 

Incredibly, Lone Wolf was acting as a spirit guide offering his help from the other side to locate and bring souls to our home for rescue.  No sooner had I cleared one batch and we’d taken it in turns to waft air around the alarm to stop it shrieking, then the alarm screamed into action again as another batch was routed here…something to which we are quite used to but doesn’t stop Michael climbing up to unscrew the smoke alarm cover and take out the battery, stopping  short of disconnecting the wiring to the mains electricity as I shriek out to him not to electrocute himself! (As he pointed out, if there was something wrong with the alarm it would not stop when cleared of ‘smoke’ energy – but being logical he still changes the battery for a fresh one whenever this scenario happens!)  What also happens is that a short and friendly beep-beep will affirm something one of us says during the gruelling challenge, for example my freezing hand (-10 degrees outside!) held aloft outside of the snuggly warm duvet caused Michael to say ‘I’m sure the spirits really appreciate what you are doing for them Jane’ – and the alarm ‘answered’ with a short beep-beep!

As I cleared the spirits I called out many names and circumstances but due to the mayhem, time of the morning and lack of available pen and paper just had to try and recall them later.  There were many States that my husband recognised such as Iowa, Wichita, New Mexico (where Lonesome Dove was set that evening), Wisconsin, Utah and Idaho and many terrible deaths such as scalpings, torture and terrifyingly awful methods of murder, ‘buffalo skins’, and basically death scenes associated with the ‘wild west’ and pain and suffering.  Interestingly, before he left again ‘Lone Wolf’ spoke of an ‘adversary’ and a ‘commune’ – before informing me that  the total rescuees amounted to 780.  He also added ‘it was not right, what the white man did to my people‘  but also ‘neither was it right what my people did to the white man  – but the circle of life continues.’   The love that ‘shot’ back into my heart from the gratitude of these lost, suffering and wounded souls is beyond human description.

I researched the Indian named Lone Wolf and ascertained that he was  Lone Wolf the Elder (Gui-pah-gho) (ca.1820-1879), a Principle Chief of the Kiowa tribe, and it was confirmed by above that he had willingly helped me to gather in a multitude of lost souls – Indians included – who had died during wars among warriors as well as with the white man.  

With reference to the ‘commune’ and the ‘adversary’ of which my spirit helper spoke, I found the following sad confirmation of his suffering:  ‘In 1875 upon surrendering with his band, Lone Wolf, the Elder was among a group of 27 Kiowa singled out by the U.S. Army for incarceration at Fort Marion in St Augustine, Florida where he would remain until 1878. He was found guilty of rebellion and sentenced to confinement in the dungeons of old Fort Marion at St. Augustine, Florida.’

the phantom chocolate pincher!

21 11 2010

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity!  Firstly my daughter and I whipped into Nottingham at 8.30 an to get a refund on a clingy jumper she’d persuaded me to buy -refusing to acknowledge that her mum is getting on a bit and not as svelt as her daughter any more (in other words there are bumps where there shouldn’t be!)  Back home for 11 am I ushered in a lovely lady in need of a clearing  and 454 spirits and two hours later she left, full of the joys of spring, feeling more like ‘herself’!

Next it was preparing the roast for my husband’s birthday celebration – being an old traditionalist his only heart’s desire was prawn cocktail, roast beef dinner and home made trifle (prepared in stages over a couple of days so that the sherry could soak into the soggy sponges….mmmmm!)  By mid afternoon we were preparing the dining table, getting out the best china, clearing the clutter from the hall and lighting the fire and I grabbed the box of Roses chocolates from the kitchen worktop, opening the top of the box enroute to the dining room to find a suitable glass bowl in which to tip them.  But I was distracted elsewhere and forgot about them sitting on top of the dresser in the dining room.  An hour or two later my husband said ‘shall I put these in a bowl?‘, picking up the opened box again….

“Oh yes….I see you’ve already been at them!” he laughed good naturedly.

“What?  No I haven’t!” I protested…”It must have been you!!!!‘  There was no one else home so I was puzzled to see that on top of the open box, just inside, was a crumpled purple sweet wrapper….empty of its chocolate!  Although being far too busy to think about ‘spooks’, I did sense a tingling around my cheekbones – apparent whenever spirit is around, so took my dowser from my pocket.

