Lost souls in a b & b, a smallholding and out at sea!

5 09 2011

Having been down to my lovely neice’s wedding in Somerset, we hugged everyone goodbye, including our daughter and her boyfriend Leigh who were heading back to Nottingham via Weymouth to see one of his relatives, while we headed for a local B & B where, apart from the hard mattress and stone slabs for pillows, there was little sleep to be had!

3 am:  Awoken by the security light going on outside our cabin, my heart beat heavily as I received a huge influx of  375 lost souls from ‘Cheddar Fitzpaine to Bridgwater’ – a previously unexplored area for me, obviously!  At the height of my dowsing, and very amusingly, a blue light started flashing from the television laptop box, rathere like a siren on an ambulance. lighting up the whole room.  When it was all over, the light stopped flashing and I put my dowser back on the side locker next to me in the hope of getting some sleep, but 2 minutes later I heard the chain being moved on the glass top!  Annoying (as I was so tired!), another 3 ‘latecomers’ were in the room and the only way they could alert me was to fiddle with my dowser.   Fair enough!  Thankfully, the rest of the night was peaceful and when the nice couple running the b&b cooked us  a wonderful ‘full English’ breakfast and asked how we had slept I smiled and said ‘wonderfully, thankyou!’ (Only a little white lie!)

We then headed to the Brecon Beacons to see our friends, who own a smallholding and several livestock.  After a wonderful welcome I was invited to escort Erica (with borrowed wellies as it was very wet) to the field to put the chickens and ducks in, bring the goats to the barn and feed the turkeys (a male turkey is called a Stag; did you know?!)  All the while she was chattering about her lmuch loved animals and birds.

2.22 am: Despite sinking into the wonderfully comfortable bed and sleeping like a log, I awoke with my heart thumping once more.  This time, the 350 lost souls seeking the light were from the animal kingdom, including foxes, goats, sheep, cattle, turkeys and a bull!  All, no doubt attracted on a like-attracts basis due to the empathy Erica feels for her flock!

4 am: Yet another rude awakening, this time shaking myself from a ‘nightmare’ in which our daughter was running towards a beach.  I asked several people to step aside to let her through, saying ‘my daughter has to swim out to that boat’!  As she ran she suddenly tripped onto her face and many observers ran to her aid, including me….This was when I awoke in fear for her welfare and found that 375 lost souls from ‘scuba divers to fishermen from The Lizard to Weymouth’ needed help to go Home !  Our daughter had been acting as a conduit by trawling the lost ones and passing them telepathically to me in a ‘dream’, just as she has from the other side of the world, in Australia, in the past!  Amazingly, I had no idea that she had been out on a fishing boat that very afternoon.  ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you’ my husband said when I told him of my ‘dream’….‘Laura texted me this afternoon and said that she and Leigh went out with his uncle on a fishing trawler today….’



2 responses

6 09 2011

wow…..I felt almost present at your side….x

13 09 2011

Thanks for your ever appreciated comment Sis x

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