The Seven Dwarfs

22 11 2009

Friday 20th November 2009

It’s been a while since I had time to note my adventures with spirit here but today Michael and I had a day off together and I accompanied him to Warwickshire to a specialist shop where he buys supplies for his hobby, but waited in the car and treated myself to reading a magazine – something ‘normal’ for a change – but I’d only read a page when all the car locks went on with a ‘shunt’ (only a lot quieter than when we do it with the automatic key) .  I was at least a foot away from contact with any of the sides of the car and in any case knew it was an unseen visitor trying to attract my attention. 

His name was ‘Geoffrey from Cirencester’ and he had died of a heart attack whilst on a canal boating holiday….He was a bit peeved because he’d had to follow me from the Inn where we’d just had a scrumpscious meal and I’d helped seven souls whilst ‘sitting on the loo’ (very odd but the ideal time to tune in to them in peace)…At first reluctant to leave, the spokesperson (or spooksperson if you have a sense of humour like mine!) said ‘gor blimey, she can ‘ear what we’re sayin’!’ –  ‘What’s she on about?’ asked another as I explained I coudn’t be sitting here all day …”so if you’d like a lift home, say now.”  ‘We’re quite happy where we are now, thanks…’  (And who could blame them, as the Inn was right alongside the canal and beautiful countryside and there was a lot to entertain them when the place was full of life.) 

“Fine,” I said, pulling up my jeans and flushing the loo.  Then a ‘welcoming party’ appeared from the other side and the first of my visitors jumped to attention, suddenly realising the lock was open in his favour, allowing  his safe passage. “Ere, where’s ‘ee gone?” Errol asked, confused.  “Wait for us!  Come on you lot!” he called and a Lizzy, a ‘Disney’ (cart horse), Wilfred, Ethel, Maureen and Rose all followed Denny across the veil to their golden canal boat in the sky!  I washed my hands with a great sense of satisfaction!

Geoffrey was a bit annoyed because he had obviously missed the boat (he must have been elsewhere at the time and returned to find all his ghostly companions gone and the woman eating her delicious prawn and spinache risotto in the pub obviously held the key to the lock gate!)  He therefore followed us the couple of miles to the shop….”I was on the back seat…a wonder you didn’t see me,” he added as an aside.  Life (and ressurection to new life) is never dull and there’s no such thing as a ‘day off’ in my line of work (which I love!)

I offered them the chance to pass a message through as I typed this and they merely encouraged, ‘hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work you go...!’, Could it be because it was Michael’s turn to drive so I had a catnap on the journey home, (Sleepy?) and was embarrassed because my jaw dropped open like it does when you put your head back on the rest (Bashful)  ‘Dozey’ would also fit, Dopey definitely – and come to think of it I was a bit disgruntled when awoken by the mobile bleeping a message (Grumpy!) …Was there no end to their genius?  I have also been a bit Sneezy lately (nipping a cold in the bud with echinacea and citricidal drops – the latter absolutely disgusting but so effective if you need a miracle cure!) and that only leaves Happy (most certainly!) and Doc – Had they saved the best until last, implying they had all Docked safely at their final mooring?.. And there were 7 of them…..Aah…then of course there was the name of their horse…   Ingenious!   Who says you can’t have a sense of fun when helping souls complete their journeys from one life to the next (helped by Seven helpful Dwarfs in this case)?



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