Is it morally right to hunt ghosts?

5 05 2010

This question is so close to my heart!  Although I have many stories about my daily ghost rescues – too many to choose which one to tell you about! – tonight I happened to put the television on to Livingit to see yet another ever popular programme on Ghost Hunting!

How ironic that I should be named Jane Hunting – someone who is totally opposed to the way ghosts are treated in this day and age.  This is the 21st Century and our understanding of the spirit world has moved on enormously.  Most people believe in life after death.  What they seem to overlook is that ghosts are people just like you and me who have died and are unable to move back into the light (as most of us do)  This programme hammed up the voyeuristic and self importance of  ‘lead investigators’ and ‘mobile command units’, using expressions such as ‘9 hours into the investigation’ –   webcams and recording and technical equipment providing the backbone of the programme, along with ‘spooky’ footage of these ‘brave’ investigators sitting in dark rooms and saying things like ‘God bless America’ into their walkie talkies!  The householder had reported “‘sounds, footsteps, objects moving, their little girl talking to someone who couldn’t be seen”…..typical behaviour of people trapped between one world and another and surely to be pitied!

Of course, there was the obligatory glamorous  ‘investigator in training’ to bring some female presence to the team and make it good television! After their so-called ‘investigation’ they held a meeting with the householder to ‘go over the evidence that we have gathered’.  She replied that having a bunch of ghost hunters in her home had been ‘an excellent experience’  – even though they had merely  confirmed the same things that her family had reported seeing over the years.    She said, “I hope they will give us some tools to help us find peace with what’s going on in our home”  They said “our investigations brings credibility to claims you have made”.  One of the two ‘lead investigators’ basically gave his own version of what she already knew – ie “ Upon first heading in…there seemed to be a shadow…startled me…reflection off camera?…but the shadow backed off again….I waited, but nobody came through the door.  I walked on the porch.  I stayed in the house.  I headed outside to grab a tape; noise in background heard…”  Again, this merely confirmed what the householder had already told them…

The sound, weak shadows etc” he then explained to her, “are human intelligent hauntings; humans just like you and me with another body….it is not harming her (the daughter) but there are precautions you can take.  Don’t tell her it doesn’t exist.  Tell her she is not in that situation for too long.  Distract her etc.  Give us a call .”  After they had left, the householder said this was a “great experience.  It validates what we are going through.”  Discussing their ‘successful mission’, the ghost hunters drove back to their ‘HQ’ and agreed she was “relieved nothing in her home can harm her.  If they need us they will call us….”

Throughout the entire programme I tuned in and helped among others a young girl named Amy, who had died of measles, a man with a big build who described these ‘investigators’ as ‘morons’, a woman named Catherine, a ‘poltergeist’, a fire fighter who was rushing to a fire’, many black slaves, ‘hill-billies’ and also many animals.  “Tell them we need help,” said the firefighter, who was still in the act of suffering from his painful burns and choking fumes in his throat, “what they did to us was immoral…”  (Again, just like the ghost hunters on our own British tv, one so-called  investigator placed a ball on the floor and invited a ghost to ‘move it’…when nothing happened he asked him if he was a ‘coward!’  (Can you imagine how that suffering and obviously brave fire fighter felt?)  He did his utmost to upset the unseen man, eventually inviting him to ‘push’ them….!  (No doubt frustrated with little activity for their portfolio of  ‘evidence’.)  

In a second haunting investigation they were looking for the ghost of a man hanged and a girl who fell from a window and died and was lain in the basement ‘because it was too cold to bury her outside’…..the girl in question was already RIP but I found and moved over another little girl who was ‘sick’ and a man who had been hit over the head with a blunt instrument (the man who had been hung had already passed – it doesn’t follow that a violent death results in a spirit becoming earthbound) and many hundreds more…

…So in one way the ‘ghost hunters’ helped me with my own ‘ghost hunting’ to move as many souls as possible back into the light during my own lifetime…..Hoorah!



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31 05 2010

I was so pleased to read this. Not pleased for the dear trapped souls, but I too fine these Ghost Hunting t.v. series immoral. Most are filmed in the dark with scary looking eyes of the investigators gazing out at the viewer. As Jane and many of us who have encountered earthbound spirits know, it doesn’t have to be dark. Moving a soul over whilst the sun is brilliantly shining is enlightening (no pun intended!) and rewarding. These programmes generally do not help the trapped soul and give the general public the wrong impression. Well done Jane for reporting/exposing this awful form of ‘reality’ t.v.

3 06 2010

Thanks so much for your wonderful support in all I do Shanette! I really appreciate your comments and take on board all the advice you give me with regard to ‘getting out there’…you’re a star! x

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