Was Pete Doherty really haunted by Army Winehouse’s ghost?

1 12 2011

On Tuesday 15th November 2011 my husband pointed out the following headline:

‘Pete Doherty ‘Haunted By Amy Winehouse’s Ghost’… He’s fled his London home after being spooked by the Rehab star…Pete Doherty has reportedly claimed that the ghost of his late pal Amy Winehouse is haunting his London flat. According to The Sun, the former Libertines frontman has fled his home for Paris, after telling pals that Winehouse’s spirit had visited him three or four times at the apartment, close to where Amy was found dead in Camden back in July. 
Doherty apparently claims he saw ghostlike images of the Back To Black singer in his bedroom, as well as seeing her reflection in his windows at night time.

The 32-year old Babyshambles singer is now said to be “too frightened” to return to his flat, with a friend revealing: “He is utterly convinced that he has seen her ghost.”  They added: “A lot of people will think his visions are probably drug-induced but he claims he is clean.  Doherty, who was a close acquaintance of Amy’s, was apparently left devastated by her death, so much so, that he couldn’t attend the 27-year old’s funeral.’

“This is just the sort of thing you need to get your work noticed!” my husband encouraged, knowing I had automatically checked that Amy’s spirit had returned safely home after her tragic death 4 months earlier – as I do with every death I hear about.  If you are a regular reader of my Blogs you will know that after 3 months hanging around on the earthplane a spirit is unable to pass over unaided as their spiritual ‘umbilical cord’ has dissolved and the connection to the light is not therefore strong enough to carry them home.  I knew, therefore, that Amy was not a ghost, which is someone whose spirit has been unable to leave their physical body after death.

What Pete Doherty was seeing was Amy’s ghostly image, yes, visiting him from the other side to try and bring reassurance to him as he is naturally devastated by the loss of his friend.  It is quite common for a newly arrived spirit on the other side to make a few house calls just after their deaths, whether it be in the form of a wispy white image, a touch, a reflection or something to try and bring comfort to those left behind on earth.  I now tuned in to the spirit of Amy and asked whether she had anything I could give to Peter Doherty as evidence that he did receive a visitation but that she is not a ghost – someone who is still trapped here.  She answered in her laid back droll one word: ‘Racey’

Me:     “Can you confirm that you are resting in peace Amy?”

Amy:  “Yeah, I’m flying high!  Destruction.  My own fault.  Bring it on!… Nob!”

Me:     “Who are you calling a Nob?  Pete?”

Amy:   “Yeah…. Come off the (Vincent?)…It aint worth it! He’s still flying….No seriously mate it’s not worth it!  Believe me I’m on Cloud 9 and it aint where you should be now!!!  (I’m shown a Druggist/back street image) Don’t waste your life like I done!”

Me:      “Is there anything you’d like me to say to your family?

Amy:    “I chucked it!  I did…I really chucked it! (?)

Me:        “What is happening to you now you are on the other side/heaven?

I see an image of her ‘just chillin’’…floating on some sort of buoyancy aid with her fingers dangling over the side.

Amy:      “‘Rehab!” she laughs….RE-HAB!…(I realise she is comparing her connection to her Album) I said ‘yes,yes,yes!’ this time though…  Bring it on!”

Me:          “Is there anything else that will prove to your family that you are okay?”

Amy:        ” Yeah they’re all getting ready to dine tonight (going out?)….then my dowser suddenly started struggling with someone elses spirit, but I couldn’t hold it.  It was fighting me, saying ‘f*** f***f***!  I had to let go as it was so erratic.  I realised that through Amy (like attracts like) I had picked up a local earthbound spirit who had no intention of leaving…..but I tried again to help…

Drug crazed spirit:  “Mind your own f***ing business.”  Perhaps she wasn’t listening but I had to try and help her or she would be trapped forever in her self imposed nightmare death experience.  I explained the repercussions of not taking up my offer….Eventually, she calmed down.  “Ok Duck…I believe you.”  But she couldn’t get off the ground…. “Too weak.”   I continued to encourage her and hold her, my dowser spun wildly round for some time before stopping dead and quivering.  At last she was resting in peace.

I returned to Amy for any more insights of life on the other side:

Amy:     “It’s fantastic up here.  I aint seen nothing like it!  There’s two of the Beetles!!!!” (sarcasm?)   I jumped to feel the lead from my computer slapping me gently on the leg.  Her way of saying thanks!  “I have to leave you all on your lonesome now girl…I’m off!”   Wow.



2 responses

1 12 2011

WOW…this is amazing..as usual..just like you xx

2 12 2011

Awww, thanks Sis! xxx

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