“I’ll come back and haunt you!”

10 08 2010

Part Three:

Indeed, Sheila kept to her word!  Pehaps not how she intentionally threatened at the time but nevertheless she gave her now grown-up son the fright of his life only 2 weeks after her funeral.  I had retired to bed before my husband and on the brink of sleep had found myself communicating with his Mum, whose loving presence permeated the room.  Still in an emotional state because of all that had gone before between us; still thinking through the incredible circumstances of her after-death visitation and wondering how she had travelled on a bolt of lightning….I wallowed in her loving energy as we had gentle words between us: 

 “You know you mustn’t stay behind on our account,” I said to her….

I’m just so happy to be free of the restriction of my physical self!” she laughed, “I’m in no hurry to go anywhere soon….Just leave me be…”

In the meantime, Michael had turned off the downstairs lights and ventured up to join me, only to nip back down again…. Seconds later, however, he shot back upstairs like a startled rabbit and leapt into bed beside me, setting my own heart racing with shock! 

“What on earth’s wrong…?” I cried, jolted from my relaxed stupor.

“I…I think I just saw a GHOST,” he whimpered, squeezing my hand tightly, his eyeballs glowing with fear in the darkness.  

“What happened…?”

“… I realised I’d left the light on in the vestibule and as I crossed the hall I sensed there was a presence moving from right to left, going from one door across the hall to another…. As it moved into the second doorway I saw (what can only be described as) a column of mist from shoulder height downwards…!”  Suddenly it dawned on me what had happened and I explained that as I had  been talking to his Mum only seconds before, it must have been her….and I reassured him that her spirit was obviously still inquisitive about the changes to her home…

He sighed with relief, and although still shaken, was able to laugh at the memory of his Mum’s words, spoken in anger at his childhood: “I’ll come back and haunt you one day!” 

However, as she hadn’t actually gone anywhere after the separation of her lighter spiritual energy from her denser physical body – merely floated about on the earth plane – she hadn’t technically ‘come back’ …as she hadn’t yet left!  From over a decade of working in spirit rescue I have ascertained that for approximately 3 months of our earth time (time as we know it doesn’t exist on the other side) the umbilical cord of light which connects our physical body to our spiritual home of origin remains in place and acts as an escape tunnel .  However, over earth time this dissipates slowly until eventually the person who has died loses all sense of direction and becomes stuck in the twilight zone.  As a mere whisper of their former selves, is it any wonder that the light body is often seen as a mist-like substance?

What else did granny get up to?  You wouldn’t believe it!

To be continued:



One response

10 08 2010

That sounds just like Shiela as i remember, very proud and proper……..cant wait for the next episode…lol

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