the cosmic joke of the doggies sent to us from heaven!

28 10 2010

Sam came to us in a very heavenly way!  After losing our beloved dog Murphy (pictured right at the  incredible age of twenty), we were naturally bereft, even though I was holding him in my arms when he went to sleep and I saw his little spirit leave his spent body – and without so much as looking back  he skipped off into the etheric world with a twin PUPPY (as he became young again) named Muffin (of whom we had no knowledge as Murphy had been a rescue dog)….

After Murph  passed on we buried him in our garden with a stone epitaph, purchased many years previously at a Garden Centre, placed on top of his grave – and slightly altered to read: ‘ The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon; the Song of the Bird for MURPH; One is Nearer to God in a Garden; Than Anywhere Else on Earth. ‘  Murphy had been such a special part of our lives we were far from thinking about getting another.

Two weeks after we lost him, I sat in the garden gazing towards his grave and battling with more tears of loss.  Although the sky was a perfectly clean palette of  blue as far as the eye could see, from out of nowhere scuttled some wispy white clouds – and in front of my amazed eyes formed a caricature of Murphy, laughing with his mouth wide open!  “Okay! I understand that you are happy but we still miss you with all our hearts!”  I said to his Spirit in the Sky, and to my great surprise he answered…..

“The next one is on his way!” and I gulped.  Surely not.  Not quite yet.  Then a few more clouds whipped up into another dog, facing Murphy, with a much longer snout and a big slit for a smile!  He was drawn with an equally large buttoned  nose, the same shaped  soft and silky ears – and a white mane on his chest!  I rushed to record these visions in my diary, but kept it quiet from the still-grieving family…that is, until our son carried his laptop into my room two days later and said five words: “Mum, what do you think?”

He showed me a photograph of a beautiful dog who needed a loving home.  It was the dog in the Sky!  I showed Alan my diary and he hooted with laughter saying the ‘one who is on his way’ looked more like a horse (cheek!)  He had the same button nose, the same loving brown eyes as Murphy, the same soft silky ears, that longer snout and white mane on his chest, and even the same tan, white and black markings!  And he also had that cheeky grin! 

The cosmic joke (and perhaps why Murphy was laughing?) was that he has endlessly long elegant legs and a long, swishy tail.…Murphy had short stumpy legs and lost his tail after being so highly stressed in the rescue kennels that he was found the next morning having chased his own tail and bitten it, and they had rushed him to the vets to have it amputated.  When we first set eyes on him, therefore, his ears were flat back against his head in fear, his eyes wild and his backside shaved.  What sort of a dog is THAT? my husband had laughed….‘One that needs alot of love!’ was my reply, and he returned it in abundance over the next sixteen years! (picured below)

Back to Sam, we were on the phone in a flash as beautiful dogs don’t come up for sale privately on the internet very often and having secured his postcode drove the hour’s journey along the motorway to Sheffield in heavy rain to find the estate on which he lived.   After walking round the building several times we couldn’t however find the flat number given to us and our hearts sank, but eventually we found what looked like a fire door in the corner where two blocks joined, with the number daubed on it; no knocker or bell.  So I hammered with my fist and eventually a man opened it wordlessly; we introduced ourselves and he grunted for us to follow him up the concrete steps to a smaller door.  Inside the tiny maisonnette was a small door to the right with a child’s gate, behind which housed a large pregnant boxer dog….and Sam, who looked even more beautiful in the flesh!  The owner’s partner had gone out, too upset to be there as she had grown attached to him, but he in turn had been rescued ‘from someone on the estate who didn’t want him’ and they couldn’t keep him because of the other female dog, amongst other reasons. 

We wanted to hand over the money and take him there and then, but the owner insisted he demonstrate how good Sam was at walking without a lead.  And we followed him and Sam out into the rain to a nearby field while he chatted to Alan about the sensitivity of Sam being totally unsuitable for the Estate; that friends of his partner had stolen from neighbours and when he had reported them to the police they’d threatened to put a fire bomb through the letterbox.  ‘Sam wouldn’t be able to cope with that’ he said.

All the way home Sam sat bolt upright gazing out of the window, a little numbed we later realised from absorbing so much stress from his surroundings.  A year on he is a brilliant guard dog (having found his voice at last!) but extremely soft and cuddly and a great favourite with children, workmen and anyone who loves dogs. 

