Why does George Bernard Shaw stay earthbound?

29 06 2010

A particularly psychic client of mine had already been cleared of many hundreds of hangers on – earthbound spirits who had attached themselves to him over his lifetime – and others who had cadged a lift to my healing room, the ‘higher forces that be’ knowing that they would be guided homewards with love…..after which I instructed Paul to breathe in and out of his energy centres, imagining he was opening the relevant big coloured flower on the in-breath (bringing energy to the centre of what we call the chakra, through his intention), holding it for as long as possible, then releasing the unwanted energy with his exhalation – at the same time squeezing closed the petals.  This never fails to work – and as well as moving negative/unwanted energy, any spirits trapped deeper inside the body are also released for onward transition to the light.

As Paul opened and closed the pink and green flowers over and behind his heart centre a ‘Bernard Shaw’ took advantage of this technique and joyfully moved over, to the swirling of my dowser.  “George” came back the helpful confirmation that this was indeed the playwright George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)  At the end of the session I mentioned this again to Paul and immediately ‘a relative’ was ‘sent for’….flying over so quickly I only just caught her name, which sounded like Elwyn…. “Wasn’t Bernard Shaw from Wales?” he asked, suggesting perhaps this was a Welsh name.  (He was in fact Irish) Later on I sat at our garden table breathing in the stillness of this hot summer’s afternoon, and tested the spiritual waters to see if Shaw wished to contribute to ‘what if spirits could blog?’   I was not disappointed!

“Let’s conduct this interview properly!” he suggested sternly, and I grabbed pen and paper.

“Why did you stay behind after your death?” I asked, puzzled. 

“To look after my sister Ellin (short for Elinor); ailing; poorly; sickly; …she died of influenza at a tender age.  As I lay dying I spied her ghostly apparition…tried to take her with me but she would not come, so I stayed behind in the void of nothingness to keep my darling sister company…it’s as simple as that!”  (Subsequent research confirmed he had a sister Elinor Agnes who was born in 1855, but sadly died in 1876 – no cause of death found – which means she did only live until 21)

“Did you seek out Paul to bring you  here for help?”

I myself was a sharp wit.  Your man is a good man.  Lived a little, but what is life for if its not for living?” he guffawed. “Like me, he’s a smarty-pants!”

“So did you follow him from any particular place?”

“No; you called via your combined psychic hearts…”

“Can you tell me about the circumstances surrounding your death?”

“I was a decrepit old man counting jelly beans!” (Laughs) “One for me; one for you…” (“Eh?”)…”One for me (the old bastard whose body I was stuck in), one for you….(whoever would play!)” (Research confirmed he died of renal failure but lived to 92!)  He continued to explain about the moment of his death…”As my spirit drifted from that old bastard who was me I caught sight of Ellin in my periferal vision. ‘Stay with me!’ she implored….

“So she had an awareness of her position as well as yours?”

“That is so….This is boring…Do we have to go through all this?  I have only booked a short time to speak with you!” (That was telling me!)

“Ok, fire away.  The way is clear!”  To my surprise, he dictated a poem, entitled ‘A Poet’s Lot’, which I have tried to replicate here….he spoke so quickly and so passionately: “A Poet’s Lot/ Stuffed inside a teapot/eating sarnies of smoked ham and pickled jam/ Ready to be poured out and sipped down gullets of party goers/ guests on quests to eat the food of knowledge/ Chew it well/ Wash it down with Earl Grey, Marmaduke and Dozey Dan/ All who walked as human man/ Strain the tea/ Not too strong/ Not too weak / Sweeten well but watch your teeth! (Grins with blackened ones!) Abundance!/ Life!/ Fill to the brim!/ Crippled! / Stuck up to their knees in a quagmire of their own making/ Full to the brim/ Theirs for the taking / Hold your nose against the stink of rotted corpses/ floating motionless in hell/ It’s wit you want?/ It’s wit you get! / Dim wit, sad wit, glad wit, motionless in hell/ Billows fan the students Morgan and Son (people known to me!)/ Strike while the iron’s Luke warm! (again, Luke is known to me)…Now the dowser spins on and on clearing some ‘inocuous substance from (his) sight‘….and our connection fades out as I am led to move from one person known to me, to another….helping to clear them all of ‘inocuous substances’.  What a day! What an experience.



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