Jacques Cousteau is raised from the deep

17 06 2010


Jacques Cousteau is raised from the deep

We’ve just returned from a delicious two day visit to friends in Wales, which incuded a visit to a nature reserve island off the coast of Pembrokeshire, South Wales.  Excitingly, we rode choppy waves to see adorable brightly colourful puffins up close in their natural environment, clocked at least fourteen huge seals which lolloped on rocks, ‘smelled’ the rock nests of storm petrel birds, and even saw and heard the elusive Chough (pronounced by most as Chuff but as it soared over a rock face towards me it seemed to call ‘chow chow’ as in chow mein!)  To wallow in nature is beyond description!

Our friend owns a WW2  jeep and we were fortunate enough to take a ride on the wild side,  whizzing through country lanes with the top down, the wind in our hair (and hands on our hats!) Was it engineered from above that an old soldier of 86 approached the jeep to admire it when we stopped at a seaside cafe for lunch?  We chatted for hours about his D-Day experiences, including being injured by a land mine and still having shrapnell embedded in his neck after 60 odd years! Ironically he now uses a metal detector to find treasure on the beach….fascinating!  Once home we reminisced about ‘Allo ‘Allo and the French Resistance.

On the 4 hour journey home, apart from road accident victims and spirits from surrounding countryside, I had a very special (ghostly) visitor:  The French underwater explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) ‘swam’ into my third eye, wearing a frog suit!  He patted his heart with a ‘boom-boody-boom’ sound and indicated that he was stuck , his heart unable to leave his underwater paradise after his death 13 years previously. 

“Please help me Madam,” he asked politely. “Sub-atomic!” (indicating his own atomic energy was too low to lift in to a higher, lighter vibration) He showed me through visuals that he was trapped (a grill above him that he could not budge) so I hooked on to his spirit with my dowser and lifted him as best I could (visualising the grill being lifted off him)  The grill turned sideways to form a ladder but he cried ‘the bottom rung it is broken… as my dowser bounced erratically in time with his deeply stuck spirit.  I enlisted (through the power of thought) two scuba diving spirit guides/helpers to each take him under an arm (he was very skinny!) and they helped him rise gently to the surface of the sea, where he snatched off his breathing goggles and gasped for breath….but he was not sufficiently buoyant to move to a higher plane. The pattern of my dowsing changed from a whirling clockwise spin (as he lifted) but then faltered as he begged for another boost to his energy…

 “Swim to the Mother Ship…!” we encouraged.  “Throw him a lifebelt!”    Someone reached out for his hand and called ‘Mon Ami!” and what sounded like ‘De Raisin!” (of reason?) ….. (the dowser pulled the whole time against his gravity field)… and between us we managed to lift him to a higher vibration….and he was off….the dowser spinning faster and faster and faster…until he was safe….  hawled up at precisely 1.50 pm on Weds 17th June 2010 to land safely on the other side!   A few seconds later, peeling off his wetsuit, he called ecstatically: “I cannot thank you enough!”  In the excitement of the moment I asked him to say something in French!!! “Parlez vous Francais?” he asked, bemused. 

‘No, but for my readers?’….(Why do I do these things?)  What he came out with next was gobbledygook to me but sounded like ‘pour decredatsion elementali b..boom’, so there you go!  Although I could not understand the sounds I understood his meaning: man is causing too much pollution in the elemental world (under the sea and on the land) and it is going to lead to a heart attack for our beautiful world!

Back home I googled  the famous man:

a.  He joined the French Resistance movement through WW2!

b.   He died of heart failure (boom-boom)

c.   He was married to Simone, since passed (safely -“Mon Ami!”)

d.  He ‘enlightened the public by exposing the irreversable effects of environmental destruction. ‘

Thanks to our friends for providing the circumstances and the energy of joy and to that old soldier with the twinkly eyes for ticking yet another box in his list of earthly duties!



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