Photo of ghostly galleon

25 02 2011

A client of mine sent me an email today asking for clearing of attachments she felt she had picked up, at the same time attaching a very interesting photograph, as below. 

Trisha's Photo

Trisha's Photo

Trisha:    “Thought you would like this……I took this picture last week along the great ocean road….just past  point where there had been many ships wrecks…..there are low lying rocks going quite along way out into sea which aren’t visible at night….and many ships have been lost…..
If you check out the position of the ‘object’ it is not even on the sea but actually quite a way above the horizon……so essentially floating in the sky……what do you see???
Interesting eh!!!! Open-mouth smile
Love Trishxxx

As soon as I saw it I recognised it to be a gostly galleon, obviously sent by the powers that be on the other side to draw attention to the lost souls who had perished in shipwrecks along this Australian coast. 

Enlarged versionEnlar

Enlarged version

Me:    Didn’t get your emails until late last night but was intrigued by the floating galleon in the sky!  I tuned in and heard ‘Mary Rose’ (but this is the name of the first British ship of Henry VIII’s and wouldn’t have been anywhere near Australia)  Mind you, if ghosts can be anywhere they please then why not make one appear just where it is needed – where ships were wrecked? I’ve tuned in to battle fields where battalions of men are seen and found only one or two needed rescuing, so this might be the same principle.   After being given the name ‘Mary Rose’ 2 spirits left (earthbound), then what sounded like Shepparton’ or ‘Sherington’ and ‘bully boys’, ‘trading centre’ and ‘Abolone’ and another 4 were instantly lifted…then ‘another 6 from along the shoreline, including a scuba diver!   So all in all 6 spirits rescued as a result of you sending that snap Trisha – but it IS brilliant isn’t it?
Reference you needing another session, I couldn’t help myself last night but decided just to dowse and clear your chakras for you and see if that is sufficient, rather than book an hour’s session.  Of course, there could be more to be released but I don’t think so as 67 spirits were trapped from your heart upwards only (mostly third eye) and released whereas you are well grounded and your sacral and solar plexus were fine.  If you still don’t feel right (you’ve obviously been trawling them as usual!!!) then I will only be too happy to book you in….Smile
Reference the terrible earthquakes experienced lately, I have been tuning in regularly and helping over souls by the dozen and think that those unfortunate enough to have died are all RIP bless them….

Trisha:    Hello lovely Jane… wow wow…..amazing, yes of course you can publish this piccy and yes add my name I’m sooo happy for you to do that….and thank you sooo sooo much for checking me over, it’s 8.45am here and I’m just coming round, I knew something had shifted for me in the night… I had some really vivid dreams…….and I do feel lighter today…..

I can’t thank you enough for being my angel across the oceans who keeps me up right…….
And it’s fantastic to know that those people connected to the ‘floating galleon’ are all safely back home : ) how amazing is that picture….and when I took the shot there was definitely nothing there……I only saw it as I uploaded my pictures onto the computer.
The picture was taken near a notorious ‘black spot’ where many ships and people have perished…….
Who knows what might happen next or what I might see or experience……amazing……
I will let you know if I feel like i need a ‘full session’ but so far so good…..I feel ‘more like me’ this morning so thank you again….
Lots of love from Australia TrishxxxxxRed lips



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