"Oh dear..."

But yesterday he suddenly became overburdened by something.  He dragged his heels, his tail between his legs…as though weighed down by something heavy, despite all his other vital signs being normal.  His ears twitched like radar and his eyes were restless and I suddenly realised he had some spirit visitors – but I wasn’t prepared for just how many.  Once we’d arrived home (a slow plod for at least 20 mts and I couldn’t carry him because of his size and weight) I placed my hand on his soft chest and another on his head and sent him reiki healing. He closed his eyes as though feeling it and raised his nose in the air.  And there we stayed for 40 minutes, as more and more earthbound spirits of ANIMALS – especially stuck on the emotional levels and especially around his heart – were released.  To my amazement they were wild creatures like polar bears, buffalo, lions, deer and tigers!!!   And by the time I had finished there were 483 of them and by the end of the day, over 600!

He stuck to me like glue for the rest of day, ears half cocked back, eyes still on the alert and the occasional squeek of fear.  At 3 am when I rose to visit the bathroom, there was Sam standing outside the bedroom door wagging his tail for all it was worth….so I dowsed him and this time found another 50 spirits of bizarre animals such as hyenas, flamingo’s and field mice (hence the squeeks? ha ha)

My husband had just returned from a shooting competition in Surrey (targets not animals or birds) and had been invited to a place called Canada House, a huge mansion that had apparently been built in Canada and then transported here to the UK in sections over a hundred years ago!  When I told him about Sam he frowned and said, “that’s odd as there were ‘trophies’ all over the place in this House…including the head of a tiger and it’s skin draped over a settee, a polar bear, wolves, bears and all manner of poor creatures!  Bizzare though it sounds, he must have brought home the restless spirits of those animals and their friends and Sam, being an extremely sensitive dog, had ‘held’ them for me until I was ready to move them on…  When I put this to my spirit guides this morning they said it was an honour for us to own such a splendid dog as Sam and that indeed his greatly evolved spirit had been assigned to our family to help with my ongoing mission to rescue as many ghostly people and suffering animals as possible!  Come morning, Sam had nervously squatted beside me, his head held rigidly high, his ears still twitching nervously, so I sent him 20 mts healing (reiki)…and watched while his proud head wavered and teetered, his eyes closed and he gave in to the love.  Amusingly, in very slow motion, his long snout lowered itself to the floor and he relaxed for the first time in 24 hours, and slept….for two whole hours.  When he awoke be ‘spoke’ his gratitude, swished his wonderful tail in the air and then it was time for ‘walkies!’….and he is back to his spirited usual self….

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall 2010



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29 10 2010

Hi, he is a gorgoeus dog and obvioulsy very special. Wierdly enough if there is such a word. On tuesday early evening i came back from the shops and a woman in a 4 by 4 was stood next to a man in our street talking about a dog she nearly ran over and i didnt think much of it at the time as i thought it must have belonged to the woman or the man. Anyway Colin came round to the house later and there was a white dog sitting on my doormat and as Colin approached the door he ran away up the path. After Colin told me i clicked it must be the same dog so we went out to search for him and he was cowering in the dark and snapped at me when i tried to touch him, so i went back into the house and he followed me indoors so i put him in the kitchen but he snapped at Lucy. So i stayed in the kitchen with him talking to him asking him where he lived lol any way he suddenly changed when he realised i was trying to help him and nudged my arm so i stroked him and he lay down on his back so i could stroke his belly then he devoured a bowl of cat food and drank a bowl of water then had a big run around in the back garden. I realised he had a disc on his collar and tried to read it but my eyes were playing tricks on me and i looked like it was blank. So we went up the road to knock on afew doors to see if the neighbours knew who he was but to no avail people didnt want to know. So Colin decided to go and buy him some food. In the meantime i took his collar off and took it to a light source and there on the collar read BUDDY, so i turned it over to find a phone number a local one. So i got straight on the phone to the owner who was so revlieved as he said he had been mising since 9am that morning when his mother took him for a walk in the woods over the road and she let him off the lead and he ran off and ended up on my doorstep. It turned out he was a rescue dog and has ran off 5 times so far and ended up in other towns. Anyway he was such a knowing dog and maybe he was trying to tell me something!!!

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