soldiers’s spirits helped home after surprise attack by Afghan

13 07 2010

Fresh from burying my beloved canary Myrtle, who I found ‘asleep’ on the floor of her cage this morning, I sat and cried some more.  Yes, she was only a bird, but she had a special place in the hearts of our family.  Rescued from the pet department of our local garden centre only last year and aged only 12 weeks, she had been sitting alone on a long perch in an enormous cage, a little bit tatty, not pretty enough to have been bought along with other handsome pairs of bright yellow birdies.  My son asked ‘would you like to have her for your birthday mum?’ and after a discussion about whether she would get on with our other male canary – a birthday present from him 5 years ago – and the purchase of a large spanking new cage, Myrtle settled in nicely and she and Woodstock eventually got to know one another and canoodled up close of an evening. 

Now here we were, burying her in a little box previously used for Camomile tea (for peace and calm), and planting a beautiful colourful gerbera plant above her, tucking them into their bed at the bottom of the garden.  Woodstock carried on preening himself as though nothing had happened.  Myrtle’s spirit had flown, just passed over as she slept in a little fluffy ball in the corner of her cage.  She had been only 13 months old and it seemed poignant that today’s date is the 13th.  Sadly, my sister’s baby died from a heart virus aged only 13 months and I was once lost in a dark tunnel of illness, close to death, for exactly 13 months, way back in 1984….

I came in to rest my back and have a soothing cup of camomile and switched on my laptop to check my emails – the previous night and this morning I had been working on sick children and, sure enough, reassurance that they had bounced back to health ‘just like that’ made me cry again.

Then I turned to the latest news.  Three soldiers (not yet named) have been killed by an Afghan soldier – someone trusted to fight alongside the soldiers in their unbelievably hard battle against the Taliban.  The number of British military personnel killed on operations in Afghanistan since 2001 stands at 317 – I have checked every last one and helped many on their way.  I picked up my dowser: number one was frantic….‘I don’t want to leave; I don’t want to leave!’  After a sudden abhorrent death such as his, this is only natural.  At least my Myrtle went in her sleep.  Like many of the poor troops before him, this poor man’s death had been so sudden that his spirit, his consciousness,  shot out of his body and still hovered, in shock, disbelief, concern for his relatives and their grief….I cried along with him.  My throat ripped out, the tears rolled down my cheeks, but I carried on cradling his spirit in my heart….‘Please listen to me….I promise you everything will be alright…I PROMISE!’  He stopped struggling and it was a hard job lifting his spirit, but my dowser spun on and on and on, until at last he was back where he should be, where he would be tended to by loving spirit nurses, counsellors and family members who had previously passed.  With little time to come to terms with their sudden deaths, and observing the escape hatch taken by their colleague, the second and third soldiers followed quickly on his tail. 

It has only been hours since their deaths but and, from my eleven years experience in helping trapped spirits to leave, I know they would have up until 3 months to find their way to the light – but better to be sure they wouldn’t become yet another statistic of lost souls haunting the earthplane.  From their healed and enlightened perspective on the other side they are better placed to observe, comfort and influence their loved ones left behind on the earthplane.  A very sad day, but life goes on – whether you are a delicate yellow canary or a brave British soldier.



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13 07 2010
sandra archibald

Hi sis…i cried too…ive been feeling fragile and sensing spirits especially round your niece and after shes given birth…ive left you a message asking for your help and im sure you will, as always sort it out for us….so glad you are helping these very brave soldiers and sorry to hear about your little birdy….you truly are an angel on earth and we all love you lots…little sis Sanra x

14 07 2010

Thanks Sandra for your much appreciated and loving support for my work…funnily enough I got 13 views of my blog on the 13th LOL!

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