The spirit of Henry Ford races home!

19 05 2010

Whilst dowsing and clearing a client of mine last weekend – amounting to over a hundred  lost souls whizzing home at great speed whilst my dowser flew on and on – the name Henry Ford came up and was ushered across the veil with lightning speed.  The lady’s partner and I exchanged puzzled looks, wondering if this was THE Henry Ford of car manufacturing fame…

Well they did apparently produce steel in Nottingham for Ford cars…” he enlightened me.

The next day I tuned in to Henry Ford’s spirit just to check on his status and it appears he had some advice for me before we went any further…

“My motorcars were made of steel…no rust on those wagons!  Packed full of saucepans and everything but the kitchen sink, people drove their boneshakers on picnics to escape to the country.  There may have been wise-cracks about the quality of a Ford motor car but they were rum.  Let go of the steering wheel, just cruise along at a comfortable speed” he said, at which stage I realised he was using the motor car as a metaphor for my own journey with the world of spirit, “jolly it up a bit when you come to a hill; exhaust blowing; put her in gear; you can do it!”

He was advising me to be aware of the mechanics of book publishing (knowing my impatience to get my big book in print via a publisher who was sitting on it), that I needed to understand how things worked in the publishing business and most importantly he asked me to take a leaf out of his own book and focus on the new possibilities that lay in store for my brand of work!  Indeed, I felt honoured.  “Then pull the throttle, engage your mind and put your foot on the gas…” he advised.

Eager to turn the subject back to him, I asked what his thoughts were on his own lifetime:

I had a goddam good one,” he said proudly….”a lucrative business!”

“So you know about my own work?”

We all know what goes on Down Under,” he said amusingly.  “Up Over, we call you a ‘Soul Trader’! LOL!  There are billions of them (souls); a few million more thanks to your kindly tinkering with their engines!  You get them kick-started and breathe life into them again – a mechanic of Light.  More fuel is needed for industry….”

I was interested to know what he did with 60 years to while away after his death from a cerebral haemorrhage in 1947 (Michigan USA) …”I rode on the back of my grandson, Henry Ford 2, leaving the business in good hands…” 

“How did it feel to be stuck in limbo between your earthly life and where you are now?”

“Stuck in neutral; drifting; no gas – just a vapour….”

“Did you see the Light beckoning?”

“Way off, over them hills!”

“What happened when you arrived home last weekend?”   (I was shown a picture of banners/streamers above a crowd of ‘automobiles’ and many many well wishers slapping and hugging him in jubilation.  Someone I thought he called ‘ETHEL’ was first in the queue, but I was certain he was male, and when I checked Ford’s biography later I found his son EDSEL had pre-deceased him in 1945.) He had now said his ‘peace’  and having been called back at least 6 times to finish this interview he now exclaimed “Christchurch!”, so I left him ‘tinkering with his hood’ ….!



One response

31 05 2010

I regularly read Jane’s blog and I love how she describes her encounters; so joyously and full of humour. For some reason I was VERY touched by the meeting with Henry Ford. I felt his advice touch my heart and I experienced a great outpouring of love, my eyes pricked with tears and then feeling of unconditional love sweep over me. I guess it was an affirmation! …. S.

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