“Woah!”  I cried, as it flew into the air like a horse bucking, then swung to the left (this is when I hear spirit speak) and someone called back “It was the only way we could attract your attention ma’am!” – as he flung himself off into the spiritual vortex, indicated by the ferocious swinging of my dowser!   I also caught the word ‘cavalier’…..

Today I asked for more information and was given ‘Charles I’ … ‘inflicted with mortal wounds’…and ‘a supporter of the cause’ …so of course I had to investigate further.  I could find no connection between Cavaliers and King Charles I, only that the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was named after this monarch!….”Huh?” I asked, bemused, “was this a dog who was in need of spirit rescue?”…

I took myself back to the previous evening’s conversation: Our daughter’s boyfriend had brought along his parents to join in Michael’s birthday celebration and rather embarrasingly they handed over the remnants of the presents they had wrapped for him and left for only a minute or two on the floor of their house.  ~Among the damaged packets was a round box that Alfie the mischievous Westie could not resist nibbling….and it contained chocolates!~  I reminisced about the day he jumped on to the kitchen table and rummaged through my handbag.  When I returned, all that was left was the wrapper of my favourite 50% cocoa chocolate, ripped up in scatterings all over the floor! We had also discussed next door’s Spaniel, whose tail never stops wagging!

My guides only now revealed that it had been the mischievous spirit of a dog who had fancied that purple wrapped choccy – strangely enough purple being the colour of the chakra associated with the third eye (the psychic ‘computer’).  Of all animals who need help, dogs and cats especially turn up on a daily basis as they are so closely connected to humans and often have difficulty leaving them.  Just in case there was more to report I looked on the net for information about this particular breed.  My mouth dropped open when I read that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is ‘prone to mitral valve disease, which leads to heart failure – the most common cause of death.’ 

The  instant I realised this, another 18 dogs who had died of this heart disease and not jumped their final hurdles homewards, frolicked home into the light!  This whole rescue mission was made even more poignant, as in 1984 my  own life was saved after I contracted mitral valve disease!

p.s. (Quote taken from Wikipedia: ‘During the 16th century, a small type of spaniel was popular among the nobility in England. The people of the time believed that these dogs could keep fleas away…’ ) ‘ Spot on’ I would say!’  (see previous blogs)

did claire rayner ‘come back and haunt’ the PM?

14 11 2010

‘Claire Rayner, iconic British agony aunt, died yesterday aged 79′ , read my diary entry of 13th October 2010 ‘and apparently her last words were for David Cameron, along the lines that if he messes up her beloved NHS she will come back and haunt him!’  Of course, what she meant was she would ‘hang back and haunt him’ as she would have to be a GHOST to do that!  Well David Cameron might breathe a sigh of relief to know that she didn’t hang about, so he need not worry!!

“It can still be arranged,” she laughed from her safe house on the other side, “Tell him I will still be looking over his shoulder!”  Seriously now, she said she was “fixated” with this subject, “depressed by the ruination and decline in hospital services and threats of even more cut backs…” but from an enlightened point of view she now flung her arms up and said “Hurrah for the NHS!”

My dad, who along with me, has had his fair share of Life-saving gold dust from this marvellous British institution, commented that she must have been very depressed as ‘she had spent the last three months in hospital undergoing intestinal surgery’….and before his words had left his lips a path of light was made open for a piebold pony (of one of Claire’s children?) that obviously hadn’t passed!  Dobbin or Bobbin …his brave spirit trotted over to a gleeful reunion with his old friends in spirit…followed by a ‘grandfather in cloggs’ and someone involved with ‘Berlin and the War’ and another named ‘Fergie’ – with it a torrent of  joy that never fails to make my eyes well up.  I understand that these spirits had all died of cancer or complications of the bowel and could well have ‘flown in’ because of Claire’s connection with ‘intestinal’ problems.

“I am now receiving a taste of my own medicine!” laughed this cheery ex-nurse, as “others are dishing out healing comfort to me, just a I did for others on earth!  It’s marvellous…WONDERFUL over here!” she exuded, “…just like that ‘spot on’ dry cleaner!”  Tee hee…she’d obviously been keeping up to date with my recent Blogs!

the spirits who spoke without moving their lips!

