Salvador Dali is ‘immortal’ – at last!

25 05 2010

Last night I couldn’t sleep, with blobs of mad whirling swirlings behind my eyelids, rather like a manic lava lamp, so I snatched my dowser from the sidelocker and ushered through a huddle of earthbound spirits under the given category ‘suger beet plantations’ – What was that all about?!  I closed my eyes but could not rid myself of the feeling of a belligerent soul battering on the door to salvation.  Then his name came through to me:  It was renowned and often reviled Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali…(1904 –  1989)

My dowser flung itself to the left and bounced chaotically as I reeled in his lost spirit.  Apologising to my husband as it was gone midnight, I switched on the side light and leapt out of bed to search for a scrap of paper to record the next step.  Dali spoke, then my dowser spun wildly around in a clockwise circle (normally indicative of the soul rising) but then stopped dead as he spoke again (the dowser swings continuously from left to right and back again during speech) – and this was repeated for a second and then a third time.  Below is a record of what he said at each stage of his spirit rising to new life:

1.  “My mind is but a confusion of lights and encircling mattter of constant movement!” (He was frantic, judging by the way he grabbed this chance for freedom from the living  purgatory of ‘between lives’)

2.  (Hope) “I have lifted from the dense matter of my inheritance….”

3.  (Joy!) “I am happy…I am elated…Bring on the flowers!”

Minutes later (on the other side, time does not exist as we know it on earth) he registered his safe arrival:

4.  “I am rested and I thank you greatly.”

Our bedroom door opened and our son peeped round, face screwed up.

“Is everything okay?”

“Oh yes thankyou – I’ve just helped Salvador Dali to go home.”

“Right, everything normal in the Hunting household then…” he said, and dragged himself back to bed. 

Come morning, a London friend ‘just happened’ to phone and I ‘just happened’ to mention my remarkable visitor to her. 

That’s funny….” she said, “We were going to watch a film last night but I’d recorded a programme on this very man from Sunday’s TV, so we watched that instead!  He was a very strange man!”  (And she continued to fill me in on some of his very surreal and downright revolting ways) 

“Oh, so it’s all YOUR fault then!” I laughed.  (Like attracts Like)  She’d also just arrived back from an overseas holiday and I meant to ask her whether she’d come across any ‘sugar beet plantations!

Finally, my research today turned up a personal quote from the artist whose public persona was one of ‘bizarre paranoia’ –

      “Dali is immortal and will not die” …

Through his safe transition from his self imposed ‘inheritance’ (ie his earthly personality traits and his unacceptance of the natural death experience from the physical to the spiritual body) his statement takes on a bright new meaning!  

It’s surprising what a little love (and therefore no fear or judgement) can do to help fellow members of mankind find their way home again – to spiritual immortality!



2 responses

17 01 2013
Armin Shasta

Sounds like this brilliantly illumined soul was having a little joke at your expense. He does that, you know.

17 01 2013

Who knows Armin? LOL!I don’t think he would have really bothered to call at that hour just to ‘wind me up’ though! 🙂

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