how I met the spirit of Lone Wolf, Chief of the Kiowa

8 12 2010

A couple of nights ago I arranged to meet my daughter and her dog at a local rendezvous with the plan to return here for chicken soup and a catch up.  As Sam the dog and I picked our way precariously along the ice-laden pavements I was careful to concentrate on where I put my feet, slipping 3 or 4 times but only on short sharp ‘whoops, thank goodness I didn’t fall’ skids!  Twenty minutes later we were on the home run and the non-snow covered tarmac road outside the house was a welcome sight – until in full conversational flight there was a sickening thud as my boot shot skywards and all 12 stone of me hit the tarmac with a painful crash.  Ouch, ouch, ouch!

After the dogs had finishing licking my face with glee and Laura had stopped the traffic while her mum floundered like a beached whale moaning in agony, I managed to turn over and face the demon black ice tarmac before crawling pathetically to the roadside and attempting to straighten up.  To cut a long story short, 5 days later my coccyx is still releasing the trauma, a freezing band of energy being cleared twice daily of physical negativity (pain!) plus – unbelievingly to some – people who are lost in the ether having suffered a ‘similar’ catastrophe but unfortunate enough to have died of their injuries!  Amongst those were a very attractive lady in high heels who I witnessed slipping painfully on her back down some steep steps in Paris, ski-ers who were engulfed in avalanches and others who drowned in frozen waters and tragedies in snow-covered countries around the world.  I won’t go on as it is a little depressing but all in all over 100 souls were saved as a result of my little accident, so it was worth the (continuing) pain!

A good example of how removing  any souls who become tangled within one’s energy centres can often relieve physical suffering can be found on the Guest Book of my website – where a recent client who declared he was a ‘sceptic’ in these matters, but nevertheless gave my theory a go, has kindly given his opinion.  One day I am hoping that everyone will understand the like-attracts-like energy scenario which in turn will help them understand the spiritual journey a little better.  It makes sense, therefore, that if you are mardy, fearful, jealous, angry or bitter you will attract the same energy to you like a sponge and conversely if you are calm, happy, light-hearted and kind the same will happen!  (Incidentally, this does not mean that spirits seeking the light will necessarily become entangled in every person’s energy field as there are many other factors to take into account, which I won’t go into on this particular blog!)

Being a soul-seeker or spirit rescuer is not as glamorous as it may sound as it entails being ‘on duty’ 24 hours a day.  This morning, for instance, the smoke alarm outside our bedroom door shrieked its head off for no other reason than it detected ‘spiritual smoke‘ from – wait for it – an Indian named Lone Wolf!  Making the most of resting my back I had snuggled up to my husband in front of a real fire, blanket over my knees, and watched an early episode of the famous Western Lonesome Dove yesterday afternoon that ecompassed the stretching of human endeavours to the limit, with marches through wild desert plains, attacks by savage Indians who killed in the most revolting ways, including scalpings, capture by Mexican forces who whipped one of the characters to within an inch of his life, then made him march painfully with the surving stragglers as prisoners, then shot half of them for being ‘spies’ in a bizarre lottery to save face with his Army.

“Well that was pretty miserable…” I said to Michael, who agreed.  Obviously the main characters survived to continue the story but only 6 hours later, at 4 am a tirade of real life sufferers started the alarm shrieking on what was to be at least 30 times before 7 am! 

Incredibly, Lone Wolf was acting as a spirit guide offering his help from the other side to locate and bring souls to our home for rescue.  No sooner had I cleared one batch and we’d taken it in turns to waft air around the alarm to stop it shrieking, then the alarm screamed into action again as another batch was routed here…something to which we are quite used to but doesn’t stop Michael climbing up to unscrew the smoke alarm cover and take out the battery, stopping  short of disconnecting the wiring to the mains electricity as I shriek out to him not to electrocute himself! (As he pointed out, if there was something wrong with the alarm it would not stop when cleared of ‘smoke’ energy – but being logical he still changes the battery for a fresh one whenever this scenario happens!)  What also happens is that a short and friendly beep-beep will affirm something one of us says during the gruelling challenge, for example my freezing hand (-10 degrees outside!) held aloft outside of the snuggly warm duvet caused Michael to say ‘I’m sure the spirits really appreciate what you are doing for them Jane’ – and the alarm ‘answered’ with a short beep-beep!

As I cleared the spirits I called out many names and circumstances but due to the mayhem, time of the morning and lack of available pen and paper just had to try and recall them later.  There were many States that my husband recognised such as Iowa, Wichita, New Mexico (where Lonesome Dove was set that evening), Wisconsin, Utah and Idaho and many terrible deaths such as scalpings, torture and terrifyingly awful methods of murder, ‘buffalo skins’, and basically death scenes associated with the ‘wild west’ and pain and suffering.  Interestingly, before he left again ‘Lone Wolf’ spoke of an ‘adversary’ and a ‘commune’ – before informing me that  the total rescuees amounted to 780.  He also added ‘it was not right, what the white man did to my people‘  but also ‘neither was it right what my people did to the white man  – but the circle of life continues.’   The love that ‘shot’ back into my heart from the gratitude of these lost, suffering and wounded souls is beyond human description.

I researched the Indian named Lone Wolf and ascertained that he was  Lone Wolf the Elder (Gui-pah-gho) (ca.1820-1879), a Principle Chief of the Kiowa tribe, and it was confirmed by above that he had willingly helped me to gather in a multitude of lost souls – Indians included – who had died during wars among warriors as well as with the white man.  

With reference to the ‘commune’ and the ‘adversary’ of which my spirit helper spoke, I found the following sad confirmation of his suffering:  ‘In 1875 upon surrendering with his band, Lone Wolf, the Elder was among a group of 27 Kiowa singled out by the U.S. Army for incarceration at Fort Marion in St Augustine, Florida where he would remain until 1878. He was found guilty of rebellion and sentenced to confinement in the dungeons of old Fort Marion at St. Augustine, Florida.’



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8 12 2010

Hi, fascinating as ever, hope you are not suffering too much after your fall and fantastic that you have helped all these lost souls that suffered terribly.

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