Deceased eminent scientist GOOGLES her encouragement!

28 07 2013

Having answered my emails and about to close down my laptop, suddenly the screen displayed a Wikipedia page on a Rosalind Franklin (25 July 1920-16 April 1958). My first reaction was one of incredulity ~ who is she and how did she just pop up without me having googled her and followed the link? I started to read about her, knowing that this was a supernatural encounter. She was a British biophysicist and Xray crystallographer who made critical contributions to the understanding of the fine molecular structures of the DNA, viruses and more. Her discovery of DNA’s genetic role in cell metabolism and the discovery of its structure brought about a greater understanding about how genetic information is passed from parents to children.

Then I noticed that she was born on this very DAY and MONTH ~ 93 years ago! She died aged only 37 of ovarian cancer. ‘Is she RIP?’ was the first question that came to mind and YES she was. Then my dowser took off at a fair rate of knots, immediately hooking in 7 hitherto earthbound ladies who had died of ovarian cancer and not passed safely. (The Law of Attraction) Was this why she googled herself for me? Before she could reply, another 6 passed, then another 6, then yet another 6 (666 not having the Devil connotation that fear and superstition has passed down since the Fire of London cleansed all the disease and debauchery of 1666, but rather confirming the supernatural connection with the light.)

“Write a paper on your progressive work in bio-chemistry,” she suggested.
Me? Write a paper when I’m not a scientist?” I laughed. “Who would bother to read it?”Give it a try my dear” was her kind response. “We will help you…”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door as my 10.30 am client had arrived. I saved Rosalind Franklin’s page to favourites, amused to notice that she was born in Notting Hill, London (I work from Nottingham) and with ‘ovarian cancer’ still on my mind I trotted off to do my stuff with my 30 year old client. I always take a medical history and how could I have been surprised when she told me that she has pre-cancerous cells (caused by a virus) found in the uterus and the ovaries???

During the next hour I loosened the energy around her womb and ovaries (using the channelled healing power of reiki) and removed not only blockages of emotional, spiritual and psychic stress (rather like a fog blocking the flow of energies to an organ) but more importantly between those layers batch after batch of earthbound spirits that had become attached to her over many years. Not only is there (perhaps)an inherent DNA chain to be dealt with but her life experiences and emotional responses (empathy, fear, stress) has resulted in The Law of Attraction bringing in lost souls. As most scientists would not entertain the fact that our spirit returns to a pool of energy after the death of the physical body and in some instances becomes left behind as an entity I am most grateful for Rosalind’s support from that pool of light energy. People once scoffed at the suggestion that the world is round. One day my own work will no doubt be accepted by the mainstream.

Still in the long dragged out process of being rejected by publisher after publisher (it is too important for me to self-publish) Messages from Ghostwriters in the Sky includes encouraging words channelled directly to me from Galileo Galilei as follows:

“Indeed you have demonstrated the true meaning of The Assayer’s Gold (the connection between mind and matter) and the stars which I observed so acutely have become your own source of matter – to be broken down into tiny atoms and distributed via your writings… Train your telescope on the United Nations of Mankind and implore them to get things back into focus. The wheels are in motion, my dear. Don’t let me down!”… – Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher



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28 07 2013

wow….didnt realise you had been turned down by publishers, that is so naughty!!! and i find it discriminating. I know you will keep on trying sis. x

7 08 2013

Hi Sis! Yet another rejection down to ‘not commercially viable’ arrived today but I shall keep onwards and upwards LOL…Could self-publish Messages from Ghostwriters but feel a great responsibility to get their message ‘right out there’ ~ hmmmm x

6 08 2013

What a trip you went on! I just love synchronicity! It is the fuel that keeps life burning with excitement. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tale…Blessings to you….VK

7 08 2013

Thanks again VK ~ when we are on the right path life is full to the brim with synchronicities and YES …it is SO EXCITING!!! Much love, Jane 🙂

6 08 2013
Kate Swaffer

Looking forward to your work being mainstream… after all, holistic healing has only been with us for centuries! Nice to visit your blog through Visionkeeper, and glad you liked the Friendship blog she re blogged from mine. Keep up your work and faith…

7 08 2013

Thanks Kate! I so appreciate your support ~ and sense of humour LOL! Yes, it is so refreshing to meet like-minded people through Visionkeeper; I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to sharing more in the future…Bless you always…

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