Spaced Out!

24 02 2012

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I use an extraordinary amount of energy in my rescue of lost souls as I have to tune in to any given area, connect mind to mind with the spirit of the person who is struggling in limbo, then guide them, telepathically, into the light of home.  Over a decade ago, my reiki master teacher said that it was obvious I was being protected by my spiritual team (which we all have) ‘otherwise you would be dead!’  I am after all handling high voltages of electricity (energy with which all living things vibrate).  This is why it is important to be fully grounded – which means having your feet on the ground in all respects.  If I was a floaty, light headed ‘airy fairy’ sort of person there is no way I could use my gift.

However, sometimes something can cause a person to become ungrounded (anger, grief or other sorts of stress for instance) and they will be unable to think straight.  Another cause, unknown to most, is wearing crystals which vibrate to a very high frequency.  Quartz is such a crystal and contains the colour vibrations of all of the spectrum and if worn close to the third eye (pineal gland) can make one extremely ‘whoppy’.

A very dear friend of mine, remembering that I had admired her swarowski crystal angel shaped earrings, kindly gave me a pair as a gift and, without thinking, I wore them for the first time last week before going on a walk with my husband and dog Sam.  It was a lovely morning and we saw many sights, including an elderly gentleman up a very high ladder pruning his trees in his front garden.  I suddenly felt alarmed that he might fall, as the metal ladder didn’t look too safely ‘grounded’ on the path.  He smiled as we passed, his wife bending down to retrieve the cut branches, and I called out to him to ‘be careful’!  We were just branching down another road ourselves so my plea to Mike to offer to hold the ladder for him fell on deaf ears.  “His wife’s there –  don’t worry about him!” he said, much to my dismay.  Perhaps I was being over the top, but I was convinced he would fall (altho’ he didn’t as far as we know) and told myself that Mike and I would have to disagree on this occasion – as I know how caring he usually is…

Once home I felt as though I was buzzing – as is usual when I have picked up a lot of energy via spirits latching on to me on a like attracts like basis – so I sat down on the kitchen chair and took out my dowser.  Sure enough, I’d trawled people who had fallen from ladders (that’s how crazy my life is!)  and as Mike put the kettle on to make us a drink I sat there whizzing my dowser, picking souls up and moving them on.  Suddenly I started sobbing (not my usual reaction, altho’ when I first started helping lost souls I had to empathise deeply and often felt their own grief or last feelings at death) I felt as though I wore a spaceman’s outfit!  (Often, I find myself in the shoes of the one I am helping, looking out through his or her eyes).  I was breathing through a tube leading from my helmet to my heart!   Then I was seeing three astronauts climbing down a ladder – onto the surface of another planet….somehow they had died….I felt as though I was ‘in the future’…and my dowser picked up each individual and helped him into the light.

By now, my right arm and leg had gone all ‘floaty’ and I was unable to lift my arm to take the cup Mike handed to me, let alone grasp it.  Most frighteningly, I couldn’t recall what we had just done.  Mike took me through our walk stage by stage.  ‘We went out of the front door and turned right to the Green Line…’  “Where’s the Green Line?” I asked, although we walk this disused railway line every day, having no idea what he was talking about.  I couldn’t remember anything of the last half hour, including seeing the elderly gent up the ladder.  However, within 5 minutes I remembered every little detail, telling Mike in great detail to reassure him.  ‘I’ll be alright’ I said (although my leg and arm still felt as though they weren’t mine.)

Mike and daughter Laura insisted that I check that I hadn’t had a stroke, although throughout I had been talking normally and had no facial twitches or droops associated with one.  The doctor also insisted I go to A & E (the third time since Christmas!) and a brain scan, an overnight stay and a blood test was normal, even though my normally low blood pressure was a little high and I had tachycardia (fast heart beats) all night.  It was eventually concluded that I’d had a rare form of migraine attack (I’ve suffered these since a young girl) and I was discharged with a physio follow-up as I was still having to drag my leg.

However, once home I sat and scanned my energies from head to toe, removing lots of emotional stress (unsurprisingly as I’d had a bit of a shock) but more importantly over 100 earthbound spirits who had died from strokes (!) I’d picked up as a result of being ungrounded (and being overnight on the Stroke Ward, presumably).   As I worked, I could feel energy trickling down my legs, trying to reach my feet.  When I could find no more souls trying to find the light I changed tack, desperate to balance my physical energy, and ‘ordered’ anything that ‘is not of the light’ to leave my energies NOW!  My dowser flung up and twisted violently as I hung on to and expelled 3 ‘dark ones’, who had snuck in to my body – due to me being ungrounded and therefore unprotected for the past 24 hours.

I stood up and ‘Hallelujah!’ I could walk again normally and my spirit was well and truly back inside my body and attached back to the physical earth….All because of those earings.  So be warned, if you are working with high energy – whether it be through the power of speech  or the mind (overdoing third eye work or over-thinking) be wary of wearing high energy crystals too close to the areas of the throat or the ears.  I learnt the hard way!  



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24 02 2012

Oh are incredible and so glad you sorted yourself out. This is just amazing. xx

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