6 11 2010

Like a sheet of fly paper suddenly sticking to my face, I invariably attract lost souls along the motorways and road structures but on my recent trip to Cornwall there were only 15 in need of help (probably because we often travel this route and so it is cleared regularly)  However, when my husband read the newspaper that evening, announcing  ‘a million people a day die on the roads’  this started the ball rolling and the crystal swinging and 30 minutes later (and a black finger from the silver chain!) my spirit guides revealed that an astounding 3 million of those lost souls in this category (ie those who had died in road accidents in ‘Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, including those during ‘horse and cart’ times, and not passed) were sucked into the loving vortex of energy around my head – the turbo-charged action of my whirling dowser made even stronger by the fact we were on the St Michael Ley Line one of the earth’s magnetic arteries that pump energy all around her heart centre!  This  pulsating energy always brings with it a boost to all my spiritual activities as well as my health – and coming back up to the East Midlands is always a wrench.

There are several reasons why a person’s soul energy does not succeed in returning to its light of origin after a sudden and unexpected death, whether it is in the road or by violent means:

a.  Shock : Normally the spirit or etheric body rises gently from the physical body (which has been the vehicle for their earthly experience) as they leave for home.  In the case of sudden death the soul is literally wrenched from the body, without time for the person to prepare for the inevitable transition to the light.  He or she then finds themselves hovering above his or her body (just like in the ‘movies”).

b.  Unfinished business; a strong desire to stay earthbound:  It is not hard to imagine that being unprepared for this sudden end to everything they have been doing up until that moment will leave a person wanting to continue with their usual routine as though nothing has happened.  They will want to rush to their loved ones; reassure them; say goodbye; comfort them – but sadly cannot be seen or heard unless by someone psychically in tune with their souls.

This is why my work is so important to me.  When I ask my spirit helpers and advisors (we all have them!) whether I will see my ambition to clear the whole world of such floundering souls before it is MY turn to go, the answer is always “SPOT ON!”  (British slang meaning ‘just so’ or ‘exactly right”.)

“JOLLY HOCKEY STICKS!” came the unexpected follow up from my higher self and immediately I thought ‘well my American friends won’t understand that phrase will they?‘, which led me to search for a suitable explanation of its meaning.  I was once again being led by the nose as I found a BBC radio comedy programme Educating Archie from 1950 which featured a London born ventriloquist by the name of Peter Brough (1916-1999 – whose famous dummy, ‘Archie Andrews’ was sold at auction for £34,000 in 2005!) and critics unkindly said the radio was his ideal ‘medium’ (but perhaps that could be me?) as when he appeared on television his lips could be seen to be moving.  His American counterpart was Edgar Bergen (1903-1978) and people were equally scathing of his talent.  As it happens, neither verntriloquists had to move their lips to tell me they were not resting in peace – and were duly helped to return home!

(How I found them was the connection to Peter Brough’s 1950’s show ‘Educating Archie’:  In the radio series, Beryl Reid played the part of a ghastly schoolgirl named Monica, a parody of the sporty public-school type. She invented the phrase ‘jolly hockey-sticks!’ on the show because, as she said once, “I know what sort of thing my characters should say!” Her phrase struck a chord and it has passed into the language. http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-jol1.htm

The message received back only minutes later from Edgar Bergen was:

It sure is a good thing when you wake up in the morning and find the sun shining!” (A reference to being stuck in the dark until his rescue).  And of my current mission to help souls such as himself? “Evolution declares it!” he said. (ie we will all evolve to speak without moving our lips….in other words by using the telepathic connection that allows me to speak with my rescuees!)

And Peter Brough said“Just a short word….Get off your butts and move on when your time comes!…And keep your mouths shut!”

Hilariously, Spot On is also a flea killer for dogs and ventriloquists traditionally practice speaking without moving their lips with phrases that include ‘My dog has fleas’  !  (Apparently you aim to say: ‘Ny dog has thleas.’ )

I also stumbled across the information that Peter’s father Arthur Brough (RIP) was also a ventriloquist and used his dummy Tim in the film Dead of Night (1945)!

As well as looking back on what Edgar Bergen above had to say, who says spirits don’t have a sense of humour?!


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