A Taste of milk and honey from Sir Walter Scott and Others in the Spirit World!

16 05 2011

Checking out the latest people to have passed from this physical world, I had to laugh when Spanish golfer STEVE BALLESTEROS (1957-2011) – who recently died at a tragically young age of 54 from a brain tumour – retained his sense of humour when I asked whether he had passed safely:

“Yes, another hole in one!” he said happily.  (ie After his first shot at the final hole of life’s crazy golf course he clinched the title of ‘Champion’ and claimed his trophy of “RenewalI’ll be back for another round!” he said…

CLAUDE CHOULES(1901-2011)  – The last surviving veteran of the First World War – also arrived safely on the other side and said merely that he was ‘healing his war wounds’… and being fully enlightened of my own role in checking that souls had arrived home safely, wished me great success with my soon to be published book, channelled from 100’s of souls such as these…. ~Ghost Writers in the Sky !

Ghost Writers in the Sky is with artist Kathryn Saunby who is designing a cover and illustrations…As soon as it is ready for final publication I will fling it out there to the universe with love…. Below is a little taster from Sir Walter Scott in his opening chapter to me on how it was for him when he moved over in 1832 – before returning in spirit to choreograph messages from the likes of Gary Cooper  and Mae West (both in need of rescue!) and wise words of wisdom for us still acting out on earth’s stage, Marlon Brando and Mao tse Tung  and for those ‘scientists’ with no spiritual bent,  Sir Isaac Newton and my own Spirit Guide Galileo! –  WATCH THIS SPACE ! 

Part of the Poem (which he termed an “Epithalameum” ie a poem about marriage) is replicated below:

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), writer and poet and one of the greatest historical novelists of all time! :

“I croaked with joy -/ A simple ploy;/  A wizard’s dearth/  I did employ/ A land of milk and honey lay/ And beckoned forth that sunny day!/ Compos mentis was I full/ As I returned unto my soul:/  Tell others of my joy; it be/ To secure my place in Infinity!…/ Sunshine filled my countenance /And basked me in delivery…”

Ghost Writers in the Sky! Cornwall 2011

Channelled to me on 12th December 2006 and included in my new book Ghost Writers in the Sky – soon to be published…How exciting is that????!



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