Another Kennedy joins the clan on the other side!

9 09 2009

After reading that Senator Edward Kennedy died this week (aged 77)  after losing his battle with brain cancer I had to check his spiritual progress… of course!  I was delighted to find him in good spirits (ha ha) and reunited with his recently passed sister Eunice, as well as the rest of the Kennedy Dynasty in Spirit and a “Norma Jean” –  until now I had not realised this was the real name of Marilyn Monroe!  – A friend of both assassinated Kennedy brothers John and Robert, there was a whisper of scandal in 1962 when she died from an overdose in suspicious circumstances, having sang ‘happy birthday’ to Edward shortly before her death.  In 1969 there was more tragedy as a Mary Jo Kopechne accidentally drowned whilst in a car driven by him.  However, despite those who still cannot feel it in their hearts to give him the benefit of the doubt, all three souls have been reconciled in the ‘ForeverAfter’ and Edward came across as a charming man whose only light-hearted comment was “sock it to ’em baby!” 

There was also a surprise rescue mission or two coming up….

Eunice had discovered that her sister Rosemary was not safely with the rest of the clan on the other side and as I tuned in to find this confused and lost soul she was sucked into the tunnel of light in an instant, and all I saw was her ecstatic reunion with her kin as she stepped exhuberantly from a wheelchair and was guided gently to a place of healing. 

Follow up research revealed that Rosemary Kennedy was the third child and first daughter of the Kennedy’s, born only a year after her brother JFK in 1918.  She died in her eighties in 2005 and had therefore been stuck in her ghostly form for four years.  Apparently,  she had undergone a controversial lobotomy at the age of only 23 and, so tragically, became mentally incapacitated for the rest of her lifetime, which may explain why I saw her rise, victorious, from her wheelchair!

Quite interestingly, she just passed the message “I forgive them all!”



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