The awesome sight of a murmeration of Starlings!

1 04 2012

You may wonder what this blog has to do with spirits, well birds fly just as our own spirits do when we leave our earthly bodies behind so we are not dissimilar!  The name for a flock of starlings is a ‘murmeration’ – such a lovely expression!  Mike and I had booked a couple of nights away in Aberystwith,  West Wales for a break from everyday  routine, but how well timed this seemed to be!  On the first afternoon, just as dusk was falling and we were making our way back to the seafront of this wonderful seaside town, I heard a murmering in the skies above and – looking up – exclaimed in wonder at the huge flock of birds gathering in ever increasing numbers.  We stood for an age, cricking our necks at the amazing sight above.

Is it the sun?  Is it a bird? No it's my finger and 1,000 birds!

Is it the sun? Is it a bird? No it's my finger and 1,000 birds!

Unfortunately I’d left my camera in the car and had no idea how to use the one built into my fancy phone, hence the piccy left ha ha! I eventually got the hang of it and was delighted to find the following pics below had recorded the awesome sight perfectly…They gathered over and around the seafront swooping and diving like swarms of bees for over an hour until dusk descended and they eventually dived underneath the pier for the night.  Locals watching with us said we were lucky to catch this phenomena as ‘any day now’ they would depart for  other parts.  I hope you enjoy the following as much as I did, clicking my cameraphone at arms length against the sky until eventually my fingers were frozen – If you double click on the images you will get more of an idea of the incredible sight…

Is it a smoking chimney?

Is it a smoking chimney?





A sight to behold!

A sight to behold!

Home for the night

Home for the night

Off to bed without a murmur...

Off to bed without a murmur...

Is there room for us all?

Is there room for us all?



5 responses

1 04 2012

You definitely got some great photos of the Starlings! They are considered something of a pest species where I live, but they are nevertheless one of my favs.

1 04 2012

Thanks for commenting on my Blog Katy…It is wonderful to hear from someone in Canada and especially when you share the same interests and hobbies as I do! I just read your details and was particularly drawn to ‘I am interested in various forms of holistic healing and therapeutic touch.’ as this is one of my specialities, healing with the vibrational enegy of reiki, crystals and dowsing. You also said…’In the field of nutrition my primary interests are mental health and addiction and recovery’…and I have just published Never Lose Heart (for sale on my website which is my own story of recovery from not only post-natal depression but post-operative depression after life’aving open heart surgery following my daughter’s birth many years ago. I struggled through 13 months in a dark tunnel of paranoia, delusions, the ability to hear and feel the spirits of earthbound souls etc and it was only through the use of Electroconvulsive Treatment AND the voice of my guardian angel stopping me from walking blindly into a busy crossroads that I survived to tell the tale! Over the next year I was helped by angels to recall and collate every detail of my journey in order to help others, whether they be mental health practitioners or anyone with an interest in the subject to understand more fully the workings of the mind of a depressed person. Sorry this is such a long reply, but if you are interested in buying a copy of the book please let me know and I will sort out the overseas postage and packing. It has been very nice meeting you and seeing your wonderful lifestyle and work ethos and your Blogs are great! With warmest wishes, Jane

2 04 2012

Thanks Jane:) We do certainly share similar interests indeed. It is inspiring to hear that you have taken the lessons you have learned and used them to create something positive! All the best:)

11 04 2012

Hi sis, ive seen birds flocking like that before and is an incredible sight to see and incredible that they dont bump into each other. We used to call them T leaves..remember??? Love you lots Sister Sandra xx

12 04 2012

Sure do Sis – They gather round St Michael’s Mount too don’t they? xxx

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